The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 11 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 11. Su-Yeong walks out of the ice rink. Sang-Su stops her. He asks her why she leaves. She tells him that she wishes him to pretend nothing happened. But he rejects it and confesses his feelings to her.

Does Sang-Su Confess His Feelings to Su-Yeong?

The Interest of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 11.

Sang-Su tells Su-Yeong that he will take the risk even if he looks like a bad man. Mi-Seon complains to Mi-Gyeong that Sang-Su didn’t show up. She mentions she asked the maid to prepare the meal for Sang-Su. Dae-Sung tells Mi-Gyeong to resign. He reveals she got promoted because of him. She tears up when she drives her car.

Sang-Su parks his car. Su-Yeong tells him that she wants to drink with him. Mi-Gyeong returns home. She stays in the dark. Su-Yeong takes Sang-Su to the bar. She plays the lying game with him. She tells him that she fell for him when she saw him.

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Mi-Gyeong takes a look at the coin. She remembers Sang-Su asked her if she’s fine when he doesn’t has feelings for her. Sang-Su and Su-Yeong are outside the bar. Sang-Su gets a call from Mi-Gyeong. He doesn’t pick up her phone. The driver shows up. He takes over the car key from Sang-Su.

Mi-Gyeong calls Sang-Su again. He turns off his phone. He grabs Su-Yeong’s hand in the car. He takes her home. She tells him to leave. She returns home. Jong-Hyeon is waiting for her. He thinks she’s not hungry when he takes a look at the dinner he prepared for her after knowing she drank.

Jong-Hyeon eats with Su-Yeong. He thanks her for helping his father get surgery. She smiles because she thinks it’s a good news. He wants to repay the money to her. He intends to continue to live with her. He apologizes to her. She apologizes to him as well. He wonders why she apologized to him. She doesn’t tell him the reason. Sang-Su remembers Su-Yeong told him that she had feelings for him when she saw him. He texts her and thanks her for telling the lie to him.

Eun-Jung notes that Mi-Gyeong is tired. Ku-Il thinks Mi-Gyeong had a date with Sang-Su last night. Mi-Gyeong admits it when she stares at Sang-Su. Shi-Kyung shows up. He tells the people that he needs some volunteers to work at Seogwang University branch. Su-Yeong and Gyeong-Pil wish to go to the branch.

Sang-Su asks Su-Yeong if she wanted to go to the branch because he had confessed his feelings to her. She denies it but she’s startled when she sees Du-Sik and Eun-Jung. Eun-Jung tells Du-Sik that she knows he wanted to go the the branch because he liked Su-Yeong. But he tells her that she’s the only woman in his eyes.

Sang-Su tries to make the sound. But Su-Yeong covers his mouth with her hand. Eun-Jung tells Du-Sik that she will keep doubting him if he doesn’t act well. He hugs her. Su-Yeong asks Sang-Su why he laughed after Eun-Jung and Du-Sik left. He mentions Eun-Jung called her a pretty troll. He thinks she’s very beautiful.

Jung-Im walks into the bank. She tells Sang-Su that she needs a loan because the deposit increased. Mi-Gyeong hands over the drinks to Jung-Im. Sang-Su walks Jung-In out of the bank. He persuades her not to get a loan because he wants to help her. She rejects it because she wants to resolve the trouble on her own.

Sang-Su sees his mother off. Mi-Gyeong runs out of the bank. She hugs Sang-Su. He asks her when she’s free because he wants to tell something to her. But she tells him that she’s very busy. She asks him to tell it to her right now. He rejects it.

Min-Hee complains to Su-Yeong that they cannot have lunch together anymore. Su-Yeong comforts Min-Hee that she will stop by when she gives papers. Mi-Gyeong asks Su-Yeong why she wanted to go to the branch. Su-Yeong claims that she wanted to change the environment. But Mi-Gyeong points out that Su-Yeong will come back after three months.

Min-Hee walks Su-Yeong. She asks her who was the guy who made her go to the branch. Su-Yeong denies it. But Min-Hee tells Su-Yeong that she knows she has feelings for Sang-Su. Su-Yeong sees Jong-Hyeon. Min-Hee runs away. Su-Yeong apologizes to Jong-Hyeon for not telling it to him. But he thinks three months is fine. Jong-Hyeon thinks he’s not Su-Yeong’s boyfriend because he couldn’t help her.

Mi-Gyeong runs into Sang-Su. She ignores him and walks away. Du-Sik notes it. He thinks something happened to Sang-Su and Mi-Gyeong. Mi-Gyeong returns home. She sees her mother talking with her friends. She hears Landlady telling Mi-Seon that she increased the rent. She remembers Jung-Im came to the bank. She takes a look at Mi-Seon.

Su-Yeong goes to the internet cafe. She tries to text Jong-Hyeon that she’s outside the internet cafe. But she sees him smiling when he stays with the girl. The girl Seon-Jae tells her name to Su-Yeong. Su-Yeong remembers Jong-Hyeon didn’t pick up Seon-Jae’s phone when he dated her.

Su-Yeong sees the thermos Seon-Jae holds. She notes that Jong-Hyeon has the same thermos. She tells him that Seon-Jae is very cute. But he thinks Seon-Jae is annoying. Min-Hee notes that Mi-Gyeong is late. Ku-Il thinks Sang-Su had a fight with Mi-Gyeong.

Min-Hee and Eun-Jung talk about the guy who made his ex-girlfriend pregnant after he had gotten married. Sang-Su takes a look at Seok-Hyeon. Seok-Hyeon confesses to Sang-Su and Gyeong-Pil that he’s the bad guy. He tells the two that he didn’t make his ex-girlfriend get pregnant. But he wants to get a divorce with his wife.

Su-Yeong shows up. She tells Gyeong-Pil to leave with her. Sang-Su takes a look at Su-Yeong. He takes a look at Mi-Gyeong’s seat. He finds out that she didn’t come to the bank. Ku-Il tells Sang-Su to go to have lunch with Mi-Gyeong.

Sang-Su calls Mi-Gyeong. He tells her that it’s noon. She’s startled to wake up. Gyeong-Pil asks Su-Yeong to have lunch with him after they were off duty. But she rejects it. She walks on the campus. She sits on the bench and listens to the radio. The woman reads the lines of the movie for Su-Yeong. She tells her not to hesitate. Sang-Su shows up.

Su-Yeong walks Sang-Su on the campus. She asks him what he did when he was in the university. He tells her that he didn’t go on any blind date. But she doesn’t believe it because he was popular. He laughs because he thinks she wasn’t popular. She admits it. She wants to have lunch with him. But he rejects it. Gyeong-Pil spots the two.

Mi-Gyeong walks into the office. She apologizes to Tae-Pyung for her late. But he tells her that he realized that she’s a human. She gets back to her seat. Ku-Il tells Mi-Gyeong that he told Sang-Su to pick her up. She’s shocked. But she still tells Ku-Il that Sang-Su picked her up. She feels sad.

Su-Yeong gets a message from Jong-Hyeon who tells her that he will be late. Gyeong-Pil asks Su-Yeong to drink with her. She agrees to it. Sang-Su is waiting for Mi-Gyeong. He asks her for a talk. She tells him to do it next time because she needs to go to somewhere. She walks away.

Su-Yeong drinks with Gyeong-Pil and his friends. Jung-Im gets a call from Landlady who tells Jung-Im that she changed her mind. Jung-Im thanks Landlady for doing it. She hangs up. Mi-Gyeong shows up with flowers. She tells Jung-Im that Sang-Su didn’t come with her. She apologizes to her for not greeting her in the bank.

Gyeong-Pil texts Sang-Su that he’s drinking with Su-Yeong. The guy asks Su-Yeong if she’s the mistress of Seok-Hyeon when he drinks with her. She’s furious to admit it. Gyeong-Pil records what the guy said. He shows it to him. He stops.

Gyeong-Pil finds Su-Yeong. He tells her to record the guy if he doesn’t respect her again. Jung-Im asks Mi-Gyeong if she let Landlady not increase the rent. Mi-Gyeong admits it. She asks Jung-Im to keep it a secret. But Jung-Im tells Mi-Gyeong that she cannot keep any secret from her son.

Sang-Su shows up. Mi-Gyeong tells Sang-Su to enjoy the meal with Jung-Im. She leaves Jung-Im’s shop. Sang-Su meets with Gyeong-Pil at the restaurant. Gyeong-Pil complains to Sang-Su that those guys forced Su-Yeong to admit that she’s Seok-Hyeon’s mistress.

Gyeong-Pil reminds Sang-Su that Su-Yeong will be the real mistress if he continues to see her. He asks him if he’s going to break up with Mi-Gyeong. Sang-Su refuses to leak it. Gyeong-Pil wishes Su-Yeong and Mi-Gyeong not to get hurt.

Su-Yeong returns home. She sits on the stairs, leaning her head on the wall. Sang-Su texts Mi-Gyeong. He asks her for a talk. She agrees to it. Mi-Gyeong walks out of her office. She runs into Jong-Hyeon. She tells him that she will support him.

Jong-Hyeon calls Su-Yeong. He asks her for a meeting up. He buys the flowers. Mi-Gyeong applies the lipstick on her lips. She smiles when she looks at herself in the mirror. Sang-Su arrives at the restaurant. He’s surprised to see Jong-Hyeon and Su-Yeong.

Mi-Gyeong explains to Sang-Su that Jong-Hyeon and Su-Yeong wished to celebrate her birthday. She mentions the two bought her flowers. She blames Sang-Su for not bringing any gift. She asks him for singing a birthday song for her. Mi-Gyeong asks Sang-Su if he felt empty since he couldn’t see Su-Yeong after he had stayed with her for three years.

The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 11 Ending – Does Mi-Gyeong Break Up with Sang-Su?

Episode 11 of The Interest of Love ends with Sang-Su asking Mi-Gyeong for a talk. She rejects it and yells at him that it’s her birthday. She parks her car on the street. She gets off her car and begins to vomit. He tries to comfort her. But she tells him that she knows he has feelings for Su-Yeong. Jong-Hyeon waits for the bus with Su-Yeong. He asks her a question. Mi-Gyeong cries to tell Sang-Su that Su-Yeong is living with Jong-Hyeon. He apologizes to her. He asks her to break up with him. Jong-Hyeon asks Su-Yeong if she has feelings for him. She stares at him.

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