Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 6. Eun-Beom meets with his father-in-law Dae-Hwan at the restaurant. Dae-Hwan notes that Eun-Beom looks good. He thinks he has a better life after he got a divorce with his daughter.

Does Ha-Ra Confess her Feelings to Jae-Gyeom?

Strangers Again K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 6.

Eun-Beom sees that Dae-Hwan looks dark. He thinks something bad happened. It makes Dae-Hwan believe that Eun-Beom hasn’t changed. He tells him that he disliked him when he saw him the first time. Eun-Beom knows Dae-Hwan dislikes him because his mother got a divorce. He asks him about the child. He refuses to give him time to think. Dae-Hwan asks Eun-Beom keeps it a secret from Ha-Ra. But Eun-Beom rejects it because Ha-Ra isn’t a stranger even if they got a divorce.

Ms. Han runs into Min-Kyung at the subway station. She tells her that there’s a romance going on in her office. Min-Kyung doesn’t believe it because her colleagues don’t like each other. But she stops after she realized something.

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Ye-Seul shows her makeup to Chan-Young. She asks him if she looks different. Min-Kyung shows up. She thinks the two have a romance. Chan-Young denies it. Ye-Seul mentions Chan-Young went on a blind date. Min-Kyung wonders who are the couple since others are enemies except Ye-Seul and Chan-Young. She sees Han-Gil and Yeo-Rae walking into the office when they hold hands.

Chan-Young mentions Yeo-Rae wiped mouth for Han-Gil in the meeting room. Min-Kyung doesn’t believe that Yeo-Rae is seeing Han-Gil because Yeo-Rae owes Han-Gil a debt. Si-Wook blames Bi-Chwi for not picking up his phone. He thinks they’re seeing each other. She’s surprised.

Eun-Beom looks at Ha-Ra when she talks with Jae-Gyeom over the phone. He remembers Dae-Hwan confessed to him that he has a child with another woman. Ha-Ra wakes Eun-Beom up. She thinks he looked at her because she’s very beautiful. She tells him to go to see a woman. He rejects it because he doesn’t want to be hurt. Bi-Chwi tells Si-Wook that she’s not seeing him. He disagrees to what she said. Because she slept with him. Yeo-Rae shows up. She tells the two to come to her office. She reveals she wants to give a case to them.

Yeo-Rae tells Bi-Chwi and Si-Wook that she wishes them to stop the landlord’s nephew from getting a divorce. Bi-Chwi wonders why Yeo-Rae chose them. Yeo-Rae tells Bi-Chwi that she and Si-Wook are like the landlord’s nephew and his wife. Bi-Chwi and Si-Wook meet with the landlord’s nephew Jae-Hyeok. Jae-Hyeok tells the two lawyers that he wants to get a divorce with his wife because his wife has a bad personality.

But Bi-Chwi calls Jae-Jyeok a barbaric chicken after knowing he keeps the marriage because he needs a woman to take care of his child. Si-Wook thinks Bi-Chwi shouldn’t be rude to the client. But she tells him that she didn’t date him because he’s tacky. He’s furious to leave her office.

Ha-Ra thinks the client and his wife are like Bi-Chwi and Si-Wook after knowing Bi-Chwi offended the client. They walk out of the restaurant. They run into Si-Wook and Eun-Beom. Ha-Ra waves to Si-Wook. She tries to walk to him. But Bi-Chwi takes Ha-Ra away. Eun-Beom gets a message from his mother-in-law who asks for a meeting up.

Jae-Gyeom is waiting for Ha-Ra. She walks to him. He hugs her when she asks him about the trip. He opens the car door and shows the mackerel stew to her. She laughs to agree to go to his house. Eun-Beom goes to see Ha-Ra’s mother. She tells him that she has known that his husband cheated on her. She doesn’t wish to get a divorce.

Eun-Beom reminds Ha-Ra’s mother that she will get half of the property if she gets a divorce with Dae-Hwan. But she begs him not to let Ha-Ra know it. Because Ha-Ra loves her father very much. He promises not to do it even if he wishes Dae-Hwan to get punished.

Yeo-Rae asks Ha-Ra about the new client in the meeting. Ha-Ra reveals the client wishes to get child support from the man. Eun-Beom remembers Ha-Ra’s mother told him that the woman is a single mother. Ha-Ra walks out of the meeting room. She runs into the client. She takes the client to get into the Consulting Room.

The client tells Ha-Ra that the man has fooled her for ten years. Ha-Ra gets angry. She returns to her office. She’s surprised that Eun-Beom is in her office. He explains to her that he has a headache. He asks her for the medicine. She gives the medicine to him.

Ha-Ra complains to Eun-Beom that the man told her client not to contact her. He thinks the man just wants to protect his family. He leaves her office when she thinks he has nothing to do. She sees the medicine he left. Eun-Beom calls Dae-Hwan. He asks him about the looks of the woman. He tells him that the woman met with Ha-Ra. Dae-Hwan is shocked.

Jae-Hyeok’s wife tells Bi-Chwi that Jae-Hyeok never did housework. Bi-Chwi is furious to tell Jae-Hyeok that he should be asked for divorce. It makes him think that she’s not his lawyer. Si-Wook walks into Bi-Chwi’s office. He tells her that the client wants to fire her. He tells her to go to eat with him.

Si-Wook takes Bi-Chwi to the restaurant. He asks her to date him even if they’re different. She rejects it. He tells her that he cannot treat her as friend anymore because he has feelings for her. He leaves the restaurant. She follows him when they walk on the street. She sees the couples passing by.

Jae-Gyeom holds Ha-Ra’s hand when he walks her. He confesses his feelings to her after he told her that he wishes to take her to see the sea. She stops. It makes him realize that she doesn’t have feelings for him. But she tells him that she loves him. He’s happy to hug him.

Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 6 Ending

Episode 6 of Strangers Again K-Drama ends with Eun-Beom asking Ha-Ra about what she said to the client. The woman calls Dae-Hwan. He mentions what he told her not to call him. She tells him not to hang up. She claims that it’s her last call.

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