Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 3. Kok-Du catches Gye-Jeol and asks her to admit that she’s Seol-Hui. But she shakes off his hands and tells him that she doesn’t know the girl. He tells her that he forgets everything about Seol-Hui except the ring.

Does Kang-Mo Kill Yu-Na?

Kokdu: Season of Deity

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 3.

Kok-Du shows the ring to Gye-Jeol. He asks her if she knows the ring. She denies it and tells him that he’s her grave. He remembers Seol-Hui said the same words to him. He tries to kiss her. But she stops him. He blames her for rejecting his kiss. She gets angry because she thinks he treated her as an easy woman. She tells him not to be close to her. She walks away.

Kok-Du mentions the woman he loves forgot him. He tells the deity that he understands his intention. Gak Shin is surprised that Gye-Jeol is Seol-Hui. Ok Shin asks Kok-Du if he kissed Gye-Jeol. Gak Shin scolds Ok Shin. Because she thinks it’s not the right time to talk about the kiss.

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Ok Shin points out that Kok-Du should kiss Gye-Jeol to make her see her previous life. He asks Kok-Du if he made it. Kok-Du denies it. He shows the name on the ring to Gak Shin when she asks him why he’s sure that Gye-Jeol is Seol-Hui. She thinks it’s time to set Kok-Du free since he has found the woman. She tells him to take revenge for Gye-Jeol since the woman made him suffer a lot.

Gak Shin tries to drink with Kok-Du to celebrate it. But she finds out that Ok Shin doesn’t intend to join them. Ok Shin reminds the two that making a girl fall for Kok-Du isn’t an easy task. He believes that Gye-Jeol will dump Kok-Du after she has dated him for five days. Kok-Du is furious to hit the table. He remembers Gye-Jeol told him not to be close to her. He plans to use Ok Shin’s money to make Gye-Jeol fall for him.

Gye-Jeol calls her friend because she needs a job. The friend tells Gye-Jeol that Yi-Deun’s team is looking for a doctor. Gye-Jeol remembers Yi-Deun told her that he doesn’t have feelings for her after he used her to date her best friend. She tears up.

Gye-Jeol is on the bus. She realizes that she had feelings for Jin-Woo because she wished to get a destined love. She goes to see the house with Han Cheol. The place makes them miss their mother. Gye-Jeol goes to the hospital to get interviewed. She’s surprised that the boss is Kok-Du. She still wants to take a look at the contract even if he doesn’t like the man. Kok-Du tells Gye-Jeol that she will get the house she dreams if she signs the contract. She signs the contract. But he shows the contract to her that she needs to date him for ninety days. She’s furious to leave his hospital.

Gye-Jeol returns to the house. She wakes Han Cheol up. She complains to him that the boss tricked her to pay 100 million won within 10 years. He finds out that she can earn some money from the deal after he calculated it. But the banker rejects Gye-Jeol after she went to take a loan.

Gye-Jeol walks out of the bank. She wishes money falls from the sky. The money falls. She picks up the cash. She wishes the money belongs to her. Kok-Du shows up. He tells Gye-Jeol that the money belongs to her. She wonders why he gave the money to her. He tells her that the money is the apology of him.

Gye-Jeol wonders why Kok-Du wants to date her. He tells her that he wants to gain his memories back through the dates. He thinks it’s a win-win deal. She remembers Yi-Deun wanted to do business with her as well. Kok-Du wonders why Gye-Jeol rejects him since he’s so outstanding. She remembers Yi-Deun told her to enjoy the date. She’s furious to yell at Kok-Du. She returns the card to him and tells him not to show up in front of her. She wishes his bones to be broken before she leaves. He tries to stop her. But he finds out that he was hurt.

Gak Shin treats Kok-Du. He wonders why Gye-Jeol got angry since he had given money to her and apologized to her. Gak Shin tells Kok-Du to study what Gye-Jeol likes. But he rejects it. Ok Shin laughs. He wonders how Gye-Jeol hurt Kok-Du. He wants to know the method. Kok-Du tries to punish Ok Shin. But he fails. He hears someone’s wish that she wishes to kill Kang-Mo. He tries to teleport. He fails again. Kok-Du walks to his car. Gak Shin tells him not to go to kill Kang-Mo because she worries about him. But he pushes her aside and gets in his car. He drives the car away.

The women protest in front of the hospital because they believe that Kang-Mo killed the little girl Yu-Na. Han Cheol tries to make Kang-Mo confess that he killed Yu-Na. But Kang-Mo denies it. He claims that Yu-Na was killed from the car accident. He throws the cash to Han Cheol. He tells him to pay the fare with the cash. He reveals he’s rich because of Yu-Na’s death.

Han Cheol walks out of the hospital. He sees the protesters. He’s furious to walk away. Kok-Du sneaks into Kang-Mo’s ward. Kang-Mo thinks Kok-Du if a reporter. He tells him that he didn’t kill Yu-Na. But Kok-Du tells Kang-Mo that he knows he pushed the little girl.

Kang-Mo remembers he woke up from the car accident. He saw Yu-Na lying on the bridge. He walked to her and smiled when he carried her. Nurse reports to Jung-Won that Gye-Jeol is staying with Jin-Woo. She shows the photo to her. Jung-Won takes a look at the photo. She hears Kang-Mo’s scream.

Kok-Du has to use the fridge to kill Kang-Mo. Because he’s weak. He runs away when Jung-Won walks into the ward. She recognizes him. Kok-Du is happy to drive his car after he killed Kang-Mo. But he crashes Han Cheol’s car. Han Cheol tails Kok-Du. He takes out his gun to walk to him when he parks his car. He opens the car door. He finds out that he’s missing.

Kok-Du returns home. He lies on the couch when he watches the news that Kang-Mo was killed. Ok Shin shows up. He cries to tell Kok-Du that the car is his friend when he points at the TV. But Kok-Du tells Ok Shin to go to take back his car because he’s very rich. Ok Shin feels wronged. Gak Shin comforts him.

Gye-Jeol goes to see the madam Myeong-Ja. Myeong-Ja mistakes that Gye-Jeol and Kok-Du are couple after she saw Kok-Du. She tells Gye-Jeol that she needs to work so that she can lend the money to her. Gye-Jeol works at the workplace. She asks Kok-Du why he came to the place. He tells her that he came for the money. But she knows he lied to her.

Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 3 Ending

Episode 3 of Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama ends with Kok-Du telling Gye-Jeol that Myeong-Ja won’t help her because she has known her secret. He asks her to accept his money. But she tells him that she wants to leave the place. Because she knows it’s a dream.

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