Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 5 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 5. Ha-Ra walks out of the bathroom after she took a bath. She sees Jae-Gyeom playing records. She takes a look at him and his mother’s group photo when he’s in the bathroom. Jae-Gyeom’s mother shows up. She stares at Ha-Ra. Both are startled.

Does Eun-Beom Get Together with Seo-Hee?

Strangers Again K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 5.

Ha-Ra complains to Bi-Chwi that Jae-Gyeom’s mother didn’t tell Jae-Gyeom that she came back and she gave him a surprised. She wonders why Jae-Gyeom wishes her to meet with his mother. Bi-Chwi tells Ha-Ra that the guy wishes to get married with her.

Eun-Beom walks Seo-Hee. He thinks he won’t be a good father to Da-Wool. But she disagrees to what he said. She mentions he took care of Da-Wool when her mother was busy. He thinks she dates him because she wishes him to take care of his daughter. Seo-Hee denies it. But she admits that it’s a part of the reason. She tells him to think about the conditions if he looks for a girlfriend.

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Eun-Beom tells Si-Wook that he doesn’t want to go out with Seo-Hee. Si-Wook realizes that Eun-Beom is looking for a woman who didn’t get married. Bi-Chwi hears the talk. She tells Ha-Ra that Eun-Beom is look for a girl. Si-Wook tries to explain to the two women that there’re many girls liking Eun-Beom. But Eun-Beom stops Si-Wook. He walks away. Bi-Chwi texts Si-Wook that she will wait for him in the hotel.

Yeo-Rae visits Ha-Ra. She gives her daughter’s divorce case to her. Jae-Gyeom calls Ha-Ra and asks for a date. But she tells him that she’s very busy. But he reveals his mother reserved a restaurant. He tells her that his mother wishes to see her before she returns to the United States.

Seo-Hee’s mother invites Eun-Beom to attend Da-Wool’s party. She feels happy when she sees him getting alone well with Seo-Hee and Da-Wool. Ha-Ra meets with Jae-Gyeom’s mother. She tells her that she got a divorced. Da-Wool tells Eun-Beom that she wishes to play with him next week. She reveals it’s her birthday.

Eun-Beom intends to buy Da-Wool a present. He asks her about her wish. She tells him that she wants to get a lipstick. He promises to bring the present to her when he attends her birthday party. He returns home and finds his children’s group photo from the box. He tears up.

Yeo-Rae tells her daughter to persuade her husband because they don’t have any evidence. But Yeo-Rae’s daughter doesn’t believe that her husband will do that. She mentions he was heartless when she got on knees to him. Yeo-Rae wonders why her daughter likes her husband so much. Yeo-Rae’s daughter reveals her husband is a good person who’s not like her father.

Yeo-Rae’s son-in-law doesn’t show up at the court. So the adjustment isn’t easy. Ha-Ra tells Yeo-Rae to let the maid prove that her daughter and her son-in-law had a good love relationship. But Yeo-Rae doesn’t want people to know that her husband is a bad person.

Ha-Ra returns to her office. Jae-Gyeom’s mother is waiting for her. Ha-Ra feels embarrassed. Jae-Gyeom’s mother gives Ha-Ra a divorce book. Eun-Beom tells Ha-Ra that he knows she met with Jae-Gyeom’s mother. He believes that she’s going to get married with Jae-Gyeom.

Ha-Ra denies it. She reveals she wants to break up with Jae-Gyeom because the guy kept letting her see his mother. Eun-Beom explains to Ha-Ra that Jae-Gyeom did it because he thought she would like his mother. But Ha-Ra points out that Eun-Beom didn’t do that. Eun-Beom tells Ha-Ra not to compare him with Jae-Gyeom. He worries that she will fall for him. But she tells him that Jae-Gyeom is better than him in her mind.

Bi-Chwi tells Ha-Ra not to compare Jae-Gyeom with Eun-Beom. She reveals Eun-Beom is seeing Seo-Hee. Ha-Ra wonders how did Bi-Chwi know it. She asks her to drink with her. But Bi-Chwi rejects it. She reveals she’s in her friend’s house. But she actually stays with Si-Wook in the hotel.

Ha-Ra receives a group photo of Eun-Beom and Seo-Hee from Hye-Min. Hye-Min asks Ha-Ra if Eun-Beom is going to get married. Ha-Ra minds it when she eats with Jae-Gyeom. She rejects it when he wishes her to go to Hawaii with his mother. She reminds him that he shouldn’t let her see his mother even if they get married. He mentions Eun-Beom didn’t let her see his mother. He’s furious to tell her that Eun-Beom called him a fool after knowing he let Ha-Ra see his mother.

Ha-Ra calls Eun-Beom. She blames him for calling Jae-Gyeom a fool. He complains to her that there’s no friendship between in-laws. She laughs to ask him why he introduced Jae-Gyeom to her. He mentions she thought Jae-Gyeom is better than him. She thinks he was jealous. He denies it.

Seo-Hee visits Eun-Beom. She calls him. Ha-Ra hangs up after knowing the person is Seo-Hee. She tells herself not to care for the two. But her car crashes another car. Eun-Beom cuts the mango for Seo-Hee. He tells her that he wants to move out after he thought about her offer. Seo-Hee realizes that Eun-Beom rejected her. He tells her that he was nice to her because he treated her as his friend.

Yeo-Rae’s husband tells Yeo-Rae to let Sae-Na get a divorce with her husband. He thinks Sae-Na is like her mother who likes poor man. He’s startled when Yeo-Rae drives the car to the sea. Sae-Na is surprised that her father agreed to her plan when she holds the agreement. But she wishes Yeo-Rae to talk about their marriage with her husband. Yeo-Rae tells Sae-Na to do it on her own. But she tells her that she will help her. Ha-Ra calls her father after she saw Yeo-Rae and Sae-Na. She asks Eun-Beom if he still doesn’t forgive his mother.

Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 5 Ending

Episode 5 of Strangers Again K-Drama ends with Eun-Beom waiting for the elevator with his mother. He sees his father-in-law. He stops his mother when she tries to get in the elevator. He gets a call from his father-in-law. He tells his mother to leave alone.

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