Sword and Fairy 4: Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Sword and Fairy 4: Episode 1. Yun Tianhe is a guy who lives in Blue Bird Mountain. His father asks him to guard the mountain before he passes away. But the girl Han Lingsha shows up and she ruins the grave of Yuntian He’s parents.

What Is Han Lingsha’s Goal?

Sword and Fairy 4: Episode 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Sword and Fairy 4: Episode 1.

Han Lingsha is hired by her boss. She comes to Blue Bird Mountain to look for the sword Wang Shu. She gets into Yuan Tianhe’s father’s cave.

Yun Tianhe tries to leave Blue Bird Mountain. But his father Yun Tianqing catches him. He tells him that his world is only Blue Bird Mountain. Yun Tianhe reveals Yun Tianqing caught him because he wished him to catch him. Yun Tianhe grows up. He’s woken up by the little pig monster.

He catches him and he plans to eat him. But the little pig monster is saved by his father. Han Lingsha climbs Blue Bird Mountain. She sees the bird flying to the the enchantment. She believes that the sword the boss mentioned is there.

The pig monster tries to take the little pig monster to flee. But Yun Tianhe stops him. He shoots him. The pig monster flees. Han Lingsha shows up. She tells Yun Tianhe to walk aside. But he thinks she’s the pig monster because she has the branch which the little pig monster took.

He holds her face. It makes her fall off the mountain. She takes out a weapon. She saves herself. She thinks the savage person was rude. Yun Tianhe takes a look at the branch. He thinks the looks the pig monster turn into was pretty.

The little pig monster shows up. He asks Yun Tianhe about his father the pig monster. Yun Tianhe praises Pig Monster for turning into a fairy. Little Pig Monster agrees to Yun Tianhe said. He thinks his father is the best father in the world.

Yun Tianhe catches Little Pig Monster. He tells him that he’s going to cook him and give it to his father. He ties him up and he takes him home. He asks his father if he forgave him. He thinks his father forgave him if he doesn’t reply to him.

Yun Tianqing doesn’t reply to Yun Tianhe. Yun Tianhe thanks his father Yun Tianqing for forgiving him. But we see the memorial tablet of Yun Tianqing. Yun Tianhe decides to let Little Pig Monster be the sacrifice since his father forgave him.

Little Pig Monster is scared to tell Yun Tianhe that his father is the best father. He begs him to forgive him. Yun Tianhe agrees to it. But he asks Little Pig Monster to let his father turn into the pretty girl. Little Pig Monster points out that their fathers will get angry.

Does Yun Tianhe Defeat Talisman Spirit?

Yun Tianhe doesn’t do that because Talisman Spirit is very powerful. But Talisman Spirit finds out that Yun Tianhe is his master. He obeys him.

Yun Tianhe hears the sound from his father’s cave. He worries that Pig Monster fled to the cave. He goes to the cave. He finds out that Pig Monster ruined the gate of the cave. He’s furious to run into the cave. He sees Han Lingsha. He shoots her. Her hand is hurt.

She sees him and she recognizes him. She blames him for shooting her from her back. She thinks he’s a savage person. But he blames her to ruining the grave gate of his parents instead. He tries to grab her. But he touches the sword by mistake.

The sword flies to Yun Tianhe. He catches the sword and he finds out that the sword glows. He believes that Han Lingsha used a magic. But she denies it and flees. She’s scared to show up. He catches her and plans to treat her as his dinner when he calls her Pig Monster.

She’s furious to blame him for calling her Pig Monster because she’s a pretty girl. He realizes that she wasn’t turned into by Pig Monster. She realizes that he stroked her face because he mistook her as Pig Monster. She asks him to help her get up because she was hurt.

But he rejects it because his father told him not to touch women. Han Lingsha points out that she just asked Yun Tianhe to help her. He helps her get up with his bow. She thinks his father is a scholar since his father told him to do so.

He blames her for badmouthing his father even if he doesn’t understand what she said. He reveals Blue Bird Mountain doesn’t exist with his father. She realizes that his father is the sword immortal she’s looking for. He’s happy after he found out that she praised his father. But he asks her about her goal because he thinks she shouldn’t get into the Stream Cave.

She insists on getting into the cave. He tries to stop her. But they’re tied up together by Pig Monster. Pig Monster senses the killing power. He thinks Han Lingsha has a partner. He goes to chase Han Lingsha’s partner. Han Lingsha tries to move. But Yun Tianhe reminds her that the rope will be tight if she moves.

He smells her and he finds out that the smell on her body like the smell on his mother’s body. She blames him for telling her a lie because he told her that he didn’t see any woman. He reveals his father put his mother’s clothes on his ever.

Han Lingsha understands the feelings because she has a mother as well. Yun Tianhe thinks Han Lingsha lost her mother after she was born just like him. But she tells him to untie the rope with her. She lets him take out the fire from her bag.

He burns the rope. She thinks he’s very smart. She smiles. He finds out that she’s good looking when she smiles. But he hears the cry of Pig Monster. He finds him and he plans to go to save him. But Pig Monster tells Yun Tianhe not to be close to him.

The evil spirit shows up. He hits Yun Tianhe. Han Lingsha is surprised that there’s an evil spirit. She hits Evil Spirit and she tells Yun Tianhe to flee with her. But Yun Tianhe wants to save Pig Monster. Han Lingsha takes out the talisman her boss gave to her. She asks Yun Tianhe to use the talisman with her.

He recites a spell when she recites another spell. They cast the light ball to Evil Spirit. Evil Spirit disappears. Han Lingsha is surprised that Yun Tianhe practiced spell ever. He denies it and he reveals his father told the spell to him when he was a kid.

But she finds out that Evil Spirit appeared again. The sword shows up when Yun Tianhe fights with Evil Spirit. Yun Tianhe holds the sword. Evil Spirit finds out that Yun Tianhe is his master. He greets him. The evil spirit Kui Zhao reveals he sensed Yun Tianhe’s power. He leaves.

Han Ling chases Kui Zhao. She finds out that he’s a talisman spirit. She thinks Kui Zhao feared the sword in Yun Tianhe’s hand. Yun Tianhe finds out that the sword doesn’t glow anymore. The gate opens. Han Lingsha is excited because she thinks there’re treasures in the hidden room. She tries to get into the room.

Who Ruins the Grave Room?

The person is Han Lingsha. She tries to touch the sword. But she activates the power of the sword. The sword’s power breaks through the roof of the Grave Room.

But Yun Tianhe stops Han Lingsha. He worries that his father will get angry. She runs into the room. He goes to chase her because he plans to catch her. Han Lingsha gets into the cave. She finds out that the place is very cold. She sees a Seaweed Jade.

She remembers her boss told her that the master of the sword has a Seaweed Jade. Yun Tianhe shows up. He pays his respect to the grave because the grave belongs to his parents. It makes Han Lingsha realize that the sword is what she’s looking for.

Yun Tianhe tells Han Lingsha to leave with him. But she tells him to go to see his mother. He mentions what his father told him not to see his mother. She points out that his mother is in front of him. He’s close to the grave. He finds out that his parents lie in the grave.

Han Lingsha tells Yun Tianhe to cry if he wishes to cry. But he doesn’t cry because humans are going to die. She agrees to what he said. But she thinks humans have different fates. She turns around and she sees the poem on the wall.

They find out that the sword has a new looks. Yun Tianhe claims that his sword can be a light. Han Lingsha grabs the sword. She finds out that the sword is very cold when Yun Tianhe feels hot. They point the sword at the roof. The power of the sword breaks through the roof. It reaches the sky.

The monster Feng Xie shows up. Another monster Wen Yao joins him. She reveals the master Bei Ke told her to ruin the sword if it shows up. The disciple of the sect senses the power of the sword. He greets the chief when she shows up. The chief of Qiong Hua Sect Su Yao ignores her disciples.

She arrives at the cave. She opens the cave with a red jade. She walks into the cave and finds out that the sword Xi He shakes. She believes that another sword Wang Shu appeared. Han Lingsha flees with Yun Tianhe after she found out that they’re going to ruin the grave room.

Su Yao walks to the man who’s covered in ice. She tries to touch him. He mistakes her as her sister Su Yu. The man Xuan Xiao opens his eyes. He’s not happy after he saw Su Yao. She reveals she visited him everyday. But he thinks she doesn’t deserve the jade.

Does Han Lingsha Steal Yun Tianhe’s Parents’ Jade?

She steals the jade. Because the master of the sword owns the jade. She thinks the jade is the key to find the truth.

Yun Tianhe runs out of the cave with Han Lingsha. He thinks he ruined his parents’ grave room. He’s nervous because he worries that his father will beat him in his dream. He mentions he promised his father to protect the cave. He thinks his father wouldn’t ruin the cave if Han Lingsha didn’t get into the cave.

But Han Lingsha points out that she just grabbed the sword. Yun Tianhe disagrees to what Han Lingsha said. He thinks his father wouldn’t get angry because Han Lingsha touched the sword. He thinks his father got angry because she broke into the cave.

She tries to leave and she tells him to apologize to his parents. But he asks her to return his parent’ stuff to him. She stole the jade when she was in the grave room. She denies it and claims that she didn’t have time to do that.

Episode 1 of Sword and Fairy 4 ends with Yun Tianhe threatening to touch Han Lingsha. She has to return the jade to him. She explains to him that she wished to let the jade accompany him instead of his parents. He realizes that he mistook her. He thinks she’s nice to him. He promises to repay her. He plans to go to catch fish for her. She stops him and she wishes to take the sword for him. But he thinks he cannot catch the fish without the sword.

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