Sword and Fairy 4: Episodes 2-4 Recap

These is the Recap for Sword and Fairy 4: Episodes 2-4. Han Lingsha asks Yun Tianhe about the name of the sword. He reveals the sword’s name is “This Is Sword”. She thinks his father gave a stupid name to the sword. But he tells her that the name was given by him.

Episode 2

Sword and Fairy 4: Episodes 2-4

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Sword and Fairy 4: Episodes 2-4.

Yun Tianhe asked his father to teach him new sword arts. Because he failed to defeat Little Pig Monster. Yun Tianqing thought his son shouldn’t be bullied. He threw the sword to Yun Tianhe. He asked him to give a name to the sword.

Yun Tianhe explains to Han Lingsha that he gave the name to the sword because it’s very simple. It makes her believe that his father is weird like him. He tells her not to badmouth his father. But she blames him for calling her woman.

She asks him to call him Ling Sha. She calls him Tian He. He’s moved and he reveals there was nobody calling him Tian He since his father left. She tells him that she can call him Tian He many times if she gave the sword to her. He promises to give the sword to her if she stays in Blue Bird Mountain.

Episode 3

The chief villager shows up with the villagers. The villager is surprised that Yun Tianhe is Yun Tianqing’s son. The chief villager mentions Yun Tianhe and Han Lingsha didn’t fear the death for saving them. He takes the villagers to pay their respect to Yun Tianhe.

Yun Tianhe stops the villagers. Han Lingsha tells the villagers to arrange a drama that Yun Tianhe saved them. The chief villager tells the two that he prepared the dinner for them. He asks them to stay in the village for one night.

But Han Lingsha rejects it. She takes away Yun Tianhe. The demon flees to the lake. She disappears. Yun Tianhe thinks they should stay in the village. But Han Lingsha tells Yun Tianhe to have pride no matter what happens. She mentions the villagers badmouth Yun Tianhe’s parents.

Episode 4

Yun Tianhe tries to pull out his sword when he sees Xuan Ying. But Han Lingsha stops Yun Tianhe. She introduces Xuan Ying as her friend. Yun Tianhe feels happy after he saw Han Lingsha’s friend. He tries to hand over the tofu to Xuan Ying.

Han Lingsha stops Yun Tianhe. He reveals Xuan Ying knows the history of the sword once he touches it. Yun Tianhe hands over his sword to Xuan Ying. Xuan Ying grabs the sword. His hand is hurt by the sword. Xuan Ying gives up the sword.

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He disappears. Yun Tianhe mentions the senior left when he tried to ask him about his name. Han Lingsha reveals the senior’s name is Murong Ziying. She picks up the sword. She returns the sword to Yun Tianhe. He wonders if she’s a big role who did something big.

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