Tender Light: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Tender Light: Episode 2. The cop takes Lin Fanglu to Nan Ya’s clothing store. Lin Fanglu plays the record in the house. We see Nan Ya plays same record. Lin Fanglu remembers Qing Li told him that she didn’t see Nan Ya.

Zhou Luo revealed he saw Xu Yi beating Nan Ya. He thought Nan Ya would be killed if Zhou Luo didn’t trip. Lin Fanglu walks out of Nan Ya’s store. He sees Zhou Luo. Zhou Luo stares at Nan Ya’s skirt outside when she’s making the dress in her store.

Tender Light: Episode 2

We go back to eight months ago. Zhou Luo returns to Clean Water Town with her mother Gui Xiang. The people in the town know he didn’t graduate. Gui Xiang feels shame when the villager asks her about Zhou Luo. Zhou Luo wakes up in the evening. He sees his mother sitting on the couch. It seems that she cannot sleep.

The next day. Gui Xiang goes to the pharmacy to buy herbs. She hears the ladies badmouthing her son. Zhou Luo plays billiards somewhere. They lady thinks he’s not a good child. He endures the ridicule of the people in the town. He returns home.

He tries to help Gui Xiang move the box. But she stops him. He plans to help her manage the store. But she wishes him to get into university. The guy meets with Zhou Luo’s parents. He persuades them to let Zhou Luo return to the school. Zhou Luo’s father decides to give up their face for Zhou Luo’s future.

Zhou Luo walks into the classroom. Chen Jun recognizes him. Chen Jun is like Zhou Luo who restudy the lesson. He tries to have a talk with Zhou Luo. But Liu Xun stops Chen Jun. He reports it to the teacher. The teacher scolds Chen Jun.

Gui Xiang wakes up late. She learns that her son went to the school. She’s very happy. Zhou Luo completes the test paper. He hands over the text paper to the teacher. He leaves the classroom. Chen Jun hands over the test paper to the teacher like Zhou Luo. He tries to leave. But the teacher stops him because Chen Jun didn’t give him the answers. Qing Li sees Zhou Luo playing basketball on the basketball court.

The teacher meets with Zhou Luo. He persuades him to be low profile. But Zhou Luo rejects it. He walks away. The principal shows up. He was the guy who persuaded Zhou Luo’s parents to let Zhou Luo return to the school. He asks the teacher to let Zhou Luo go because he wants to treat the boy as a catfish to stimulate the students.

Zhou Luo gathers with Qing Li, Bing Bing and Chen Jun at the bar after the school. They welcome Zhou Luo to join their group. They reveal they don’t want to study. Zhou Luo confesses it to his friends that he was expelled. His friends comfort him that he will get the first place.

Zhou Luo passes by Nan Ya’s store. He sees Nan Ya when she’s working in her store. He falls for her. He asks Chen Jun about the owner of the clothing store. Chen Jun reveals it’s Nan Ya. Qing Li returns home. He tells her father that Zhou Luo explained the questions to her.

Her father thinks she did a great job. He persuades her not to play with Chen Jun. She returns to her room. She hears her father praising Zhou Luo. She’s very happy. He reveals Xu Yi will invest in his land if Zhou Luo gets high scores.

Gui Xiang has dinner with her husband. She reveals Nan Ya asked her to bring some clothes to her. But he persuades her not to be close to Nan Ya. Zhou Luo walks on the street. He sees the women badmouthing Nan Ya. Nan Ya shows up. She pretends to pick up the fruits. She puts the woman’s skirt on the chair. She walks away. The woman’s skirt is off when she stands up from the chair. Zhou Luo sees what Nan Ya did.

Nan Ya visits Zhou Luo’s tape store. She swings when she listens to the song outside. He walks to her. She asks him if the tape he plays in his store. He reveals it’s the only tape. She walks into the store and she asks him to buy the tape for her.

He’s surprised that she likes rock. He reveals the song the band wrote is very special when he looks at her. She asks him to fix the tape recorder for her. Her hair touches his arm when she talks with him. She realizes what she did to him. She apologizes to him.

He persuades her to leave the tape recorder in the store. She agrees to it. She leaves with her daughter. He takes a look at the water she left on his arm. He smiles. She’s eaten by her husband because he thinks she had an affair. Qing Li talks with Chen Jun about Nan Ya reported her husband in the classroom. Zhou Luo takes Nan Ya’s side. But Chen Jun thinks Xu Yi did it because Nan Ya betrayed Xu Yi. Zhou Luo visits Nan Ya. But the door of the house is locked.

Lao Chen brings the photos to Lin Fanglu. He wonders who burned Xu Yi’s car. He mentions Lin Fanglu moved to Zhou Luo’s house. He realizes that Lin Fanglu suspected Zhou Luo. Lin Fanglu mentions Zhou Luo had disappeared for one house. But Lao Chen thinks Zhou Luo is a good boy.

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Lin Fanglu visits Zhou Luo. He borrows a book from him. He asks him what kind of person Xu Yi is. Zhou Luo thinks Xu Yi is a coward because Xu Yi beat his wife. But Lin Fanglu tells Zhou Luo that he likes to study the dark sides of people. He leaves his room. Zhou Luo fixed Nan Ya’s tape recorder. He went to see her. But he saw her husband beating her. He ran home and he took a shower. Because he felt hot after he saw something beautiful.

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