Sword and Fairy 4: Episodes 5-7 Recap

This is the Recap for Sword and Fairy 4: Episodes 5-7. Liu Mengli asks her father Liu Shifeng for letting Han Lingsha make up her mistake. Yun Tianhe comforts Liu Shifeng that they can save the grasses and trees. Liu Shifeng worries that his daughter will encounter some demons.

Episode 5

Sword and Fairy 4: Episodes 5-7

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Sword and Fairy 4: Episodes 5-7.

Liu Mengli comforts Liu Shifeng that she plans to test Yun Tianhe seeing if he’s the one she can give herself to. He agrees to her plan. He lets Han Lingsha live in his house. Liu Mengli lets Han Lingsha come to her. Yun Tianhe tries to follow Han Lingsha.

But she stops him because she and Liu Mengli are going to sleep. Han Lingsha is going to have meal with Liu Mengli. She tells her that she’s envy of her because she has good parents. Yun Tianhe shows up. Liu Shifeng takes a look at Yun Tianhe.

He thinks Yun Tianhe has the charm which his father had. Han Lingsha takes a look at Yun Tianhe because he’s very handsome. She feels sad when she sees Liu Shifeng giving the food to Yun Tianhe. She remembers she ate alone when she looked at her father’s memorial tablet.

Episode 6

Yunan Prince tells Han Lingsha that he wishes to get her body. Liu Mengli sees the souls coming out from the furnace. She blames him. Yun Tianhe tries to attack Yunan Prince but he’s hurt by the evil spirit. Han Lingsha tells Yun Tianhe to leave with Liu Mengli.

But he wishes to stay with her. Yunan Prince tries to kill Han Lingsha. But Yun Tianhe blocks Yunan Prince’s attack with his body. He makes him step back. Yunan Prince is surprised that Yun Tianhe has a yin and yang body. He gathers the evil spirit to attack Yun Tianhe.

Murong Ziying is hurt by Bei Ke outside. Bei Ke tells Murong Ziying that he’s destined to kill by a demon. Han Lingsha spits the blood to Wangshu Sword. It makes the sword gain powers. Yun Tianhe kills Yunan Prince with just one hit.

Episode 7

Liu Mengli reveals the place Yu Tianqing saved her wasn’t Shouyang City. She adds that Yun Tianqing gave her to her parents. She tells Han Lingsha and Yun Tianhe that she wishes to know the history of her. Han Lingsha is surprised that Liu Mengli is poor like her.

She reveals her parents passed away when she was seven years old. Yun Tianhe offers to take Liu Mengli to Qionghua Sect since they did it for their parents. She remembers Xuan Ying killed someone in front of her. She’s against it because she worries that Liu Mengli will lose her life.

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Yun Tianhe and Liu Mengli wonder why Han Lingsha thought so. Han Lingsha reminds Liu Mengli that she cannot explain it to her parents if she’s hurt. Liu Mengli reveals she looks into her history because she wishes to protect her parents.

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