Sword and Fairy 4: Episodes 8-9 Recap

This is the recap for Sword and Fairy 4: Episodes 8-9. Liu Mengli stops Qin Ji when Qin Ji tries to play her zither. Han Lingsha and Yun Tianhe’s consciousness is back. Han Lingsha asks Liu Mengli what happened. Liu Mengli reveals Qin Ji just used demon art to control Han Lingsha and Yun Tianhe’s minds.

Sword and Fairy 4 Episode 8 Recap

Sword and Fairy 4: Episodes 8-9

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Sword and Fairy 4: Episodes 8-9.

Sword and Fairy 4 Episode 8 begins with Qin Ji taking a look at the people. She thinks they’re ones Qin family hired to deal with her. Liu Mengli denies it. She wonders why Qin Ji concealed the black magic in her zither to make the people of the whole city fall asleep. Qin Ji is confused.

She claims that she didn’t use any magic. But Yun Tianhe points out that Liu Mengli has tested that Qin Ji used the magic to control people’s minds. Qin Ji claims that she knows nothing about the mind art. She reveals she played zither there because she wished the person to hear it.

Liu Mengli asks Qin Ji to explain it. Qin Ji turns around. She looks at Qianfo Temple. She reveals the person is her husband. She adds that her husband is in the temple. Han Lingsha is surprised that Qin Ji still tangles her husband since he has been a monk.

Qin Ji reveals her husband has passed away. She adds that Qin family put her husband’s coffin into the temple. They wish him to go to the heaven. Qin Ji tells Han Lingsha that she just wants to see her husband. Yun Tianhe thinks it’s very easy to Qin Ji to get into the temple because she’s a powerful woman.

Qin Ji points out that she cannot be close to her husband because Qin family hired high rank monk. She reveals she had to play zither there even if her husband cannot hear it. Han Lingsha learns why Qin Ji’s music is so sad. She mentions she parted with the man she loves.

Sword and Fairy 4 Episode 9 Recap

Sword and Fairy 4 Episode 9 reveals Murong Ziying’s master Su Shen tells Murong Ziying to come to her. He follows her and he gets into the realm. Liu Mengli notes it. She tells Murong Ziying not to bewitched by the mind art. She persuades him to take back his soul.

He wakes up and finds out that he’s surrounded by the evil powers. He drives the evil powers away. He looks around and finds out that the people are locked up in the balls. He realizes that the souls belong to the people who fall asleep.

He hears what Bei Ke says that he will make it if Wen Yao takes Yun Tianhe to see him. Murong Ziying remembers Han Lingsha called him younger master. He leaves the realm and he tells Liu Mengli to go to look for Yun Tianhe. He reveals the demons planned to take away Wangshu Sword after the demon possessed Han Lingsha.

Liu Mengli tries to leave with Murong Ziying. But she’s very weak. Dao Zhen reveals Liu Mengli was hurt for helping Murong Ziying get into the realm. He tells Murong Ziying to guard Liu Mengli with him. Yun Tianhe and Han Lingsha are at the restaurant.

Yun Tianhe offers to have a meal at the restaurant since they didn’t find the stuff. Han Lingsha offers to leave the city. But Yun Tianhe has ordered the dishes. He plans to invite Murong Ziying and Liu Mengli. But Han Lingsha rejects it.

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She thinks it’s good that they have the chance to get along. She orders the wine. He drinks the wine with her. Liu Mengli wakes up after Murong Ziying and Dao Zhen healed her. She’s surprised that Murong Ziting is still there. She thinks she should go to save Yun Tianhe.

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