Sword and Fairy 4: Episode 7 Ending Explained

This is the Ending Explained for Sword and Fairy 4: Episode 7. Liu Mengli thinks she can only protect her parents when she finds the truth. But Han Lingsha worries that Liu Mengli’s parents won’t agree to it. Yun Tianhe reminds Liu Mengli that her parents has accompanied her.

Sword and Fairy 4: Episode 7 Ending Explained

Sword and Fairy 4: Episode 7 Ending Explained

Liu Mengli remembers her parents prepared the snacks for her. They wished her to stay by their sides. Liu Mengli cries. Han Lingsha walks out of Liu Shifeng’s house with Yun Tianhe. She tells him not to say goodbye to Liu Mengli because she worries that the girl will plan to leave home again.

Yun Tianhe sees the stuff. He thinks Liu Shifeng prepared it for them. Liu Shifeng shows up. He tells Yun Tianhe that he let the servant prepare everything for him. Yun Tianhe thinks Liu Shifeng doesn’t have to prepare the cover. Because he and Han Lingsha get used to sleep outdoors.

Liu Shifeng points out that it’s his daughter’s first time to leave home. He worries that she’s not used to it. Madam Liu is surprised that her husband agreed to it. Liu Shifeng asks Liu Mengli to confess to him why she wants to go to Qionghua Sect.

She explains it to him that she worries that the one who tried to hurt her will hurt him as well. So she wants to find the truth. He cries and he thinks it’s enough that they have a daughter like Liu Mengli. He tells Liu Mengli that he wants to consider her feelings because he’s her parent.

Liu Mengli tries to get on her knees to her parents. But her parents stop her. Madam Liu tells Liu Mengli to go to Qionghua since she wishes to do so. Yun Tianhe promises to take care of Liu Mengli well. Pei Jian shows up. He brings the bow to Liu Mengli.

She hands over the bow to Yun Tianhe. She mentions his bow was broken in the fairy enchantment. Han Lingsha finds out that the bow was made by dragon scales. She tells Yun Tianhe that it’s a treasure. But he doesn’t want to accept the bow because it’s too expensive.

But Han Lingsha tells Yun Tianhe to accept the bow because Liu Mengli has given it to him. He accepts the bow and he thanks Liu Mengli. He reveals Han Lingsha prepared a present for Liu Mengli. Han Lingsha hands over the martial arts world handbook to Liu Mengli. She thinks it’s suitable for Liu Mengli because it’s her first time to get into martial arts world.

Yun Tianhe reveals Han Lingsha had spent several nights to write the book. Liu Mengli is happy to thank Han Lingsha. Su Yao walks Chong Guang in the cave. She wonders why the two elders changed their minds. He tells her not to ask him about it because he wants to see Xuan Xiao.

They meet with Xuan Xiao. Xuan Xiao tells Chong Guang that he will kill him when he breaks the ice. Chong Guang thinks Xuan Xiao doesn’t change his demon personality. Xuan Xiao laughs. He thinks he doesn’t have to suffer the cold if it wasn’t because of Chong Guang.

He asks him if he wishes him to thank him. Chong Guang tries to kill Xuan Xiao. But his attack is blocked by the ice. He’s surprised that he has leveled up to seventh rank. He leaves his cave. Liu Mengli is going to leave her parents.

Madam Liu hands over the Hometown Herb Sachet to Liu Mengli. She tells her to let Hometown Herb replace her to accompany her. She persuades her to talk about it with Yun Tianhe and Han Lingsha when something happens to her. Liu Shifeng tells Liu Mengli to leave. He reveals he and her mother are waiting for her at home.

Liu Mengli asks Pei Jian to take care of her parents. She cries to get in the carriage. She leaves. Liu Mengli arrives in Chen City with Han Lingsha. Han Lingsha blames Liu Mengli for not reading her book. Liu Mengli reveals the book was given by her master. She adds that she doesn’t understand the book after she has read the book for many years.

Han Lingsha is excited to take Liu Mengli to get off the carriage. Because she thinks the city is bustling. But Yun Tianhe finds out that there’re very few people on the street. Han Lingsha sees many people going to the hospital. Liu Mengli thinks there’s a plague in the city.

She plans to ask the doctor about it. Yun Tianhe agrees to her plan. He intends to take Han Lingsha to see a doctor because she has been dizzy. But she claims that she doesn’t want to see a doctor all her life. He tells her to listen to him. He takes her to the hospital.

They walk into the hospital. They find out that the people fall asleep. Han Lingsha sees Murong Ziying who’s treating the patient. She tries to leave with Yun Tianhe because she doesn’t like Murong Ziying. But Yun Tianhe stops Han Lingsha. He calls Murong Ziying.

Murong Ziying turns around. He sees the people. He’s surprised that he ran into them in the hospital. Liu Mengli asks Murong Ziying if the patients got the plague. He reveals he came to look into the case because there were many people falling asleep in Chen City.

The doctor shows up. He asks the group about the patient. Yun Tianhe points at Han Lingsha. The doctor asks Han Lingsha if she felt dizzy. Yun Tianhe reveals Han Lingsha felt dizzy. But she points out that she wasn’t lethargy. The doctor finds out that she doesn’t have a lethargy illness.

He mentions the people have fallen asleep. He worries that Chen City will be a death city if there’s nobody stopping it. Yun Tianhe is surprised that there’s an illness which can make people fall asleep. But Murong Ziying thinks it’s not an illness.

Liu Mengli checks on the patient. She finds out that the illness is different from the ordinary lethargy illness. Han Lingsha mentions Murong Ziying is good at killing demons. She tells him to go to look into the demons. But he tells her that he has to leave. He lets her live in Immortal House.

She blames him for running away. But Yun Tianhe stops her. He thinks she won’t go to Immortal House. But she tells him that she plans to live in Immortal House. Yun Tianhe passes by Qianfo Temple. He finds out that there’s somebody playing zither.

Liu Mengli finds out that the music is very sad. Han Lingsha has the same feelings. She asks Liu Mengli if the music reminds her her parents. Liu Mengli thinks Han Lingsha doesn’t wish to leave someone she cares for, since she felt sad after she listened to the music.

Yun Tianhe thinks they won’t have the pain if he doesn’t part with Han Lingsha and Liu Mengli. Han Lingsha asks the old man if he knows why the girl plays the zither there. He reveals the girl is the daughter-in-law of Qin family. He mentions what the servant said that the girl plans to get the family property from Qin family.

Han Lingsha is surprised that the girl will do so since she played so sad. The servant tells the girl the leave. But she uses her music skill to attack the servants. They roll downstairs. The girl Qin Ji tells them that she will come each day if they don’t let her get into the temple.

She carries the zither away. Yun Tianhe is surprised that Qin Ji is good at fighting. Liu Mengli believes that there’s a story behind Qin Ji. But Han Lingsha thinks Qin Ji isn’t a good girl because she plans to fight for the family property.

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The people arrive at Immortal House. But Hua Xi stops them. Liu Mengli asks him to go to report that they came to see Murong Ziying. But he thinks Murong Ziying wouldn’t know such a girl like Liu Mengli. Han Lingsha is furious to blame Hua Xi for his rude. She reveals they’re Murong Ziying’s friends. But he didn’t hear Murong Ziying having a female friend. He tells Han Lingsha leave if she likes Murong Ziying. Han Lingsha reveals Yun Tianhe’s father was the person of Qionghua Sect.

Does Liu Mengli Leave Home?

Liu Mengli wishes to go to look into the secret of her birth. She has to leave home. She remembers Yun Tianqing saved her when the man in black tried to kill her. She worries that the man in black will come to kill her parents. Her father Liu Shifeng doesn’t wish her to leave. But he respects her decision. Liu Mengli and her parents are sad when they part.

What Happens to the People In Chen City?

Liu Mengli leaves home. She arrives in Chen City with Yun Tianhe and Han Lingsha. They find out that most of the people have lethargy illness in the city. They run into Murong Ziying in the hospital. Han Lingsha asks Murong Ziying to look into the lethargy illness with them. But he leaves. He tells her to go to Immortal House to wait for him.

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