Tender Light: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Tender Light: Episode 1. The people are watching the fireworks by the river. They don’t know there’s a car burning. The woman cries to chase the man who hugs a baby to run. Another woman is trembling in the house when she looks at her hand with blood.

Her husband lies on the floor. He’s dead. His chest was stabbed by a knife. Fang Lu is on the way to Clean Water Town. He remembers his father-in-law arranged him to work in the town. But he didn’t want to accept the job because he worried that he cannot do the job well. But his father-in-law thought he had another reason.

Tender Light: Episode 1

Lin Fanglu arrives at the police station of Clean Water Town. Team Leader Xu welcomes him. He reveals there was a murderer case in the town. Lin Fanglu learns that the murderer was Nan Ya. He interrogates her. She reveals she wanted to get a divorce. But her husband Xu Yi didn’t agree to it. She threatened him that she had the evidence that he cut material about the Big Bridge Case. He beat her and he tried to kill her from grabbing her neck. She took a knife and she stabbed his back. He lifted an axe and he tried to kill her. But he stepped on a tomato. He tripped and Nan Ya’s knife stabbed his belly.

Lin Fanglu mentions someone ran away from Nan Ya’s house after she killed her husband. He asks her if she knows who was the person. She denies it. The cop reports to Lin Fanglu that they have found the witness. He reveals the witness was Zhou Luo.

Zhou Luo wakes up. He tries to go out. But her mother Gui Xiang stops him. He reveals he’s going to go to the school. He leaves. He arrives at the school. But the teacher thinks Zhou Luo doesn’t have to take class because he saw the murderer.

Qing Li arrives at the classroom. Her classmate leaks that Zhou Luo saw Nan Ya killing her husband. Qing Li was the woman who ran in the beginning of episode 1. Zhou Luo finds the guy in the broken house. He asks him to return his stuff to him. But the guy rejects it.

Lin Fanglu looks into Xu Yi’s car. He thinks the car was burned by someone. He walks into Xu Yi’s house with the cop. The cop introduces the cop Lao Chen to Lin Fanglu. Lin Fanglu looks into the house. We see Xu Yi looking into the photo in the house. But Nan Ya refused to give the photo to him. She threatened to send him to the prison. He slapped her.

Lao Chen thinks it wasn’t a self-defense. He thinks Zhou Luo is a kid who knows nothing. He reveals Nan Ya has a bad reputation. Lin Fanglu returns to the police station when Xu Yi’s mother throws a fit to the cops. She claims that she will die at the police station if Nan Ya leaves the prison. She leaves Nan Ya’s daughter Wan Wan at the place because Nan Ya killed her son.

Wan Wan cries when she sits on the bench. Lin Fanglu joins her. He wipes off her tears. Team Leader Xu has a meeting with Lao Chen and Lin Fanglu. He decides to send the kid to welfare agency. Lao Chen leaves when Team Leader Xu doesn’t end his talk. It makes Team Leader Xu think Lin Fanglu and Lao Chen didn’t get along well when they worked together.

Lao Chen and Lin Fanglu go to see Nan Ya’s stepmother Hu Xiu. But Hu Xiu doesn’t want to accept the kid. Lin Fanglu reminds Hu Xiu that Wan Wan is her family. But she thinks Nan Ya is a bad woman. Lin Fanglu visits Nan Ya in the prison. He decides to send Wan Wan to welfare agency because her family didn’t want to raise her. Nan Ya begs Lin Fanglu to let Gui Xiang take care of Wan Wan.

He takes Wan Wan to Gui Xiang’s house. The customer persuades Gui Xiang not to keep Wan Wan. But Gui Xiang ignores her. She tells Lin Fanglu that she’s going to raise the kid. He tries to give the money to her. But she rejects it. She reveals Nan Ya drew the rumors because Nan Ya was good looking.

Zhou Luo’s classmates visit Zhou Luo. They close the door. The girl mentions Xu Yi’s car. It seems that they concealed a secret. Lin Fanglu walks into Zhou Luo’s room. He has a talk with him. We sees Zhou Luo carrying Wan Wan out of the house after Nan Ya killed Xu Yi.

Lin Fanglu wonders why Zhou Luo didn’t return to the house. He believes that Zhou Luo intended to give Nan Ya the time to turn herself in. Zhou Luo explains it to Lin Fanglu that he wasn’t sure if Nan Ya would turn herself in or not.

Lin Fanglu tries to leave Gui Xiang’s house. But he finds out that there’s a house upstairs. Gui Xiang takes him upstairs. The girl leaves Zhou Luo’s house with Qing Li. She wonders why Qing Li didn’t confess her feelings to Zhou Luo. Qing Li reveals she thought it wasn’t the right time. She claims that she won’t confess her feelings to Zhou Luo.

She returns to Zhou Luo’s house. She asks him why he told a lie to the cop because she knew he wasn’t at home. He closes the door. Lin Fanglu decides to rent the house. Zhou Luo takes Qing Li to the internet cafe. He reveals he was at the cafe that night. He shows the post to her. She feels sorry for misunderstanding him. He thinks the law will judge Nan Ya and Xu Yi.

Lin Fanglu returns to the police station. The cops are talking about him. Lin Fanglu gets angry after knowing Lao Chen is interrogating Nan Ya. He lets Lao Chen stop the interrogation because he thinks it’s a fatigue interrogation. Lao Chen reminds Lin Fanglu that Xu family would blame them if they cannot resolve the case.

Lin Fanglu moves to Zhou Luo’s house. Zhou Luo helps Lin Fanglu move in. Lin Fanglu mentions Xu Yi beat Zhou Luo. He thinks Zhou Luo told a lie to him. Zhou Luo stays in his room alone. He opens the book. We sees a note about Nan Ya.

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