Queen of Tears: Episode 14 Recap

This is the recap for Queen of Tears: Episode 14. We return to three years ago. Hae-In takes Hyun-Woo to a cemetery. She likes the place very much. She sees a man giving flowers to his wife when he visits his wife’s grave. But Hyun-Woo doesn’t see the man.

She mentions the man gave flowers to his wife after his wife passed away in the movie. But Hyun-Woo refuses to do so because he plans to die with Hae-In if she passes away. Hae-In is happy to use her cute fist to hit her husband. She’s stuck in her memories. She feels happy for owning Hyun-Woo.

Queen of Tears: Episode 14

We return to the hospital in Germany. Hae-In is furious to scold Hyun-Woo after knowing he concealed the truth. She tries to leave. But he begs her to be alive. The land broker’s dead body is found by the police. Eun-Sung is going to go out with the suitcase. But Seul-Hee blocks his way.

He reveals he’s going to go to see Hae-In. He thinks he will have a chance if Hae-In recovers. She reminds him that Beom-Seok will take his position. But he still insists on chasing Hae-In. He leaves. She decides to help her son. Hyun-Woo wakes up. He goes to Hae-In’s room. He finds out that she’s falling asleep in her bed. He leaves. She wakes up.

He goes to the church to pray. Hae-In finds him. He reveals he asked the God to let her live. He follows her out of the church. They see the notes on the wall. Hyun-Woo offers to write a note. But Hai-In is against it. He asks her to go to have breakfast with him.

But she takes him to the field where they were on their honeymoon. She mentions there were many girls who were interested in him at the bar. But he confesses it to her that he only has her in his eyes. It makes her happy. She reveals she doesn’t wish to get the surgery because she doesn’t wish to forget him.

Beom-Ja returns to Queens Group. But she keeps thinking of Yeong-Song. She asks the car to take her home. But it takes her to Yongdu-ri. She runs into Soo-Cheol in front of Yeong-Song’s house. She gives him the cakes when he wonders why she came to the place.

Yeong-Song runs out of his house when he calls Beom-Ja. He invites her to drink tea with him. The three drink tea in the yard of Yeong-Song. Soo-Cheol mentions Beom-Ja isn’t suitable for the village life because she always wears expensive rings. She yells at him.

He gets a call from his father. He leaves Yeong-Song’s house. Beom-Ja decides to leave. Yeong-Song stops her. He asks her to visit him again. She’s shy to leave. Hyun-Woo takes Hai-In to the hospital. She gets angry. But he reveals her parents are waiting for her.

Soo-Cheol returns home when his parents are waiting for him. But he only cares for his wife. Beom-Jun reveals Hae-In doesn’t want to get a surgery. The people decide to persuade Hae-In. They do a video call with Hae-In. Seon-Hwa persuades Hae-In that they won’t have the bad memories if Hae-In accept the surgery.

Queen of Tears: Episode 14

But Hae-In points out that she won’t recognize Seon-Hwa if she does so. Beom-Jun cannot endure it so that he closes the laptop. Hae-In hears her parents’ crying. She cries as well. Da-Hye hangs out with her baby. She runs into Seul-Hee.

Seul-Hee asks Da-Hye to return the USB to her. But Da-Hye plans to give the USB to the police. Seul-Hee reminds Da-Hye that she will be sent to the prison if she does so. Seon-Hwa sees it. She joins them and she cares for her grandson.

She thinks it doesn’t matter who Da-Hye is. Because Da-Hye is the lady his son loves. She carries her grandson away. Hyun-Woo has a talk with the doctor. The doctor persuades Hyun-Woo that the surgery is the best choice to Hae-In.

Hyun-Woo goes to Hae-In’s ward. He finds out that she’s missing. He goes to look for her. He visits the church. But she’s not there. He sees the note she left. He reads the note. He learns that she wished to keep the memories. He finds her in the end. He hugs her when she tries to flee. He cries to beg her to accept the surgery.

She goes to the cafe with him. She finds out that he’s flirting with the girls through showing his good looking arms. She asks him to drop his sleeves. But he rejects it. Eun-Sung finds Hae-In at the cafe. He sees her having a fight with Hyun-Woo.

Yang-Gi calls Hyun-Woo. He reports to him that the land broker has been killed. The police think Hyun-Woo is the killer. They find out that Hyun-Woo fled to Germany. Seul-Hee meets with Grace Go. She reveals she has sent her men to Germany. Grace Go feels guilty for hurting Hae-In. But she throws away her conscience when she thinks about the money she’s going to get.

She calls Hyun-Woo. She asks him if he’s fine. She hangs up. He realizes something. He runs to his car. He sees the truck crashing his car. He uses his fist to break the window of the car. But he finds out that Hae-In isn’t in the car.

Hae-In calls Hyun-Woo behind him. He walks to her and he gets on knees to her. He reveals he thought she was killed. She comforts him. She takes him to the hospital. The doctor dresses Hyun-Woo’s wound. He leaves. Hyun-Woo wonders how did Hae-In leave the car. She reveals she went to buy four-leaf clover.

She hands over the four-leaf clover to Hyun-Woo. She decides to go to get the surgery when she thinks about that other women will take her man after she passes away. Hyun-Woo hugs Hae-In after knowing her decision. He’s very happy.

Mi-Seon reveals she’s going to get a divorce with her husband. Because she thinks her husband cheated on her. She mentions the foreign woman picked up the phone when she called her husband. She cries. Hyeon-Tae promises to leave the building to Mi-Seon. He comforts her.

Du-Gwan fires Soo-Cheol because Soo-Cheol sold his noodles out with cheap price. Da-Hye persuades her husband to return Seoul with her. But he prefers to stay in the village. She remembers Jun-Ho asked her for a meeting up when he threatened to hurt her husband.

Queen of Tears: Episode 14

Da-Hye goes to the amusement park with Soo-Cheol and their child. They have fun there. Da-Hye asks Soo-Cheol to go to buy her coffee. He puts the gloves and the scarf on her because he worries that she will catch a cold. He leaves. She cries to apologize to him.

She takes away her child. He returns and he finds out that she and the child are missing. He calls her but she doesn’t pick up his phone. He looks for her around the amusement park. He cries because he thinks she gave up him again.

Da-Hye tries to leave the park. But she hears Soo-Cheol’s voice. He begins her not to leave. The man thinks Soo-Cheol is a loser according to what Soo-Cheol said. Da-Hye talks back that her husband is the best man in the world. She goes to see Soo-Sheol. He cries to hug her.

Hae-In walks on the street. She runs into her older brother. He waves at her. He disappears into the crowd. She sleeps with Hyun-Woo in her ward. She’s ready for her surgery. She asks him to complain to her about what she did to him. But he only tells the sweet words to her.

She takes out her notebook. She reveals she wrote what she thought in the notebook. She lets him keep it. The two fall asleep. Du-Gwan and Bong-Ae worry about Hae-In’s surgery in the village. Beom-Jun informs Seon-Hwa that his snail is alive. Beom-Ja comforts Seon-Hwa that it’s a good sign.

Hyun-Woo takes Hae-In to the operating room. He comforts her that he will stay outside. She’s taken into the operating room by the doctor and the nurse. Hyun-Woo is arrested because he was suspected to kill the land broker. Hyun-Woo persuades the cops to let him stay at the operating room because his wife is getting the surgery.

Eun-Sung shows up. He promises to take care of Hae-In. Hyun-Woo realizes that the one who wronged him was Eun-Sung. Hae-In is pushed out of the operating room. Hyun-Woo tries to be close to her. But he’s taken down by the cops. Hong family watches the news. They learn that Hyun-Woo was arrested.

Beom-Jun calls the hospital. He learns that Eun-Sung is accompanying Hae-In in the hospital. He intends to go to the hospital. But Eun-Sung informs Beon-Jun that he cannot leave Korea because the police are looking into him for his embezzlement.

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Hae-In’s memories disappear one by one. She wakes up and sees Eun-Sung. She remembers Hyun-Woo. But Eun-Sung reveals Hyun-Woo is a murderer. Hyun-Woo is in the prison. He looks outside when it’s snowing. He reminds Hae-In told her that the snow reminds her her first love. Hae-In is in the wheelchair in her ward. She sees the snow as well. Eun-Sung walks into the ward. He pulls back the curtains. Hae-In takes a look at her hand. She feels painful. She tears up. Hae-In told herself not to forget Hyun-Woo in the epilogue when she’s going to accept the surgery.

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