The Best of You in My Mind: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Best of You in My Mind: Episode 1. Xu Fang takes Xi Chi to the roof, and the two feel happy while holding hand. She asks him what he would do if she didn’t find out that she liked him. He says that he will be alone for a while, and asks her if she wants him to be alone all his life. She says that she has known each other all their life.

The Best of You in My Mind: Episode 1 Recap

The Best of You in My Mind: Episode 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama The Best of You in My Mind: Episode 1.

Teacher writes the question on the blackboard, and puts his bottle on the desk to wake up Xu Fang. Xi Chi tells Xu Fang that Teacher asked him to wipe the question on the blackboard. He does so and makes Teacher angry.

Xu Dang is furious to challenge Xi Chi in arm-wrestling. She fails and asks how he will punish her. He tells her that he doesn’t think about it.

Dad wakes Xi Chi up, and she doesn’t want to eat the instant noodles. Xi Geng reminds Xi Chi that Mom will cook chicken for her when she returns.

Xi Chi sees Xu Fang riding away and wonders why he didn’t wait for her. She finds out that Xu Fang took away her bicycle seat, and she takes away Xi Geng’s bicycle seat.

Xu Fang reminds Xi Chi the promise she made, and gets her to wear black silk stockings. Xi Chi is punished to stand outside.

Xi Chi shows off the silk stockings to the dog Fang Fang, and Mom returns so that Xi Chi has to hide the silk stockings in the couch. Xi Chi tells Mom that Dad only cooks instant noodles for them, and asks her to get back.

Mom finds the silk stockings, and she has a fight with Dad. Xi Chi runs to stop Mom, and tells her to get back with her. She intends to tell her about the black silk stockings, but Mom walks away.

Xi Chi tells Xu Fang that Mom found the silk stockings, and she mistook Dad cheated on her. Teacher scolds Xu Fang and tells him to do the question. But Xu Fang cannot do it, and he can only do archery. Teacher is furious to leave the class, and thinks he cannot teach Xu Fang.

Xi Geng tells Xi Chi that Fang Fang ran out, and she looks for Fang Fang at Xu Fang’s house. Xu Feng denies, and he gives the umbrella to her.

Xi Chi spots Dad kissing another woman in the car. She cannot accept it, and she runs away. Xu Fang hugs Xi Chi when the car comes. He scolds her for not looking at the car, and she asks if there isn’t love that never changes.

Xi Chi thinks mom wouldn’t leave if she didn’t take the silk stockings home. But Xu Fang tells her that they cannot solve the problems of adults.

Xu Fang chases Xi Chi and thinks she is immature, but she blames him for getting her to wear silk stockings. She yells that she doesn’t want to see him again.

Xi Chi takes Fang Fang home, and she is soaked. Xu Fang visits, but Xi Chi rages to get Xi Geng to close the door. Dad returns, and Xi Chi asks him where he went at night.

Dad explains that he discussed something with his colleague. Xi Chi yells at Dad for feeding them instant noodles.

Xi Chi calls Mom and asks her to come back. But Mom rejects it. Xi Chi cries, and Xi Geng brings the red dates drinks Dad asked him. But she pushes him out and closes the door.

Xu Fang learns that Xi Geng asked for leave for Xi Chi. Xu Fang visits Xi Chi, but Xi Geng tells him that she moved to the house of her grandpa.

Xu Fang arrives at the house and sees Xi Chi is studying. He picks up a stone and intends to cast to her. But he remembers that what she said that she doesn’t want to see him again. So he has to leave.

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