The Best of You in My Mind: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Best of You in My Mind: Episode 2. Xu Fang stares at the photo of him and Xi Chi, and Mom doesn’t wish him to be an athlete. Xi Chi gives the dog tag to Fang Fang, and tells him to take care of his brother.

The Best of You in My Mind: Episode 2 Recap

The Best of You in My Mind: Episode 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama The Best of You in My Mind: Episode 2.

Xi Geng tells Xi Chi to say something to Xu Fang before she leaves. But she wants to wait for next time.

Xi Chi arrives at Rong university, and she feels happy for staying in same city to Mom. She sees a guy who is saving a kitty on the tree, and she tells him that it will make kitty feel scared.

The man Shao Wen shows up, and he thinks Xi Chi knows the kitty most. He asks her how to save the kitty, and she offers to put some foods and water, and get people to leave.

Shao Wen does things Xi Chi asked, and the kitty jumps down to eat the foods. He walks her to the dormitory, and wants to carry the luggage for her. But she rejects it.

Nie Yue wishes not to live with weird roommate, and she sees Xi Chi. Nie Yue moves the luggage for Xi Chi, and she volunteers to take care of Xi Chi and Zi Dan.

Xi Geng wants to buy the game equipment, so he opens the box under his bed. But he finds the note Xi Chi left, and he is furious.

Xi Geng blames Xi Chi for taking away his money, and thinks she won’t live long with his money. Xi Chi texts Mom and wishes to see her soon.

The teacher gets Shao Wen to give a speech. Shao Wen cheers the students up, and writes down his number on the blackboard.

Xi Chi smiles but she sees a man running through. She suspects it. Zi Dan asks Xi Chi if she likes Shao Wen. But Xi Chi says that she is hungry. So Zi Dan takes Xi Chi to the grilled fish store.

Zi Dan and Nie Yue go to buy ice cream. Xi Chi wants to help the boy shoot, and claims she is professional. But she fails many times, and she asks for last chance.

Xu Fang shows up from Xi Chi’s back and helps her hit the balloon. The boy takes the prize but he thanks Xu Fang instead of Xi Chi.

Xu Fang introduces Xi Chi to Zheng Xu, and Zheng Xu thinks Xi Chi isn’t scary like Xu Fang told him. Nie Yue and Zi Dan return, and the two see Xu Fang taking Xi Chi away.

Xi Chi takes Xu Fang to the restaurant, and he offers to do arm wrestle again for one month of living expenses. Xi Chi loses even if she cheated. Xu Fang becomes Xi Chi’s creditor according to their living expenses.

Xi Chi returns to dormitory, and Nie Yue asks about the handsome boy. Xi Chi tells Nie Yue that Xu Fang lived in the building next to her, and thinks he is a swamp.

Xi Chi complains that she only has twenty yuan, and she has to listen to Xu Fang’s orders. Zi Dan thinks Xu Fang likes Xi Chi, and Xi Chi thinks Zi Dan’s thought is weird. Nie Yue reminds Xi Chi not to choose Teacher Yan.

Xu Fang texts Xi Chi and orders her to take class for him. He doesn’t want Teacher Yan’s class. But Xi Chi’s laptop is crashed, and he doesn’t complete the task.

Nie Yue gives the lucky teas to Xi Chi to comfort her. Xi Chi tells what happened to Xu Fang, and she doesn’t want to take same class with him.

Nie Yue notes that Xi Chi only ordered a bun, and gives her meat filled bun to her. She asks her about her mom. Xi Chi says that her mom hasn’t replied her, and she swears not to talk with Xu Fang after this month.

Shao Wen takes Xi Chi to the place of stray cats, and she is very happy. Mom calls Xi Chi and tells her that she comes to see her.

Xi Chi takes Mom to her dormitory and wants to visit her for eating. But Mom says that she’s living in the dormitory. Xi Chi tells Mom that Xu Fang is still her follower, and the black silk stockings belonged to her. But Mom thinks it’s all in the past.

Xi Chi calls Xi Geng that Mom visited her, and wants to hang out with Mom when he comes to Rong city. But he hangs up.

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