Itaewon Class: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for Korean Drama Itaewon Class: Episode 3. Sae-Ro-Yi opens a restaurant in Itaewon, and he orders his new employees Seung-Kwon and Seung-Kwon to take exercises.

Itaewon Class: Episode 3 Recap

Itaewon Class: Episode 3

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Korean Drama Itaewon Class: Episode 3.

The girl is bullied in the class, and Yi-Seo posts it on her social media. People thinks the high school is a bad place. Yi-Seo’s complacent to look at her phone, and Geun-Soo introduces the outstanding girl.

Jo Yi-Seo. She’s a social media star with 760,000 followers and an influential blogger. She transfeered from New York last year. She’s athletic. She gets good grades. She’s multitalented. She’s good at everything. A genius girl with an IQ of 162.

Geun-Soo looks at Yi-Seo and thinks she is an angel. The madam rages to look for Yi-Seo, and gives her a slap for slandering her daughter. Itaewon Class episode 3 is the best episode in the whole series.

Geun-Soo films the two, and Yi-Seo tells Madam that she just told the truth, provoking her that she will send the video to her daughter’s in-laws when she gets pregnant.

Madam is furious to lift her hand, but Sae-Ro-Yi stops her, telling her to calm down. Yi-Seo catches the chance to slap Madam to the wall.

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Sae-Ro-Yi stops Yi-Seo from getting into the taxi, and thinks she shouldn’t leave after slapping a woman.

Yi-Seo tells Sae-Ro-Yi that her dad died because of the woman, so he lets her go. But she tells him that it was just a lie while making a grimace.

Sae-Ro-Yi smacks the table and tells the employees that he ran into a crazy girl. Seung-Kwon asks if the girl is pretty.

The teacher scolds Yi-Seo for slapping the woman. Yi-Seo points out that he just fears her husband, who is a president. The cast of Itaewon Class are so good.

Geun-Won gives the proposal in the meeting that setting hookup spots in their restaurant to reduce deficit. Soo-A and Min-Jung are against it as it will damage the brand of Jangga Pub.

Geun-Won beats the table and thinks young people will like the idea. Dae-Hee points out that the customers in Itaewon are on the pricier side, and he throws away Geun-Won’s proposal.

Dae-Hee gets Soo-A to manage the restaurant in Itaewon for deficit, but Geun-Won tries to change his dad’s mind. Dae-Hee slaps Geun-Won and thinks he is stupid.

Geun-Won tells Soo-A to stand by his side and thinks he will take Dae-Hee’s position soon. She doesn’t believe it. Itaewon Class episode 3 throws a wonderful plot.

Geun-Soo finds Yi-Seo on the bridge, and she thinks it would’ve been better if she had never been born. It makes him think that she came there to die.

Yi-Seo smiles to deny and asks Geun-Soo to give her a ride. He rejects it as he intends to go to Itaewon to club with a friend.

Yi-Seo thinks Geun-Soo goes to Itaewon for girls while wearing the helmet, and kicks the helmet to him, telling him not to get on her nerve. He has to obey her.

Geun-Soo drives the scooter on the street, and a black boy runs to the street for picking up the basketball. His mom screams to protect him.

Geun-Soo brakes and makes Yi-Seo to fly to the sky. A doll runs to catch Yi-Seo, and we find out that it’s Sae-Ro-Yi after the doll’s head rolls over. It’s so great to watch Itaewon Class on netflix.

Yi-Seo gets up from Sae-Ro-Yi’s body, and he recognizes her. Geun-Soo runs to ask Yi-Seo if she is fine, and she bumps him with the helmet.

Sae-Ro-Yi asks Geun-Soo if Yi-Seo was the girl, but he is dizzy to pass out.

Dae-Hee drinks tea with Soo-A and reminds her the day when they first met. He admits that his son killed Sae-Ro-Yi’s dad in the hit-and-run, and she suspected his intentions for sponsoring her.

Dae-Hee mentions Sae-Ro-Yi opened a store in Itaewon, and asks Soo-A to make a choice between him and Sae-Ro-Yi like ten years ago. She says that she will always be loyal to Jangga Co, and asks Dae-Hee if he’s bothered by Danbam. He rejects it as he thinks Sae-Ro-Yi means nothing to him. Itaewon Class’s characters are amazing.

Sae-Ro-Yi is sent to the hospital, and Yi-Seo learns that he fainted because of overwork. He wakes up and asks for his mask. Geun-Soo reveals that they threw it out when they rushed him into the ambulance.

Sae-Ro-Yi is shocked and claims that the mask is expensive. Geun-Soo promises to compensate him. Sae-Ro-Yi feels lucky that Geun-Soo brought his flyers, and reveals he has a small pub in Itaewon.

Yi-Seo mocks Sae-Ro-Yi that people don’t give out flyers wearing a mask to advertise these days, and tells him to do it through social media.

Geun-Soo bows and apologizes to Sae-Ro-Yi, and Sae-Ro-Yi gives the flyer to Geun-Soo. But Yi-Seo rips the flyer. The ost of Itaewon Class makes me tear up.

Ten Years Ago

Yi-Seo pushes her classmate to win the running game, and people blame her for cheating. The teacher tells Yi-Seo’s mother Jung-Min to take Yi-Seo to a counselor as she shows traits of a sociopath.

But Jung-Min praises Yi-Seo for winning the race. Yi-Seo thinks Jung-Min is using her to make up for her average life. Jung-Min admits that she doesn’t want Yi-Seo to live like her, and thinks people will know her when she’s exceptional.

Yi-Seo is crazy to dance at the club, and Geun-Soo’s friend wants to hit her since Geun-Soo claims that Yi-Seo is just his friend. Geun-Soo stops the guy and tells him that he likes Yi-Seo. The role Jang Geun-won of Itaewon Class is a jerk.

Seong-Hyeon takes the two to Jangga Pub, and Yi-Seo’s required to show her ID. She gives out another person’s ID, and Soo-A asks Geun-Soo about Yi-Seo’s name. He tells her, and the three gets kicked out.

Yi-Seo takes Seong-Hyeon and Geun-Soo to DanBam when Sae-Ro-Yi’s talking with Hyun-Yi how to advertise on social media. Sae-Ro-Yi tells Seung-Kwon to check the three’s IDs, and he leaves to see how the other places are doing.

Sae-Ro-Yi walks around the street and thinks out how to run his business. Soo-A shows up and startles him. She tells him that she’s in charge of their pub in Itaewon, and he reveals Dae-Hee’s autobiography helped him a lot in running his pub.

Soo-A sees Yi-Seo staying at Sae-Ro-Yi’s pub, and she recognizes her. Soo-A calls the police and thinks she has changed. The role Jang Geun-Soo of Itaewon Class is a nice guy.

Seong-Hyeon is drunk to call Seung-Kwon part-timer, and asks for soju. Sae-Ro-Yi tells Seong-Hyeon not to call Seung-Kwon part-timer.

Seong-Hyeon asks for the boss. Sae-Ro-Yi claims he is the boss, and thinks Seong-Hyeon is a nasty customer. Seong-Hyeon is furious to grab Sae-Ro-Yi’s clothes.

Sae-Ro-Yi takes Seong-Hyeon to the cctv area, and tells him to punch him. Seung-Kwon breaks in to accept Seong-Hyeon’s punch for Sae-Ro-Yi, and he punches back.

Seong-Hyeon passes out, and Seung-Kwon pours the hot soup on Seong-Hyeon. Seong-Hyeon wakes up and he is scared to ask for mercy. But Seung-Kwon is cold to lift a bottle.

Hyun-Yi thinks Seung-Kwon hasn’t changed, and tells Sae-Ro-Yi to fire Seung-Kwon. Sae-Ro-Yi asks Hyun-Yi to call 911.

The police shows up and tells Sae-Ro-Yi that they got a report that a minor is there. Sae-Ro-Yi says that there’s no minor there, but he sees Yi-Seo. Itaewon Class is a Korean drama about revenge.

Seung-Kwon yells at the police for investigating them. But Sae-Ro-Yi stops Seung-Kwon and thinks he knew Yi-Seo is a minor.

Geun-Soo tells the police, and he lied to Sae-Ro-Yi. But the police tells Geun-Soo to wait until his family comes. Geun-Soo says that he doesn’t have family, and he wants to take responsibility.

Sae-Ro-Yi touches Geun-Soo hair and thinks he shouldn’t take responsibility because he is a minor. Geun-Won shows up and introduces Sae-Ro-Yi as his friend. The police wants to find the way to help Sae-Ro-Yi.

Sae-Ro-Yi rages to tell the police to follow the law, and claims Geun-Won isn’t his friend.

Yi-Seo chases Sae-Ro-Yi and asks him he didn’t accept Geun-Won’s help. He says that he prefers to die. Yi-Seo thinks Sae-Ro-Yi is too stubborn, and tells him to let it slide just this once.

But Sae-Ro-Yi tells Yi-Seo that those one times might change her whole life. He thinks he can open the pub again even if he gets suspended. Geun-Won applauds and leans to Sae-Ro-Yi’s ear, telling him that he killed his dad.

Geun-Won laughs and tells Sae-Ro-Yi to punch him. Sae-Ro-Yi rages to take Geun-Won’s hand, and tells him that he has a plan for 15 years.

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