“The Heiress” (2020 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

The Heiress” is a Chinese drama which tells a story about the girl Han Shiyi has to dress up to be a male for keeping her position. But she falls for the 5th prince Chen Yanyi.

“The Heiress” airs on Tenxun TV and the release date is on 13 August 2020.

Jiang Chao and You Jingru are the lead actors.

Jiang Chao starred “My Robot Boyfriend” in 2019. She played the role Lin Mobai.

You Jingru starred “Detective L“. She played the role Qin Xiaoman.

The Heiress (2020)

The Heiress

The Heiress Wiki

Title: The Heiress (The Heiress Chinese Drama)

Director: You Dazhi

Writer: Zuo Zhaoyang

Network: Tenxun TV

Runtime: 13 August 2020

Episodes: 24

Language: Chinese

The Heiress Summary

Han Yuanniang is the daughter of the lord Han Jizhong. But the emperor wants to take away the inheritance if Yuan Niang is a female. Yuan Niang has to dress up to be a playboy who only knows to play.

The Heiress Cast

Jiang Chao as Chen Yanyi

He is the 5th prince who is going to become next emperor.

You Jingru as Han Shiyi

She is The Heiress of north state. But she worries that she will get punished because she is a girl.

The Heiress Episodes

The Heiress Episode 1

Emperor asks Shi Yi to come to capital to study since she is going to inherit the position of the lord. Her father tells her not to take anyone’s side and pretend to be a playboy. So people won’t know she is a girl.

Shi Yi’s carriage hits Mr. Ye’s carriage. She wrongs him for blackmail her. He is furious to leave. Shi Yi arrives at the club Li Jinji, and kicks Gu Wan out for watching the beauties Hong Er and Nuan Er. The follower reports to 5th prince Yan Yi that Shi Yi is a trash. But Yan Yi doesn’t believe it.

The waiter tells Shi Yi that Hong Er and Nuan Er never accompany guests. She wants to break the rule, and gets her followers Jin Zi and Yin Zi to invite the beauties. The beauties are scared to flee. Yan Yi’s followers fight with Jin Zi and Yin Zi. The Heiress Chinese Drama is fantastic.

Shi Yi admits that they were defeated. Yan Yi catches the chance to hug her. She is startled and tells him her identity. He leaves with his followers. Shi Yi mistakes that Yan Yi fears her. Yi Yuan chases Yan Yi but she trips after stepping on the banana peel Shi Yi left.

Zhong Yu knows that Shi Yi bullied Hong Er, and he wants to give Shi Yi a lesson. But Shi Yi doesn’t come to the school. Zhong Yu tells Teacher Xia that Shi Yi doesn’t respect him. Teacher Xia thinks Shi Yi cheated Emperor as he was asked to teach her. Shi Yi shows up and explains that she got lost.

Zhong Yu tells Shi Yi that he will take off his clothes if he doesn’t climb through Gu Wan’s legs. She pushes Gu Wan over and runs away. But someone casts the bamboo book to her, and she trips. Zhong Yu catches Shi Yi and gets his follower to take off Shi Yi’s clothes. The Heiress cast are perfect.

But Yan Yi stops Zhong Yu and tells him that Shi Yi is his man. Yan Yi tells Shi Yi to thank him, and asks her to be his follower. But she says that she knows nothing. He warns her that he is her emperor, and asks if she wants to be against him. She says that she doesn’t dare to do that.

Emperor meets with Shi Yi and tells her to study well in the school. She agrees to it. Emperor asks Wan Xiang what he thinks about Shi Yi. Wan Xiang thinks he is just a playboy. Emperor wishes Yan Yi to get along well with Shi Yi. Yan Yi is attacked in the dragon festival. Shi Yi doesn’t want to get involved, and she walks away with her followers. But they run into the assassin.

The Heiress Episode 2

The assassin kidnaps Shi Yi and takes her to fly over the wall. Yan Yi kills the assassin, and Shi Yi falls down. She thinks she shouldn’t let him see that she has martial arts. So she doesn’t use light arts. He catches her before she hit the ground.

Jin Zi and Yin Zi wonder why Yan Yi didn’t save Shi Yi. Shi Yi thinks Yan Yi still suspects her, and decides to bring trouble to the nation academy. The next day, she takes a tortoise to academy and calls him as 2th Wang. Zhong Yu thinks what she calls is him as he is the second son in his family. He threatens to get rid of the tortoise. So she offers to have a chicken fight. The Heiress Chinese Drama is good.

Zhong Yu fails in the chicken fight game, and he wants to do another game. Teacher Xia shows up and he is furious after seeing the chicken. He asks who held the game. The students point at Shi Yi. Teacher Zhu asks Shi Yi how her dad managed her study. She says that her father told her to only focus on riding. Teacher Zhu asks Shi Yi to show her riding skill to him. She brings a donkey and takes a walk.

Teacher Zhu asks Yan Xi to choose a following student. Yan Yi chooses Shi Yi. Cheng Jun waits for Shi Yi and tells her that he is his elder male cousin. He wants to take her to see the grandma, and she agrees to it. But Yan Yi stops the two, and claims that Shi Yi needs to accompany him to study.

Yan Yi asks Shi Yi to make ink for him. But she gets the ink on his clothes. He is furious and wants to give her a lesson. Zhong Yu brings a sow to school, and calls her as Ms. Han. Shi Yi knows what he calls is her, and she ignores him. The Heiress Chinese Drama is the best. The Heiress Chinese Drama is amazing.

Teacher Xia tells the students that he will give them a holiday. Shi Yi feels happy and wants to go to the club. But Yan Yi stops her and tells her to study hard with him for the text. She is asked to lift the water, and the dog watch on her.

The dog chases Shi Yi, and she is scared to jumped on Yan Yi. He tells her to get down from him. Shi Yi tells Yan Yi that he has to give her the midnight snack if he continues keeping her. He brings a red rope and ties it on her hair. He pulls the rope when she falls asleep.

Gu Wan casts the note to Shi Yi. Teacher Xia spots the note and thinks Shi Yi is cheating. He asks to search on her body. Yan Yi volunteers to do the job since she is his follower.

The Heiress Episode 3

Yan Yi tells Shi Yi that she doesn’t have to thank her. But she is furious to leave. She casts the stone to Teacher Xia in the class, and wrongs Ji Chang and Gu Wan. Teacher Xia sends the two to clean up restroom. Shi Yi thanks Yan Yi and brings the foods to him.

But Yan Yi rejects to eat it. Shi Yi realizes that he knows she put the laxative in the foods. Gu Wan and Ji Chang go to restroom after eating the foods. Zhong Yu thinks Shi Yi did it because they wronged her. But she points out that other classmates are fine after eating the foods. The Heiress cast are cool. The Heiress Chinese Drama is so nice.

Shi Yi casts the love book to Teacher Xia, and tells him that Yan Yi did it. Teacher Xia picks up the book, and asks Yan Yi if he agrees to accept the punishment. Yan Yi agrees to it but he asks Shi Yi to get the punishment as she is his follower.

The two are asked to copy books on the wall. Shi Yi draws a tortoise on the wall. Teacher Xia is furious to take a ruler to beat her, but he hits Yan Yi. Zhong Yu’s father An Li asks him to treat Shi Yi a meal as he intends to marry Xi Yuan to Shi Yi.

Zhong Yu invites Shi Yi to drink, and she agrees to it. Yan Yi shows up and takes Shi Yi to study. Shi Yi thinks about how to flee. The follower reports to Yan Yi that Emperor sent him four beauties. Yan Yi lets Shi Yi leave. Zhong Yu asks Shi Yi what kind of girl she wants to marry. She learns that he wants to marry her sister Yi Xuan to her. The Heiress cast are famous.

Shi Yi says that Xi Yuan isn’t good looking and she is a tiger. Xi Yuan hears it and rages to show up. Jin Zi and Yan Zi stop Xi Yuan and her mom. Zhong Yu holds Shi Yi’s hand and finds out that she used women cream. She explains that the cream belongs to her maid.

Xin Ting watches it from the roof and reports it to Yan Yi. Yan Yi thinks Shi Yi just pretends to be a jerk. Shi Yi pretends to be drunk, and breaks the room of the beauty. The beauty is scared and asks Yan Yi for help. Shi Yi trips and falls to kiss Yan Yi.

The Heiress Episode 4

Shi Yi is flustered to run into her room, and she blames Yan Yi for stealing her first kiss. Jin Zi and Yin Zi mistake that their master didn’t succeed. Shi Yi tells the two that she gave a big green hat to Yan Yi, and thinks Yan Yi won’t let her be his follower.

Yan Yi has a dream that he hugs Shi Yi to roll over in the bed. He is startled, and hugs his followers to make sure if he likes men. Gu Wan spots it. Shi Yi’s book drops, and she has a hand contact with Yan Yi when the two try to pick the book up. Yan Yi finds out that he is beating fast, and Shi Yi mistakes that he doesn’t want her to be his follower. The Heiress Chinese Drama is worth of watching.

Shi Yi feels sorry for offending Yan Yi’s beauty. But he tells her that he can send the beauty to her if she likes the beauty. She is surprised that he is so bearable. Jin Zi and Yin Zi tell Shi Yi that Yan Yi likes men and he fell for her. Shi Yi is shocked.

Yan Yi asks the follower to buy him a portion of sweet dumplings. Xin Ting thinks Yan Yi buys it for Shi Yi, and says that Yan Yi cares for Shi Yi. Yan Yi rages to scold Xin Ting, and thinks men shouldn’t care for men. Yan Yi leaves the drumstick to Shi Yi, and claims that he doesn’t like drumstick. Gu Wan thinks Yan Yi likes men.

Zhong Yu asks Gu Wan and Ji Chang what is the different between Shi Yi and the women they contacted. The two say that it’s the makeup. Zhong Yu tells them that Shi Yi is a girl, and gets them to follow Shi Yi to the restroom. Shi Yi notes their trick and wears her clothes. Zhong Yu fails but he doesn’t want to give up. The Heiress cast are so great.

Zhong Yu invites Shi Yi to play Cuju, and Yan Yi teams up with Shi Yi to defeat Zhong Yu. An Li gets his man to send gifts to Shi Yi. But she drives the man out, and threatens to release dog to bite the men of Wan family. An Li learns that Shi Yi doesn’t want to join him. So he decides to ruin Han army.

Yan Yi talks with the followers on how to get Shi Yi to join them, and wants to give the position of Zhang Yi to her. The followers are against it. Yan Yi reveals he just pretends to give the position to her. Shi Yi arrives at the nightclub. Jin Zi and Yin Zi wonders what Zhong Yu wants to do. Shi Yi thinks it’s a banquet trap.

Zhong Yu gets Jin Zi and Yin Zi to leave, and brings a beauty Ying Er to Shi Yi. He lets her stay with Ying Er alone, and wants to know how Shi Yi will deal with the beauty. The Heiress Chinese Drama is the best one in 2020.

The Heiress Episode 5

Ying Er flirts with Shi Yi and thinks she cannot do it. Ms. Liu shows up with her sword and wants to kill Shi Yi. Shi Yi flees and trips from the stairs. She takes off Wan Ning’s clothes. Zhong Yu believes that Shi Yi is a man, and feels sorry for getting Ying Er involved. But Ying Er has fallen for Shi Yi.

Yan Yi takes Shi Yi into his carriage, and tells her to focus on study instead of girls. Shi Yi thinks Ms. Liu is good at acting. Jin Zi tells Shi Yi that Wan Ning wants to marry her. Shi Yi rejects it and wants to compensate her with some money. The Heiress cast are beautiful.

Jin Zi tells Shi Yi that Wan Ning tried to take her life and she was bullied by her stepmother. Shi Yi has to marry Wan Er, and thinks he just raises a woman. Emperor asks about the candidate of student president. An Li and Yan Yi recommend Shi Yi.

Yan Yi summons Shi Yi and wants her to be the student president. But she rejects it and recommends Xue Zhang. Lu Long thinks Shi Yi doesn’t want to take any side. Yan Yi asks Shi Yi to sleep over in his house, and tells him that he saw his sister Yuan Niang. He thinks he is like his sister.

Xin Ting wonders why Yan Yi let Shi Yi live in the house of princess. Yan Yi says that he doesn’t have any princess. He catches Shi Yi when she is going to flee, and tells her that he wants to sleep with her. She points out that he likes men. It makes him angry, and he takes her to the room. The Heiress Chinese drama is very good.

The two sleep together. Shi Yi has a nightmare that the assassin killed her brother when she fell into the water. Yan Yi comforts her as he notes that she lives hard. The next day, he tells Emperor that Shi Yi recommended Xue Zhang. An Li learns that Shi Yi joined Yan Yi.

Shi Yi wants to see the boss of Yi Dianxuan, and she arrives at the club. She hears Zhong Yu talks with his friends to get him to dress up to be a woman. Shi Yi shows up and tells them that he agrees to it.

The Heiress Episode 6

Shi Yi tells Zhong Yu that she will dress up to be women if he wins her in the climbing tree game. He agrees to it, and learns that many people bet him. Shi Yi asks Yan Yi if he wants to bet her, and he remembers the dream that he kissed her.

Xi Yuan dresses up to be men, and wants to give Shi Yi a lesson if Zhong Yu fails. He tells her that he will win. Shi Yi runs into Xi Yuan, and Xi Yuan wants to kill her as she ruined her reputation. Zhong Yu tells his sister to take down the revenge until the game ends. The Heiress cast are very handsome.

Shi Yi and Zhong Yu climb tree. But the assassin cuts off the rope with a dart. Shi Yi falls from the tree. Yan Yi takes Ji Ye’s hairpin to cast to the tree. She is safe to hit the ground. The follow reports to Shi Yi that Xi Xuan ruined her carriage and took away the cow.

Shi Yi treats Ji Ye as she mistakes that he saved her, and she was drunk. The follower reports to An Li that the assassination failed. Zhong Yu breaks into and blames An Li for killing Shi Yi. An Li points out that the one who wants Shi Yi to die is Emperor.

Yan Yi takes Shi Yi home. Xin Ting reports to him that the assassin fled. Yan Yi tells Xin Ting to look into the assassin with the dart, and he finds out that Shi Yi is a girl. The next day, Jin Zi and Yin Zi visit Shi Yi. The two feel sorry for not protecting her. Shi Yi says that she is find. The Heiress Chinese Drama is worth of watching.

An Li reports to Empress that the assassination failed, and thinks Yan Yi will hurt Yan Hao on his way home. Empress wants to give a big present to Yan Yi. Yan Hao is shot in the woods, and the follower tells Emperor that the murderer is Yan Yi.

Xi Yuan is furious to ask An Li if he framed Yan Yi, and tells him that she only wants to marry Yan Yi. Yan Yi is summoned to the palace, and Emperor asks him if the arrow belongs to his house. I highly recommend you to watch The Heiress Chinese Drama.

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