The World of the Married: Episode 8 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Netflix Korean drama The World of the Married: Episode 8. Ye-Rim and Je-Hyuk get off the car, and they see the police car parking at Sun-Woo’s house. Ye-Rim thinks something happened.

The World of the Married: Episode 8 Recap & Review

The World of the Married Episode 8

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The World of the Married: Episode 8.

The cop tells Sun-Woo that they cannot know what caused the window to break as the there isn’t any CCTV at the back of the house. He promises to patrol the area. Sun-Woo asks Joon-Young if he hears what the cop says, and comforts him. Another cop tells Sun-Woo that they will replace the window.

Ye-Rim suspects Tae-Oh broke the window of Sun-Woo because he just moved back. Je-Hyuk disagrees and goes to take a shower. She sees someone walking through. Sun-Woo is cleaning the pieces of the glass, and Tae-Oh visits her. She wonders why he came. Joon-Young explains that he called dad, and he goes to open the door.

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Tae-Oh steps in the room and sees the broken window. He asks his son if he is hurt, and fixes the window. He tells Sun-Woo to call him if she needs help. But she talks back that they’re fine without him. He asks her to let their son stay with him for a while, and thinks the place isn’t safe.

Sun-Woo claims that it won’t happen again, and comforts her son. She tells Tae-Oh to leave. He gives the bat to his son, and tells Sun-Woo to lock up.

Tae-Oh returns home and sees Da-Kyung playing with Jenny. He wonders why she doesn’t sleep. She explains that Jenny is clingy because she has a fever. She asks him why he didn’t answer her phone. He says that he went to fix the broken window for Joon-Young.

Myung-Sook calls Tae-Oh and tells him that Ji-Cheol is a greedy man. She asks him if he really wants to kick Sun-Woo out. He laughs and claims that he is just doing good things.

Da-Kyung shoots the target. The women think she is good at shooting. Da-Kyung says that she practiced, and she wants to do it right if she starts something. Hyo-Jung brags that Da-Kyung takes after her and she is good at everything.

Myung-Sook mentions the land price what Tae-Oh films is going up. Ye-Rim wants to pay for the lunch. But Da-Kyung takes away the bill as it’s her first time to join the club. The waiter shows up and tells the women that Tae-Oh has paid the bill. He gives the gift to everyone, and tells them that Tae-Oh asked him to do so.

Hyo-Jung brags that all Tae-Oh thinks about is her daughter. Do-Cheol’s wife thinks Tae-Oh is thoughtful, and tells Da-Kyung to thank Tae-Oh for her. But Ye-Rim points out that the housewarming party was sufficient for an initiation. She thinks it contrary the purpose of their gatherings if the husband does so like Tae-Oh.

Hyo-Jung tells Ye-Rim not to disrespect Tae-Oh’s good intentions. But Chairman Choi’s wife thinks Ye-Rim is right that they shouldn’t use their husband’s money. She walks away, and the women follow her.

Myung-Sook takes the gift and gives it to Ji-Cheol’s wife. Ji-Cheol’s wife finds the hairpin, and she says that she cannot accept it as her husband will throw a fit. Myung-Sook comforts Ji-Cheol’s wife that it’s between the girls. Ji-Cheol’s wife thinks Myung-Sook should be the associate director. Myung-Sook tells Ji-Cheol’s wife to help her.

Hyo-Jung thinks Tae-Oh spent a lot of money, and tells Da-Kyung to compliment him. But Da-Kyung points out that her mom used to hate Tae-Oh. Hyo-Jung says that it would be better that he doesn’t have the son. Da-Kyung claims there is nothing they can do. Hyo-Jung thinks they should cut all ties Tae-Oh has with Sun-Woo and Joon-Young.

Da-Kyung returns home, and Tae-Oh asks her about the gathering. She says that it was fun when she holds his hand. She tells him that Hyo-Jung was impressed with him and she told her to compliment him. She hugs him and says that she feels more confident because of him. She asks him if he needs to work, and tells him that she needs time to get close to Joon-Young.

Tae-Oh tells Da-Kyung not to worry about it as he will take care of his son on his own. She tells him to invite Joon-Young to dinner sometime. He feels happy.

Tae-Oh is summoned to the office. Byeong-Kyu mentions Tae-Oh promised to make a donation to the hospital. He tells him that he doesn’t have control over the company’s money even if he gave him a title. He asks him where he will get the money. Tae-Oh says that he will cut it off if Byeong-Kyu rejects it. Byeong-Kyu allows Tae-Oh to do that.

Chairman Choi’s wife’s runs into Sun-Woo and tells her to be careful as she thinks they won’t give up. Sun-Woo returns home and finds the note that someone tells her to leave. The nurse calls Sun-Woo and informs her that she forgot to take her papers.

Sun-Woo decides to go to the hospital, but sees Joon-Young on the way. She calls him. But he turns off his phone, and she drives the car to follow him. She arrives at the hospital, and sees Joon-Young talking with Yoon-Ki in the office.

Sun-Woo asks Joon-Young why he is there, but he blames her for following him. She gets angry and thinks he hides something from her. Yoon-Ki tells Sun-Woo to calm down, and she asks him what’s going on and thinks there is something wrong with her son. She says that Joon-Young is a minor, and blames Yoon-Ki for seeing her son without a guardian.

Joon-Young yells at Sun-Woo and tells her that he feels suffocated she acts like so. He is furious to leave the office. She tries to chase him. But Yoon-Ki stops her and tells her to give her son some space as she cannot do anything even if she goes after him.

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