The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 10 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 10. Su-Yeong plays the piano. She tells Sang-Su that she’s good at playing piano. He asks her to play the piano for him. She plays the piano. He sits on the bench with her to wait for the train.

Does Sang-Su and Mi-Gyeong See Each Other’s Parents?

The Interest of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 10.

Sang-Su asks Su-Yeong if the piece she played was a classical piece. She reveals Chopin wrote the piece for his lover. Sang-Su thinks Chopin loved his girlfriend very much. But Su-Yeong tells Sang-Su that Chopin broke up with his girlfriend because his parents didn’t like her.

Sang-Su takes Su-Yeong home. She asks him why he asked her if she’s happy. He’s silent. She asks him if he’s happy. Jong-Hyeon tries to text Su-Yeong. But he sees her. Mi-Gyeong drinks with Sang-Su’s friend. He laughs after knowing she worked with Gyeong-Pil. She realizes that he told Sang-Su about her and Gyeong-Pil’s relationship.

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Mi-Gyeong is furious to walk out of the restaurant. Gyeong-Pil stops her. She complains to him that Sang-Su knew their relationship. He points out that they weren’t serious when they dated in the university. She reminds him that she’s seeing Sang-Su.

Gyeong-Pil mentions Sang-Su didn’t ask Mi-Gyeong about it after knowing their relationship. He thinks it’s good for her. But she walks away. Jong-Hyeon apologizes to Su-Yeong for what he did to her. He tells her that he’s going to move out. He adds that he won’t give up his exam. He asks her to give him a chance.

Sang-Su listen to the piano music. He remembers Su-Yeong asked him if he wishes her to dump Jong-Hyeon. He gets a call from Mi-Gyeong who asks him to open the door. He hands over the water to her. She finds out that he’s listening to Chopin’s piece.

Mi-Gyeong mentions the piece was made by Chopin after he broke up with his girlfriend. She asks him why he listened to the piece because she knows he wasn’t interested in classical piece. She tells him that she knows he found out her and Gyeong-Pil’s relationship. She thinks he should say something.

Sang-Su thinks Mi-Gyeong didn’t do anything wrong in her past relationship. But she feels guilty because she didn’t tell it to him. He tells her that he’s fine. It hurts her. She asks him if he concealed something from her. He tries to tell it to her. But she tells him that she’s tired.

Su-Yeong remembers Sang-Su asked her if she’s happy when she sleeps with Jong-Hyeon. Jong-Hyeon hugs Su-Yeong. He confesses his feelings to her. She’s in his arms. Tae-Pyung tells the employees that they can wear the dress they want. Eun-Jung feels happy.

Sang-Su tries to help Jong-Hyeon. But Jong-Hyeon rejects it because it’s his job. He thanks Sang-Su for taking Su-Yeong home. Gyeong-Pil runs into Sang-Su. He thinks he should say something about him and Mi-Gyeong. Sang-Su asks Gyeong-Pil if he needs to ask him why he hurt Mi-Gyeong. He thinks it was past. But Gyeong-Pil thinks Sang-Su shouldn’t be fine if he likes Mi-Gyeong.

Gyeong-Pil sees Su-Yeong. He thinks she’s returning her uniform. Sang-Su stops Su-Yeong. He asks her if she’s going to resign. Du-Sik calls Sang-Su. He tells him that they came to return their uniforms. Su-Yeong drops her uniform. She walks away.

Su-Yeong is working. She remembers Sang-Su mistook that she wanted to resign. She takes a look at his seat. She finds out that he didn’t return to his seat. Sang-Su walks out of the locker room. Mi-Gyeong hands over the coffee to him. He asks her if she’s free.

Jong-Hyeon meets with Su-Yeong at the bar. He gets a call from Sun-Jae. He doesn’t pick up her phone. She wonders why he didn’t pick up the phone. He claims that it’s not important. But she tells him that she knows Sun-Jae is his friend.

Jong-Hyeon thinks Sun-Jae is still a kid. He complains to Su-Yeong that Sun-Jae kept asking him questions when she could find the answers from the textbook. She laughs because she thinks he’s a good friend. Sang-Su takes Mi-Gyeong to his mother’s shop. She wonders how did he know that she’s a member of the shop.

Sang-Su takes Mi-Gyeong to get into the shop. He’s surprised to see Mi-Seon. Mi-Seon explains to Sang-Su that she takes care of the shop because Jung-Im left. She asks him if he needs couple’s massage. She tells him that the place is very good.

Jung-Im returns to her shop. Mi-Seon introduces Sang-Su as her daughter’s boyfriend to Jung-Im. Sang-Su tells Mi-Seon that Jung-Im is his mother. Mi-Seon tells Mi-Gyeong not to date Sang-Su when they’re on the way home. Because she doesn’t wish the son of her friend’s tenant to be her son-in-law.

Mi-Seon tells Mi-Gyeong that she cannot accept Sang-Su for her pride. But Mi-Gyeong tells her mother that she loves Sang-Su very much. She asks her to put her pride aside. Jung-Im asks Sang-Su why he took Mi-Gyeong to her shop. She thinks Mi-Gyeong was shaken.

Jung-Im asks Sang-Su if he has feelings for Mi-Gyeong. Sang-Su tells his mother that he felt comfortable when he stayed with Mi-Gyeong. Jung-Im points out that Sang-Su just treats Mi-Gyeong as his colleague. Sang-Su remembers he asked Su-Yeong if she’s going to resign. He gets a call from Mi-Gyeong who thinks he should told her that they were going to see his mother.

Sang-Su explains it to Mi-Gyeong that he worried she would be nervous. She thinks nervous wasn’t a bad thing when she went to see her future mother-in-law. She tells him that she was moved. She wishes to come to his place. But he rejects it because he thinks it’s too late. She tells him that she was just kidding. He hangs up. She cannot sleep. She remembers she saw Sang-Su staying with Su-Yeong.

Sang-Su asks Seok-Hyeon if he’s happy. Seok-Hyeon admits it. He walks away after he got a call from someone. Gyeong-Pil shows up. Sang-Su blames Gyeong-Pil for giving him a wrong idea. Gyeong-Pil asks Sang-Su if he was scared when he thought Su-Yeong is going to leave the bank. Sang-Su tells Gyeong-Pil not to fool him again. Gyeong-Pil agrees to it.

Gyeong-Pil walks into the room. He tells Mi-Gyeong that he saw her cousin. She’s surprised that he knew her cousin because she didn’t introduce her cousin to him. But he tells her that she did it. Shi-Kyung meets with Dae-Sung. He thanks him for helping his bank. But Dae-Sung tells Shi-Kyung that he did it for Sang-Su.

Su-Yeong brings the coffee to Sang-Su. Dae-Sung mentions he heard Sang-Su is dating his daughter. Shi-Kyung admits it. He tells Dae-Sung that Sang-Su is an outstanding man. Su-Yeong walks out of the meeting room. Eun-Jung asks Su-Yeong if Mi-Gyeong’s family is very rich. She thinks Sang-Su is a Cinderella.

Ji-Yoon believes that Sang-Su is going to get married with Mi-Gyeong. Eun-Jung agrees to what Ji-Yoon said. Dae-Sung walks Mi-Gyeong out of the bank. He tells her that he came because she wished him to do so. He realizes that she’s pursuing Sang-Su. He tells her to introduce Sang-Su to him.

Mi-Gyeong returns to the bank. She runs into Sang-Su. She thinks her father knew their relationship because her mother told it to him. She asks him if he felt uncomfortable. He denies it. She feels happy because she thinks they’re going to a family.

The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 10 Ending – Does Sang-Su Kiss Su-Yeong?

Episode 10 of The Interest of Love ends with Su-Yeong telling Sang-Su not to leave her when she skates without his help. She reaches the wall and asks him to come to her. He tells her that he wishes her to win. She smiles to skate to him because she thinks he’s a fool. But she trips. He hugs her and kisses her.

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