My Lethal Man: Episodes 3-4 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for My Lethal Man: Episodes 3-4. Yan Xingcheng grabs Shen Manning’s neck. He tries to kiss her. He tells her that he doesn’t have to get married with her if he wants to get South Sea Star. He tells her that she’s not qualified to know what he wants.

My Lethal Man: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

My Lethal Man

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Lethal Man: Episodes 3-4.

Yan Xingcheng tells Shen Manning that she just needs to act Zhuang Xinyan. He tells her that he won’t save her if it happens again. He releases her and walks away. Nana feels happy for returning home. But she realizes that Shen Manning didn’t return home.

Nana takes a look at the messages. She finds out that Shen Maning didn’t text her back. She wonders what she’s doing. Madam Rao calls Nana. Nana is happy to run to her mother. Madam Rao hugs Nana. Nana feeds the dog. She tells him that Shen Manning has no conscience.

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Madam Rao hits Nana. She tells her not to mention Shen Manning. Because she worries that Master Shen will be sad again. Nana takes a look at Master Shen. She asks Madam Rao if she got Master Shen. Madam Rao tells Nana not to care for their business.

Nana stops her mother. She thinks she’s not good at pursuing after knowing she didn’t got Master Shen. She tells her that she’s going to help her. She tries to call Master Shen. Madam Rao stops Nana. She tells her to go to find a job because she thinks being a cartoonist cannot feed herself.

Nana is happy to tell Madam Rao that she got a job. Master Shen brings the food to Nana and Madam Rao. He asks Nana if she got a job. Nana reveals the Jewelry Studio hired her. She believes that she’s going to be a jewelry designer. But Madam Rao tells Nana to pass the internship first.

Master Shen thinks he doesn’t have to worry about Shen Manning if Shen Manning could listen to him to come back. Nana comforts Master Shen that Shen Manning will come back to accompany him after she finishes her studies. She shows Shen Manning’s painting to him.

Shen Manning sees Zhuang Xinyan in the mirror. But Zhuang Xinyan disappears after Shen Manning turned around. She runs into Yan Xingcheng. She asks him where he’s going to go. She realizes that she shouldn’t ask him about it. He tells her that she just needs to remember the goal why she returned to Zhuang family.

Shen Manning promises to do the thing she needs to do. Yan Xingcheng leaves. Shen Manning greets Zhuang Caixuan. Zhuang Caixuan ignores Shen Manning. Uncle Guangyi tells the people to send Chairman Zhuang to hospital because Chairman Zhuang’s illness got worse.

The doctor tells Zhuang families that Chairman Zhuang needs to receive the kidney transplant. He asks them to do blood match. Shen Manning runs out of the ward. She calls Yan Xingcheng. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. She remembers what he told her that he won’t come to save her.

Zhuang Jiakai takes away the phone from Shen Manning. He finds out that she just called Yan Xingcheng. He asks her if she doesn’t know how to talk without Yan Xingcheng. He mentions she didn’t blink when she was hurt. He asks her if she’s actually Zhuang Xinyan.

Shen Manning yells at Zhuang Jiakai. She asks him to return the phone to her. He tells her not to dream about taking away South Sea Star after she took back some men. He adds that he won’t forgive her if she’s not related to Zhuang family.

Episode 3 of My Lethal Man ends with Yan Xingcheng walking into the room. He sees the photos. He tells his followers to change the plan. He stuns the bodyguard and sneaks into Chairman Zhuang’s ward. He tries to take Chairman Zhuang away.

My Lethal Man: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

Yan Xingcheng and Yuan Shuai take Chairman Zhuang to leave the ward. But they’re seen by the doctor. They get in the elevator when the bodyguards are looking for them. Shen Manning packs her stuff. She looks at herself in the mirror. She remembers Nana told her that she will be dead when she encounters another her.

Shen Manning finds the hairpin from her pocket. She remembers Zhuang Xinyan put the hairpin into her pocket when she protected her with her life. The follower reports to Zhuang Jiakai that the doctor failed to test the sample. Zhuang Jiakai goes to testing center. Shen Manning calls Yan Xingcheng. But he turned off his phone.

Zhuang Jiakai arrives at the parking lot. He tells his follower that he doesn’t believe that the girl is Zhuang Xinyan. The follower believes there’s another group who are tracking Zhuang Xinyan. Zhuang Jiakai agrees to what the follower said. He thinks Zhuang family and South Sea Star were broken by Zhuang Xinyan when she came back. He adds that there’re many people wishing Zhuang Xinyan to disappear.

Yan Xingcheng tries to take Chairman Zhuang to leave the parking lot. But Chairman Zhuang kicks the car. Zhuang Jiakai is close to Yan Xingcheng. Yan Xingcheng is ready for the fight. But Shen Manning shows up. Yan Xingcheng is furious to walk to Shen Manning when she’s waiting for him. He asks her why she came back. He mentions it was very dangerous.

Shen Manning asks Yan Xingcheng why he came to the hospital since he knew it was dangerous. He tells her that he wants to ruin Zhuang family. He adds that nobody can become the real owner of South Sea Star if she leaves. He tells her that he wants to ruin all of the things for Zhuang Xinyan since he cannot help her achieve her wish.

Yan Xingcheng mentions what he said to Shen Manning that the place isn’t the one she should come back. He tries to leave. But Shen Manning stops him. She asks him who he is. She tells him that she has known that he doesn’t want to get South Sea Star. She asks him what he does for.

Shen Manning asks Yan Xingcheng about his goal to get her involved the swirl. She walks to him. She asks him to tell her who is her friend since she took her to the boat. He tells her that he’s the one who loves Zhuang Xinyan most.

Yan Xingcheng tells Shen Manning that he can ruin everyone for Zhuang Xinyan. He tells her that he wants to help Zhuang Xinyan get the things she should get. He tells Shen Manning that it’s not related to her. He tells her to leave.

Yan Xingcheng tries to drag Shen Manning to get in the car. But she rejects it. She tells him that she wants to stay to protect him. She thinks she can use her face to protect him even if she cannot be the real Zhuang Xinyan. She mentions Zhuang families feared her because of her identity.

Shen Manning tells Yan Xingcheng not to ruin South Sea Star because it’s the effort of Zhuang Xinyan and her parents. She thinks Zhuang Xinyan wished him to watch South Sea Star. She adds that she came back to achieve Zhuang Xinyan’s last wish.

Yan Xingcheng tells Shen Manning that Zhuang families delayed Chairman Zhuang’s treatment. Shen Manning points out that the people are Chairman Zhuang’s families. Yan Xingcheng tells Shen Manning that there’s no love in the money world.

Episode 4 of My Lethal Man ends with Shen Manning holding the hairpin. She remembers what Chairman Zhuang told her that he gave South Sea Star to her. She wonders if she needs to be the heir of South Sea Star. She remembers Yan Xingcheng protected her. Yan Xingcheng visits Shen Manning. She tells him to talk about the business tomorrow because it’s too late. She tries to close the door. But he stops her and tells her that he wants to live with her.

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