The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 8 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 8. Sang-Su is serious to look at outside. Mi-Gyeong tells him that she feels happy to stay with him when she strokes the wine glass. He tells her not to drink. He sits on the couch with her.

How Does Su-Yeong Know Sang-Su Helped her?

The Interest of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 8.

Mi-Gyeong asks Sang-Su to tell everything about him to her. He tells her that his mother is a strong woman. But she reveals her mother is like a daughter to her. She’s envy of him. He tells her that he worries about his mother because she didn’t show her pain to him.

Sang-Su tells Mi-Gyeong that his mother never cried after his father had passed away. She thinks his mother is like him. He drinks the wine. She tells him that she wishes him to be like a seven years old child when he stays with her. She adds that she wants him to be honest with her.

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Sang-Su tells Mi-Gyeong that he’s not a good person. She smiles to tell him that she’s not a good person as well. Su-Yeong tries to take Jong-Hyeon home. But he thinks it’s not right. She persuades him that her house is better than a studio room. She asks him if she’s the problem.

Su-Yeong takes Jong-Hyeon to get into her house. She lets him sit on the couch. He helps her clean up the room. She asks him if he thinks the room is very small. He denies it and sees the books. She reveals she took the books from his previous house. She thinks he forgot to take the books. She leaves his room and goes to the bathroom.

Sang-Su returns home. He gets a call from Mi-Gyeong who asks him if he returned home. He admits it and thinks she put a camera in his house. She’s surprised that he knew it. He asks her if she’s going to sleep. She denies it because he left.

Sang-Su tells Mi-Gyeong not to expect the lullaby from him. She laughs to tell him that she misses him. He reminds her that he will see her tomorrow. He tells her to take medicine before she sleeps. She hangs up. Su-Yeong looks at herself in the mirror after she took a bath. She walks out of the bathroom. She tells Jong-Hyeon to take a bath. She returns to her room.

Su-Yeong cannot sleep. She gets up from the bed. Jong-Hyeon walks outside her room. He returns to his room. He studies the cop books. Sang-Su applies the cream on his face. He sees the coin. He smiles. Someone rings the bell. He goes to open the door. He finds out that she’s Mi-Gyeong. She tells him that she misses him very much. She walks into his house. She tells him that she doesn’t want to go home.

Jong-Hyeon runs on the street. Sang-Su prepares the breakfast when Mi-Gyeong falls asleep. She wakes up and walks to him. She hugs him from his back when he serves rice. She asks him why he got up so early. He reveals she snored. She denies it. He lets her have a seat.

Su-Yeong wakes up. She walks out of her room. She finds out that Jong-Hyeon is preparing the breakfast. She sees the breakfast on the table. Mi-Gyeong tries to listen to the music when she’s in the car with Sang-Su. But she fails. She tells Sang-Su to get a new car. He sees Su-Yeong and Jong-Hyeon.

Jong-Hyeon tells Su-Yeong that he wants to join a study group. But she thinks the academy is better than the study group. He explains that he wants to study with other test takers. She smiles to agree to it. He tells her to walk into the bank alone because he worries that people will see them.

Sang-Su and Mi-Gyeong arrive at the bank together. Du-Sik sees them. He thinks they got together. Mi-Gyeong smiles. Gyeong-Pil believes that Sang-Su and Mi-Gyeong will get married before Seok-Hyeon. Ku-Il asks Mi-Gyeong to tell the date to him because he doesn’t want to attend two weddings at the same time. Mi-Gyeong blames Ku-Il for teasing them.

Min-Hee mentions Du-Sik had feelings for Mi-Gyeong. Du-Sik denies it. Tae-Pyung tells the people that Seok-Hyeon is going to buy them a meal. Min-Hee applauds. Seok-Hyeon asks the people to come. Jong-Hyeon shows up. He greets the people. Ku-Il teases Jong-Hyeon. He asks him if he went to something amazing.

Jong-Hyeon feels sorry. Du-Sik complains to Jong-Hyeon that he completed the tasks for him when he was off. He asks him to inform him if he wants to leave for a long time. Jong-Hyeon agrees to it. Shi-Kyung shows up. He tells the people to begin the meeting.

Su-Yeong helps Sang-Su make coffee. She mentions everyone knows him and Mi-Gyeong’s love relationship. He tries to leave. But he runs into Shi-Kyung. Shi-Kyung tells Sang-Su that he’s looking for Jong-Hyeon. He reveals Jong-Hyeon wanted to get his shoes repaired.

Sang-Su takes over the shoes from Shi-Kyung. Shi-Kyung mentions Sang-Su is seeing Mi-Gyeong. He reveals he thought he has feelings for Su-Yeong when he helped her. He tells him to play golf with Mi-Gyeong’s father with him. His smiling is frozen. He walks away.

Su-Yeong asks Sang-Su to explain what Shi-Kyung said to her. But he pretends to know nothing. She tries to take over the shoes from him. But he rejects it and walks away. Su-Yeong runs into Gyeong-Pil. She calls him. Gyeong-Pil notes that Seok-Hyeon isn’t happy when he eats with him.

Seok-Hyeon reveals he misses his ex-girlfriend when he’s going to get married with his girlfriend. Sang-Su walks out of the restaurant with Seok-Hyeon and Gyeong-Pil. He tells the two that he’s going to get Shi-Kyung’s shoes repaired.

Gyeong-Pil believes that Shi-Kyung still didn’t learn from his lesson. The madam asks Sang-Su to watch the shop for her. The customer orders the fish. She tells Sang-Su to gut them. He asks her to wait for a while because the shop owner is going to come. But she rejects it. Su-Yeong shows up. She sees Sang-Su. She remembers Gyeong-Pil told her that Sang-Su betrayed Shi-Kyung for her.

Su-Yeong helps Sang-Su gut the fish. The customer leaves. Sang-Su is surprised that Su-Yeong could do it. She reveals she learned it when she was a child. She takes off the apron and thanks him for getting Shi-Kyung disciplined.

Sang-Su claims that he would do the same thing for anyone. Su-Yeong tells him that she knows it because she believes that he’s a good person. The madam shows up. Sang-Su tells the madam that he sold two fish. She gives the cash to him. She tells him to take Su-Yeong to buy coffee with the cash.

Mi-Gyeong’s father Dae-Sung asks Mi-Gyeong to get married when he eats with her. She rejects it. He mentions Mi-Seon had her when she was at her age. But Mi-Gyeong thinks Mi-Seon isn’t happy. Mi-Seon denies it. Mi-Gyeong reveals she’s seeing someone. Dae-Sung worries that the guy isn’t good enough. She thinks he doesn’t trust her. She claims that she decides the man she dates. She walks away. Dae-Sung tells his wife to look into Mi-Gyeong’s boyfriend.

Seok-Hyeon brings his fiancee Ji-Eun to the restaurant. He introduces her to his colleagues. The colleagues welcome Ji-Eun. Mi-Gyeong drives to the charging station. She texts someone. She smiles. Jong-Hyeon texts Su-Yeong and tells her to enjoy the dinner. She smiles to text back that she will make a dinner for him.

Sang-Su walks out of the restaurant. He sees Su-Yeong. He walks to her and asks her why she walked out of the restaurant. She explains that she’s full. She asks him why he walked out of the restaurant. He reveals he thought the place is too noisy. She smiles to agree to what he said.

Sang-Su asks Su-Yeong why she got off the car. He tells her that he and Mi-Gyeong worried about her. She smiles at him. But she doesn’t answer his question. She mentions Seok-Hyeon and Ji-Eun look lovey-dovey even if they has been in the love relationship for a long time. But Sang-Su tells Su-Yeong that it’s a different woman. He tells her that Ji-Eun is the woman who Seok-Hyeon’s parents accepted.

Su-Yeong realizes that it’s marriage. She believes that she needs to get married with a man who is similar to her if she wants to be happy. She tells Sang-Su that she understands him. She tells him not to feel sorry and worry about her. She tells him not to get on Shi-Kyung’s bad side.

Su-Yeong walks away after she saw Mi-Gyeong. Mi-Gyeong gets off her car. She walks to Sang-Su and explains to him that she’s late because she needed to charge her car. She tells him that she needs him to charge her. He asks her what happened. She tells him that her father wished her to get married. She takes out a box.

Sang-Su tells Mi-Gyeong that he’s not ready for it. It makes her believe that he doesn’t want to get married with her. She opens the box and shows the golf ball to him. She laughs to tell him that she was just kidding. He takes over the golf ball from her. He takes her to play golf.

Mi-Gyeong asks Sang-Su if he worried that she was going to make a proposal. He blames her for inviting him to play golf in such a way. She asks him if he wished her to make a proposal to him. He denies it. She laughs to tell him that the loser needs to pay the membership. She tells him to go to take a class if he’s not confident.

Su-Yeong passes by the shop. She finds out that the painting is missing. The girl asks Jong-Hyeon if he has a girlfriend after he helped her resolve a question. He admits it and tells her that his girlfriend is very beautiful. She’s not happy.

Su-Yeong texts Jong-Hyeon. She asks him if he completed his study. She reveals she’s making a dinner for him. She walks out of her house to pick him. She smiles at him when she sees him. He runs to her and wonders why she walked out of the house. She tells him that she made a dinner. But he wants to have a simple meal because she have eaten. Su-Yeong tells Jong-Hyeon that she likes cooking. He lets her hold his hand. He returns home with her.

Mi-Gyeong runs into Sang-Su. She mentions she defeated him. But he points out that she wouldn’t win if he didn’t take the bunker shot for her. She points out that she didn’t ask him to do it for her. She asks Su-Yeong to go to take the projects for her. She tells her to visit her after she got the projects. Su-Yeong agrees to it. She gets a message from her mother who tells her that she made the seaweed soup for her.

Su-Yeong goes to Kyung-Sook’s restaurant. Kyung-Sook brings the food to Su-Yeong. Su-Yeong tells her mother to go to see a doctor after she noted that she cannot walk well. She tells her that she worries about her when Kyung-Sook thinks she’s fine. Kyung-Sook feels regret for not preparing a birthday cake. She wishes Su-Yeong a happy birthday. Su-Yeong tastes the soup. In-Jae sees it.

Su-Yeong takes a look at the project. She tells the girl that she likes the project very much. The girl puts the project into the bag. Su-Yeong calls Jong-Hyeon. She asks him if he will go home early. He denies it and tells her that he’s very busy. She tells him that she will be late as well because she needs to go to see Mi-Gyeong.

The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 8 Ending

Episode 8 of The Interest of Love K-Drama ends with Sang-Su staring at Su-Yeong and Jong-Hyeon in the party. Su-Yeong takes a look at Sang-Su. She finds out that he’s talking with Mi-Gyeong. They have an eye contact in the end. Both don’t want to conceal their feelings. Su-Yeong goes to the hotel. Sang-Su takes a look at his watch when he drives. She walks into the room and takes a look at the bed. She takes out the phone from her bag. She picks up Jong-Hyeon’s phone. She tells her that she will sleep over at her friend’s place. She hangs up. Sang-Su arrives at the room. He rings the bell. She goes to open the door. She sees him.

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