The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 7. Mi-Gyeong is happy to drink with Sang-Su when they sit on the bench. She notes that he didn’t drink. He asks her who’s going to drive if they’re drunk. She points out that they can hire a designated driver.

Why Jong-Hyeon Breaks Up with Su-Yeong?

The Interest of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 7.

Sang-Su is against the plan. He tells Mi-Gyeong to drink. She smiles when she stares at him. He takes a look at her. He finds out that she’s staring at him. He smiles to ask her about it. She tells him that she wonders why he agreed to date her.

Sang-Su takes out the coin. He mentions he got it. He asks her who she loved when she was in college. She refuses to leak it. She asks him if he has been single. He’s silence. It makes her not wish to know it because she’s jealous.

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Jong-Hyeon tells Su-Yeong that he wishes to breakup with her. He apologizes to her. But she asks him to explain it to her. He’s silence. It makes her believe that he failed the test. He admits it and walks away. She’s on the way home.

It flashes back. Jong-Hyeon smiles to look at Su-Yeong when he walks her. She asks him about it. He tells her that he’s excited that he got her. She agrees to what he said. She reveals she didn’t think that he would be her boyfriend.

Jong-Hyeon tells Su-Yeong that he went to the future and he saw them. It makes her wonder if he saw something else. He reveals he saw them taking a walk in the rain. She asks him if they were dating. He admits it and tells her that they never thought about breakup. She smiles.

Sang-Su runs into Su-Yeong in front of the bank. He calls Mi-Gyeong who smiles to tell him that she’s in the bank. He tells her that he’s going to come. He hangs up. Min-Hee sees Ku-Il. She tells him to make her a cup of coffee. Mi-Gyeong is happy to greet Min-Hee. Min-Hee believes that something good happened to Mi-Gyeong. Mi-Gyeong is shy. Ku-Il tells the two that something good happened to Tae-Pyung as well.

Du-Sik brings the coffee to Tae-Pyung. He calls him manager. Tae-Pyung tells Du-Sik to be careful. Du-Sik hands over the coffee Tae-Pyung likes to him. He massages his shoulders. Ku-Il walks into Tae-Pyung’s office. He sees it. He hands over the paper to Tae-Pyung. Tae-Pyung offers to go hiking.

Du-Sik tells Tae-Pyung that he wanted to go hiking. He believes that they’re soulmates. Tae-Pyung scolds Du-Sik. He explains to him that he fills in for Shi-Kyung because he’s on vacation. He adds that he just borrowed his office. He tells Du-Sik to watch what he says. Du-Sik claims that he’s just an assistant manager. Tae-Pyung is happy to tell Du-Sik to continue to massage his shoulders.

Du-Sik tells the colleagues that they’re going to go hiking. Su-Yeong and Mi-Gyeong tell Du-Sik that they want to take part in the hiking. The new guard shows up. Su-Yeong realizes that Jong-Hyeon resigned. Sang-Su helps Su-Yeong get water. He reminds her that they have a task.

Sang-Su gives Su-Yeong a ride. He asks her if she feels uncomfortable because the car is very small. She denies it. He notes that she took a look at her phone when they’re working. Gyeong-Pil intends to eat with Sang-Su. But Mi-Gyeong tells Gyeong-Pil that Sang-Su will eat with her. She calls Sang-Su.

Sang-Su picks up Mi-Gyeong’s phone when he’s in the car with Su-Yeong. She asks him to let Su-Yeong join them. Mi-Gyeong invites Gyeong-Pil to join them. He realizes that she’s close to Sang-Su. Su-Yeong asks Sang-Su if the one who called him was Mi-Gyeong. He admits it and tells her that Mi-Gyeong wished to have lunch with her. He tells her not to come if she feels uncomfortable. She wonders why she should feel uncomfortable.

Sang-Su takes Su-Yeong to the restaurant. He takes chopsticks for Mi-Gyeong. It makes her happy. He tries to take chopsticks for Su-Yeong. But she rejects it. Mi-Gyeong mentions she and Sang-Su ate oyster. Sang-Su tells Su-Yeong to try something else. Mi-Gyeong wonders if Su-Yeong doesn’t like to eat oyster. Su-Yeong denies it. She notes that Sang-Su helped her mother take food.

Sang-Su tries to give the seasoning to Mi-Gyeong. But Gyeong-Pil takes it away. He drops the seasoning into the food. He believes that Mi-Gyeong didn’t eat the seasoning. She denies it when she added the seasoning into her food.

Gyeong-Pil believes that something happened to Shi-Kyung because he has been on a vacation too long. Mi-Gyeong tells Gyeong-Pil to call Shi-Kyung if he wants to know it. Gyeong-Pil walks out of the convenience store with Sang-Su. He believes that he has indigestion when he drinks. He mentions he and Mi-Gyeong are dating when he has feelings for Su-Yeong. He tells him that he will support him. He runs away.

Sang-Su returns to the restaurant. He runs into Mi-Gyeong and Su-Yeong. Mi-Gyeong asks Sang-Su if Gyeong-Pil left. He reveals Gyeong-Pil went to the singing class. Su-Yeong’s mother gives the food to Sang-Su. He wants to pay it. But she rejects it. Su-Yeong parts with Mi-Gyeong and Sang-Su.

Su-Yeong is on the bus. She texts Jong-Hyeon and asks him for a talk. Mi-Gyeong is in the car with Sang-Su. She tells him that it’s going to rain. She adds that she likes rain. He sees Su-Yeong. She sees him as well. Sang-Su bakes the sweet potatoes for Mi-Gyeong. He asks her if she’s going to go hiking. He worries that she won’t get enough rest.

Mi-Gyeong points out that Sang-Su will go hiking with her. She mentions she has better shape than him. He tells her not to fall to the ground again. She laughs to ask him if he will ask her out if she falls. He hands over the sweet potato to her. She realizes that he peeled the sweet potato with his bare hands. She asks him if he’s fine when he told her that it was very hot.

Su-Yeong finds Jong-Hyeon from his house. She asks him if he’s going to move out when he packs his stuff. He ignores her. She asks him if he’s listening to what she says. He admits that he’s going to move out. She asks him why he does it. She believes that the test was just an excuse. She blames him for stabbing her in the back. Su-Yeong tells Jong-Hyeon that she won’t accept it if he resigns. She tells him that she won’t break up with him. She asks him if he doesn’t have feelings for her anymore. He tells her that his father collapsed.

It flashes back. Jong-Hyeon goes to the hospital. He sees his father in the ward. The nurse asks him to pay the bill before he cries with his mother. He holds the bill to sit on the bench outside of his father’s ward.

Jong-Hyeon tells Su-Yeong that he knew money is very important at that time. He tells her that he realized that he was wrong to begin from zero. He thinks his life is below zero. He tells her to leave. She persuades him not to resign because she thinks he’s over if he resigns.

Su-Yeong walks out of Jong-Hyeon’s house. She takes a look at the house. She walks away. Mi-Seon visits KCU Bank. She looks for Mi-Gyeong. Sang-Su walks to Mi-Seon. He asks her if she needs his help. She asks him about Mi-Gyeong. He realizes that she’s one of VIPs. He takes her to the waiting room.

Mi-Gyeong asks Mi-Seon to sign the contract. Mi-Seon asks her daughter about Su-Yeong. Mi-Gyeong reveals the girl went to another department. Mi-Seon realizes that Mi-Gyeong took Su-Yeong’s credit. Mi-Gyeong claims that it’s her job. She wants to have lunch with her mother. But Mi-Seon tells Mi-Gyeong that she’s going to to to meet with her best friend. She asks her to take the vitamins.

Mi-Gyeong asks Sang-Su to come out. She gives the vitamins to him. He thanks her for giving the vitamins to him. She reveals he helped her cure her disease. He’s surprised that she’s sick. She tells him that she wants to come to work because of him.

Mi-Seon meets with Jung-Im. She feels regret for raising a daughter. She believes that Mi-Gyeong won’t go shopping with her if she has a boyfriend. Jung-Im comforts Mi-Seon that Mi-Gyeong will take a good boyfriend home. It makes Mi-Seon happy.

Mi-Seon asks Jung-Im if her son has a girlfriend. Jung-In tells Mi-Seon that she doesn’t know it because she didn’t ask her son. Mi-Seon tells Jung-Im not to accept the daughter-in-law like her daughter. She complains that her daughter is terrible. But Jung-Im tells Mi-Seon that she will accept the girl if her son likes her.

The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 7 Ending

Episode 7 of The Interest of Love K-Drama ends with Mi-Gyeong holding Sang-Su’s hand. She asks him not to break up with her. He smiles. Su-Yeong is waiting for the bus at the bus station. She gets a message from Mi-Gyeong who worries about her. Su-Yeong gets on the bus. Sang-Su gives the medicine to Mi-Gyeong because he worries that she drank too much. He tries to walk away. But she stops him. Jong-Hyeon arrives at the bus station to chase the bus. He fails. Su-Yeong shows up. She smiles when she looks at him. He runs to her and he hugs her. She tears up.

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