The Last Immortal: Who Is Feng Yin?

Feng Yin is the lead role in The Last Immortal. She’s born to be a phoenix queen. But she had a tragic fate when she was A Yin. You might want to know who she is. Here is what we know.

The Last Immortal: Who Is Feng Yin?

Feng Yin

Feng Yin is born in Wutong Island. She’s the second phoenix. Heavenly Queen Feng Yuan intends to let her be the next heavenly queen. She invites the immortals to attend the birthday party of Feng Yin. The immortal Dong Hua is invited as well.

But he gives the chance to Gu Jin. Because Feng Yin was Gu Jin’s father True God’s mount. Feng Yin wishes to take a look at the guests. So she leaves her eggshell. She sees Gu Jin being bullied by the immortal. She punishes the immortal and saves Gu Jin.

But Gu Jin mistakes that the one who saves him was the peacock Hua Shu. He promises to help Hua Shu take phoenix jade. But he kills Feng Yin by mistake. Feng Yuan intends to punish Gu Jin. But she knows he’s the son of True God.

So she forgives him. But he thinks he needs to take the duty. He goes to see the heavenly stone. He promises to accept the trial. The heavenly stone resurrects Feng Yin. But he sends her souls to the eight places of the world. Gu Jin begins the journey to look for Feng Yin’s souls. He runs into the little water beast A Yin. A Yin agrees to help Gu Jin look for Feng Yin’s souls. They sign the master and the slave contact with him.

Feng Yin is the hope of Phoenix Clan. She’s blessed by Ancestor God. But she’s killed because the the evil peacock and the fool Gu Jin. Feng Yuan has no way even if she cares for the kid Feng Yin. She has treated her as her daughter.

Gu Jin and A Yin try their best to find seven souls of Feng Yin. But they don’t find the last one. They don’t know the last soul is in A Yin’s body. Gu Jin kills A Yin after Hua Shu tricked him to believe that A Yin worked with demon clan.

Feng Yin’s Comeback

Feng Yin resurrects after A Yin passed away. She becomes a demigod because the god power Gu Jin gave her. She avoids him because she remembers it well that he killed her with his soul sword. But he recognizes her after he worked for her as her servant.

She finds out that she misunderstood him. Because he didn’t ruin Ningyun Mountain. She finds out that her sister A Yu is alive. He has raised A Yu. They begin to invest the past of them. They find out that Feng Ming is a mole of demon. They target the senior immortal Hua Mo then.

Feng Yin plans to marry Hong Yi for getting the god light from god realm. The god light can help them find the mole from Heavenly Realm. But Gu Jin gets Hong Yi drunk. He shows up at the wedding as a groom when Feng Yin is looking for Hong Yi. He makes a proposal to her with the wedding present of the whole Qingchi Palace. She accepts his proposal but she plans to divorce him after the wedding.

Feng Ming tries to be the new phoenix emperor. But Feng Yin comes back. The phoenix jade leaves Gu Jin’s body. A Yu touches the jade. It explodes. A Yu runs away. Gu Jin sees the comeback of Feng Yin. He wonders why she came back because he didn’t collect the last soul.

Hua Shu sees the nirvana of Feng Yin in Heavenly Palace. She learns that Feng Yin became demigod. She’s jealous. Hong Yi watch Feng Yin’s rebirth with Yan Shuang. He feels bad for A Yin. Feng Yin appears. She opens her eyes and she waves her wings. Feng Ming takes other clansmen to pay their respect to her.

The people of phoenix come to give their presents to Feng Yin. But she only accepts one present from them. Feng Yuan shows up. Feng Yin greets her. Feng Ming watches them. He gets angry. Feng Yuan plays Go with Feng Yin. She asks her to be the phoenix queen. Feng Yuan invites Feng Yin to take part in the test of Heavenly Queen. Feng Yin rejects it. But she promises to guard phoenix clan.


Feng Yin remembers she used the spell herself. She goes to heavenly realm and she takes out the wine A Yin buried. She tries to drink the wine. But Fu Chen comes to rob the wine when he thinks she’s a thief. She defeats him. He thinks nobody wound care for the wrong of a water beast. She returns the wine to him. She leaves.

Feng Ming throws a fit to Feng Yin after knowing she sent a present to Hong Yi. She offers to send a present to Eagle Clan as well. He leaves. She takes his side when the maid badmouths him. She’s surprised that Gu Jin effected her.

Gu Jin comes to Wutong Island because Feng Ming accepted Hong Chou’s proposal. The maid is excited. But Feng Yin reveals Gu Jin is a heartless person. Gu Jin visits Feng Yuan. He wishes to break off the marriage. She agrees to it. But she asks him to be Feng Yin’s servant for one month.

Gu Jin cleans the yard for Feng Yin. He changes the flowers. Feng Huan sends him to the kitchen. He makes the pastries for Feng Yin. She tastes the pastry and she visits the kitchen. She finds out that he’s making pastries. She asks him to return to Qingchi Palace. But he rejects it because he promised Feng Yuan. She thinks he hasn’t changed at all.

The Truth of Gu Jin’s Benefactor

Hua Shu visits Feng Yin. Feng Yin remembers Hua Shu killed her on Blue Dragon Stage. She lets Feng Huan go to see Hua Shu with presents. Feng Yin practices under the tree. Ling Feng greets her. He tries to be close to her but she uses thunder and fire spell to hit him.

Gu Jin watches it. He wonders why Feng Yin could use his spell. Feng Yin asks Ling Feng who let him get into the place. He explains it to her that he admires her. She reveals she gave him a lesson when he bullied Gu Jin. He flees. Gu Jin shows up. He asks Feng Yin if she actually saved him. She thinks he doesn’t have to put it into his mind. She flies away.

Feng Yin returns home. Feng Ming apologizes to her for letting Ling Feng in. But he thinks she didn’t have to beat Ling Feng. He persuades her to go to see other immortals since Gu Jin broke off the engagement. But she tells him to go to see the immortals.

Wu Gui Lets Feng Yin See her Feelings to Gu Jin

Wu Gui visits Feng Yin. He reveals he saw her having fights with Yuan Qi and Ling Feng. He brings up the past of her and Yuan Qi. But Yuan Qi shows up. Feng Yin ignores him. She leaves with Wu Gui. He drinks tea with her. He realizes that the fate of phoenix has been ended.

She learns that he knew her soul was in the body of water beast when she visited him. He admits it and he reveals he couldn’t tell her the truth. He wonders if she’s not going to recognize with Gu Jin. She claims that A Yin and Feng Yin are different. But he points out that she’s A Yin. He believes that she avoided Gu Jin because she loves Gu Jin deeply. But she doesn’t want to be related to Gu Jin. He wishes her to let her feelings go when he comes back next time. He leaves.

Feng Yin drinks the soup. But she thinks the soup is too sweet. The maid Feng Ge explains it to Feng Yin that the previous soup was cooked by Gu Jin. Feng Yin asks Feng Ge to prepare the incense. But Feng Ge reveals the incense was made by Gu Jin as well. Feng Yin has a nightmare that Gu Jin killed her with his Soul Sword. She wakes up from the nightmare.

A Yu Is Alive

Feng Yin goes to Ningyun Mountain. She sees the house she built. It’s broken now. The girl runs out of the house. Feng Yin sees her. The girl claims that she’s the master of the place. She tries to share the ice fruits with Feng Yin. But someone attacks the girl.

Feng Yin blocks the attack for the girl. Her hand is hurt. The girl heals Feng Yin’s injury. Feng Yin learns that the girl is a water beast. The girl calls Yuan Qi. Yuan Qi walks out of the house. He recognizes Feng Yin. She realizes that the girl is A Yu.

She wonders why A Yu could become a human since the Hanging Lake had been ruined. Gu Jin wonders why Feng Yin knows A Yu. She claims that she’s just interested in A Yu. She thinks it wasn’t the first time A Yu was attacked by monsters.

But Gu Jin reveals it was the monster who was disguised by the immortal. Feng Yin looks into the trace. She finds out that it was an immortal. She decides to go to see Fu Chen. Because she knows Fu Chen has an item. Feng Yin invites A Yu to Wutong Island. A Yu begs Yuan Qi to let her leave with Feng Yin.

Becoming Fu Chen’s Master

Gu Jin follows Feng Yin to Sibing Palace. She walks into the palace and she avoids the attack of the weapons. Gu Jin shows up when Feng Yin asks Bao Hulu about Fu Chen. She finds out that Gu Jin followed her. He wonders why she knew the Heavenly Palace well.

She learns that he had many questions to her after she used the thunder and fire spell. He admits it and he thinks there was nobody using thunder and fire spell except A Yin. But Feng Yin feels offended. She asks Gu Jin to forget A Yin.

Fu Chen laughs to show up after he saw Feng Yin scolding Gu Jin. Feng Yin asks Fu Chen a favor. But he rejects it because he only listens to A Yin. He cries when he thinks about A Yin. He reveals A Yin was killed by Gu Jin. Feng Yin takes a look at Gu Jin.

She reveals the one who asked Fu Chen a favor was her. She gives the wine to Fu Chen. But he still rejects it because he heard Feng Yin and Gu Jin were engaged. Feng Yin reveals she broke off the marriage. He praises her and promises to help her if she defeats him. He agrees to let her be his master if she defeats him. She defeats him. So he accepts her as his master.

Catching Feng Ming

Feng Yin and Gu Jin return to Ningyun Mountain. Feng Yin takes out Fuchen Sword. Feng Yin looks into the trace. She finds out that it’s the five colors gold thread of phoenix clan. She remembers the gold thread has been watched by Feng Ming.

She mentions Feng Ming revealed someone wanted to ruin her body from Soul Tower. But Soul Tower was in his hand. Gu Jin reveals he hurt the guy’s arm when the guy tried to hurt A Yu. He thinks Fu Chen can find the person. Feng Ming walks into the palace.

Fu Chen attacks him. Feng Ming tries to use his monster power. But Feng Yuan shows up with Feng Yin and Gu Jin. Feng Yuan blames Feng Ming for practicing monster art. He explains it to her that he caught the monsters because of the battle of immortals and monsters.

But Feng Yin thinks Feng Ming made an excuse himself. He claims that he refined the monsters for protecting immortal clan. But Feng Yin points out that Feng Ming tried to take A Yu’s core. He thinks she wronged him. Gu Jin takes off Feng Ming’s sleeve. He sees the injury on his arm. Feng Ming thinks he was defeated by the natural emperor and the natural queen even if he tried his best.

Feng Yuan sends Feng Ming to Heavenly Prison. Gu Jin mentions the past. But Feng Yin doesn’t want to talk about it. She reveals she has accepted A Yu as her younger sister. She sees Soul Sword and A Yu playing together. She takes A Yu away.

Who Plays Feng Yin in The Last Immortal?

Feng Yin is played by Zhao Lusi. She’s the new drama queen after Zhao Liying. She stars many famous drama such as Who Rules The World, The Romance of Tiger and Rose, The Long Ballad and Hidden Love. Zhao Lusi is good at playing sweet little girl.

Her acting is suitable for the role. Because Feng Yin is a baby phoenix in the eggshell in episode 1. Zhao Lusi’s baby voice makes the role wonderful. But fans feel regret because Feng Yin disappeared in the ending of episode 1. She doesn’t appear until now. She will resurrect after A Yin is killed. Because Gu Jin and A Yin has collected enough souls. They don’t know A Yin is the last soul of Feng Yin. They also don’t know A Yin’s ending is destined.

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