Who Is Hong Hae-In in Queen of Tears?

Hong Hae-In is the heiress of Queens Group in Queen of Tears. Her grandfather Hong Man-Dae is the chairman of the group. Her husband Baek Hyun-Woo works for her company as a lawyer. Her father-in-law Baek Du-Gwan is the village chief of Yongdu-ri.


Hong Hae-In Queen of Tears

Hong Hae-In is a pretty girl. She joins her grandfather’s department store as a ordinary employee. The guy Hyun-Woo doesn’t know her background. He helps her when she doesn’t know how to use photocopier. He worries that she will be fired. He confesses his feelings to her. He plans to raise her after she marries him.

But he finds out that she’s the princess of Queens Group. He resigns and flees to his hometown. She comes to his hometown to pick him up. She promises not to let him cry. He marries her and they have a weeding at Queens Group.


Hong Hae-In finds out that she has a brain cancer. She’s told that she will die within three months. She doesn’t believe it. She tries her best to cure the illness. But she fails. She tells her illness to her husband Hyun-Woo and her aunt Beom-Ja. She doesn’t let other family know because she worries that they will be sad.

Hong Hae-In always sees the fairyland and she loses her memories because of her illness. She even mistakes her enemy Eun-Sung for her lover Hyun-Woo. It’s impossible to cure the illness. She accepts the truth. She thinks she’s very lucky because her husband always accompanies her when she’s sick.


Hong Hae-In doesn’t know Hyun-Woo isn’t happy after he married her. She gets angry after her family found the divorce papers from Hyun-Woo’s safe. She hires the best lawyer Vincenzo to divorce Hyun-Woo. She thinks her ex-husband has a woman outside.

She lets her father look into Hyun-Woo. But she finds out that her ex-husband is always alone after he was off duty. She goes to the restaurant he likes. She eavesdrops on the conversation of him and his friend. She knows he couldn’t eat the food he liked after he married her.

She finds out that he sent flowers to a woman. She looks into the woman. But she finds out that the woman is just a employee of her department store. It’s the employee Min-Ji’s mother’s funeral. Hyun-Woo sent flowers and money to Min-Ji for Hae-In.

First Love

Hae-In tells Hyun-Woo that her first love was the guy on the bus. It makes him jealous. But he doesn’t know her first love was him. She lets the driver to tail the bus after he gave the umbrella. She smiles when she sees him on the bus.

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She finds out that she was also his first love. She ran into him on the campus. Her MP3 drops. He picks up her MP3 after she left. He has kept her MP3. She knows it when she lived in his house. He still looks for his first love. He doesn’t know his first love was her.


Hae-In arrives at Hercyna for inviting Mr. Hermann to join her department store. She walks into the hotel and she sees Mr. Hermann talking with some people. She tries to walk to him. But Kim Ye-Na blocks her away. Ye-Na expresses her intention to get Hercyna.

She reveals Mr. Hermann likes the people who have good relationships with others. But Hae-In came alone. She goes to the restroom. She asks Hyun-Woo to come. But he’s in a trial. She runs into Ye-Na outside the restroom again. She reveals that her husband is in a trial. But Ye-Na thinks it’s just an excuse. She mentions the rumor that Hyun-Woo is going to divorce Hae-In. She thinks Hae-In should find a husband who loves her.

Ye-Na follows Hae-In. She thinks she should marry Eun-Sung. She reveals Eun-Sung is an important role to be close to Mr. Hermann. Hae-In smiles when Eun-Sung walks to her. They drink together. Hae-In asks Eun-Sung to help her since they had a good relationship.

Hae-In texts Hyun-Woo when she wishes him to come fast. But he doesn’t reply to her. She’s upset when Mr. Hermann is going to walk to her. Someone bumps her and he makes her step back. Hyun-Woo supports her from her back. Hae-In shakes hands with Mr. Hermann. She introduces her husband to him. He thinks her husband is good. Hae-In joins Ye-Na. She provokes her that her husband is more handsome than her husband.

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