The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 10 Recap

The Legend of Shen Li Episode 10 picks up with Xing Zhi activating the water seal. He tries to hold Shen Li’s hand. But she shakes off his hand because she knows he used the water spell as an excuse to hold her hand. He laughs after he found out that she saw through his trick.

Shen Li and Xing Yun Are Locked Up in Xutian Abyss

The Legend of Shen Li

Xing Zhi reveals the earth seal is in the camp. He takes her to the camp. He asks her to guard him. He activates the earth seal. He takes her to Xutian Abyss there’s a gold seal. He vomits black blood when he actives the gold seal.

He explains it to her that he asks her to accompany him because he wanted to clean the miasma for her. She completes her task now. He tells her to leave because he’s going to return to Immortal Realm. Shen Li returns to her tent.

Shang Bei blames her for letting Xing Zhi leave. Because he wishes Xing Zhi to clean the miasma from the city so that his wife can see the moon. Shen Li thinks off Xing Zhi when she lies in the bed. She returns to Xutian Abyss. She finds out that Xing Zhi is missing.

She tells herself not to have the hope. She’s dragged into Xutian Abyss. She runs into Xing Zhi. She asks him to take her out of the realm. But he tells her that he cannot do that. The soldiers think Shen Li eloped with Xing Zhi because the two disappeared at the same time. Shang Bei is interested in the talk.

Shen Li doesn’t believe Xing Zhi cannot take her out of Xutian Abyss. Because she knows he’s a liar. He shows his wound to her. He reveals he was bitten by the monster when he fixed the fire seal. He tells her that he cannot take her to leave the place because his injury. But he reveals he will recover if she takes a walk with him.

Fu Rong is taking a bath in the bathroom. His follower reports to him that Heavenly Emperor asked him to go to Spiritual Realm to accompany Shen Li. He reveals Shen Li ate the monster. Fu Rong is scared. Heavenly Emperor receives the letter from Spiritual Queen.

He learns that Spiritual Queen wishes to know if Xing Zhi went to mortal world. He remembers Xing Zhi asked him not to leak that he went to mortal world. He realizes that Xing Zhi arranged the marriage for a reason. He rejects it when Fu Rong asks him to take back his order. Fu Rong returns to his room. He sees Shen Li handing over the blood to him when she tells him that it’s his blood. He’s scared to stab himself. The follower wakes him up.

The Legend of Shen Li reveals the reason why Xing Zhi asked Shen Li to show him the way. Shen Li thinks Xing Zhi is like Xing Yun when he tries to touch her hair. She asks him if he went to mortal world ever. She worries that she will be punished by Spiritual Queen if she continues to stay in Xutian Abyss with him.

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Fu Rong fears Shen Li after knowing she kills a monster. Shen Li is a monster in his mind. But he has no power to go against the marriage even if he’s the grandson of Heavenly Emperor. The soldiers in the camp would like to talk about the rumor of Shen Li and Xing Yun. Shang Bei is one of them.

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