The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 9 Recap

The Legend of Shen Li Episode 9 picks up with Shen Li agreeing to show Xing Zhi the way. Xing Zhi walks out of the tent. He runs into the bodyguard. He remembers the bodyguard saw it when he stroked Shen Li’s face. He uses his god power to let him forget what happened.

Xing Zhi Goes Out with Shen Li

The Legend of Shen Li

Xing Zhi gives Shen Li the treatment. He asks her to pinch his fingers. But she worries that she will hurt his fingers. He reminds her that he’s a god. It makes her realize that he’s not Xing Yun. She takes him to the mountain top because he left the wood seal on the mountain.

They run into a boar. Xing Zhi intends to kill the boar. Because the boar was affected by the miasma. Shen Li kicks the boar away for protecting him. They reach the mountain top. Xing Zhi puts his hand on the big tree to activate the wood seal.

The miasma disappears. The moon shows up. Shang Bei and Mo Fang see the moon. They realize that Xing Zhi is actually a true god. Shen Li learns that Xing Zhi uses the power of moonlight to drive away the miasma. He takes her to have a seat on the tree.

He plays a song with the leaf. She tries to play the leaf like him. But she fails. Shang Bei brings the wine to Mo Fang because he knows Mo Fang isn’t happy after Shen Li went out with Xing Zhi. Xing Zhi returns to the camp with Shen Li.

They hear the soldiers talking about them. Shen Li punishes the soldiers. She lets them go to run. She arrives at her tent with Xing Zhi. He hands over the leaf to her. He asks her to practice it. Mo Fang sees it. Shen Li asks Mo Fang to return to the city because Spiritual Queen doesn’t know she came to Xutian Abyss.

Mo Fang learns that Shen Li wants to drive him away. But he still obeys her order. She sees him off. She feels happy after a man confessed his feelings to her. But she has another man in her heart. So she’s heartless to Mo Fang.

The bodyguard reports to Spiritual Queen that the true god arrived in Xutian Abyss. The bodyguard thinks Xing Zhi cares for the master of Chi Mei. Spiritual Queen uses the tracking spell to contact Shen Li. She asks her to come back.

But Xing Zhi insists on letting Shen Li accompanying him. Spiritual Queen has to obey the order. But she sends a letter to Heavenly Emperor. Shen Li waits for Xing Zhi in front of his tent. He asks her if she practiced the leaf. She remembers she broke the leaf when she practiced the leaf.

She takes him to the lake there’s a water seal. Xing Zhi asks Shen Li to get into the water. But she fears the water. So he stuns her and he takes her to get into the water. She wakes up and she finds out that she’s in the water.

She tries to shake off his hand. But he reminds her that she will drown if she leaves his water spell. She has to let him hold her hand. He tries to activate the water seal. But the water seal doesn’t listen to him. He has to be close to the seal. It makes Shen Li nervous. Because she worries that She will drown.

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The Legend of Shen Li shows the power of Xing Zhi. It makes us realize that Xing Zhi is the only one who can resolve the miasma. But he uses his advantage to date a pretty girl. It seems that Spiritual Queen doesn’t wish Shen Li to get together with Xing Zhi. She suspects Xing Zhi’s identity after she saw him. She sends a letter to Heavenly Emperor. She asks him if the true god actually came to Xutian Abyss.

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