The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 11 Recap

The Legend of Shen Li has been top 1 Chinese drama because of Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin’s great acting skills. It gives us more reason to watch the episode 11. Xing Zhi returns to the capital of Spiritual Realm with Shen Li. He lives in her palace in the episode.

Xing Zhi Lives in Shen Li’s Palace

The Legend of Shen Li

Xing Zhi walks around the Tianxu Abyss with Shen Li. He shows her the real looks of the place. They find out that the evil spirits are following them. Xing Zhi makes the decision to leave the place. Because he knows he and Shen Li cannot leave the place if he doesn’t take her to leave at that time.

But his injury gets worse because he uses the power. They return to the camp. They’re told that Shang Bei returned to the capital to report them. They return to the capital before Shang Bei. Spiritual Queen is happy to see Xing Zhi.

She persuades him to leave. But he insists on living in Shen Li’s palace. Because he likes the place after he saw the people welcoming Shen Li after she defeated the evil spirit. But Shen Li refuses to let him live in her palace. Spiritual Queen convinces Shen Li to accept Xing Zhi’s request. Because Xing Zhi is a god.

Shen Li Grows Up

Shen Li actually grows up after she fought with the evil spirit. She knows she cannot deal with those evil spirits. Xing Zhi cannot protect Spiritual Realm all the time. She decides to accept the marriage. Because she knows only Fu Rong can clean up the miasma for them even if she knows her fiance won’t be a good husband.

She decides to sacrifice her happiness for the nation. But she doesn’t know Fu Rong is bringing trouble to her in her palace after his friend gave him a proposal. He makes everyone in her palace hate him. He asks her maid Rong Ya to prepare the hot water for him when he bullies Rong Ya.

Fu Rong Finds Out that Shen Li Is Pretty

Fu Rong comes to bring trouble to Shen Li after Heavenly Emperor refused to help him. He plans to make her hate him so that she will run away from the wedding again. But he doesn’t know she’s not the previous Shen Li anymore. Shen Li returns home when Rou Ya is crying.

She wonders what happened. She sees a stranger who walked out of her bathroom. She learns that the guy is her fiance Fu Rong. Fu Rong is surprised to see Shen Li as well. He doesn’t expect that she’s pretty. He even plans to marry her.

But he realizes that he shouldn’t marry her after she ruined the vase in front of him. He knows his future will be like the vase.

Xing Zhi Doesn’t Become Fu Rong’s Supporter

Xing Zhi should help Fu Rong because Fu Rong is the grandson of Heavenly Emperor. But he doesn’t do that. He takes Shen Li home and he sees Fu Rong showing his muscle in front of Shen Li. He’s furious to ask the guy to go out to clean the miasma in the evening. He doesn’t realize that he’s bullying Fu Rong.

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The Legend of Shen Li Ends with Shen Li Swallowing Green and Blue Pearl

Spiritual Queen learns that Shen Li was hurt when she fought with the evil spirit. She realizes that Shen Li was hurt because she gave her power to Xing Zhi. She takes out Green and Blue Pearl. She tells Shen Li that the pearl was given by her mother. She believes that the pearl can help her to gain power. Shen Li swallows the pearl even if she feels the warm of her mother from the pearl.

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