The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 3 Recap

Yun Niang gets a chance to see her husband San Lang under the enchantment of Xing Yun. But Xing Yun cannot maintain the enchantment too long. He asks San Lang to make a choice when he reminds him that he will hurt his wife if he stays with Yun Niang.

Xing Yun Has A Lot of Secrets

The Legend of Shen Li

San Lang decides to leave for saving his wife. He asks Xing Yun to help him. But Xing Yun cannot use magic. So he lets Shen Li do the job. She sends San Lang away and she comforts Yun Niang. She walks Xing Yun on the bridge. But he falls into the water.

She jumps into the water to save him. She turns into a chicken. It’s seen by Yun Niang’s older brother. He reports to to the son of the lord in the city. Yun Niang’s older brother is actually a bad person. He doesn’t repay Xing Yun and he hurts him.

The young master sends his followers to Xing Yun’s house. The followers try to arrest Xing Yun. But Xing Yun removes the stone from the core of the enchantment. It makes Shen Li turns into a chicken. Shen Li beats the followers and she throws them out of Xing Yun’s house.

But she finds out that Xing Yun conceals something for her. He confesses to her that the core of the enchantment is the key to help her turn into a human. But he uses a stone to cover it. She’s furious to beat him after knowing he fooled her.

But he pretends that his arm is hurt. He asks her to take care of him. Mo Fang wakes up after he helped Shen Li. He notes that she used her spiritual power. He worries that she will be found by the people of Spiritual Realm. The general Shang Bei visits Mo Fang.

Shang Bei is the one who took part in the task to catch Shen Li. He suspects that Mo Fang conceals something from him. The follower reports to the lord’s house. He reports to the young master that there’s a woman breaking the badge when they went to catch Xing Yun.

He persuades him to wait until the helper Fu Sheng came back. The young master agrees to the plan. Shen Li begins to take care of Xing Yun. She finds out that the guy tries to keep her. He asks her to pick up the lose leaves. She finds out that he’s collecting lose leaves. She takes a look one of the lose leaves. She finds out that he recorded the date that his parents and his brother’s death.

The Legend of Shen Li reveals the secret of transformation. Shen Li learns that the main culprit is Xing Yun. The man looks innocent. But he has a lot of evil plans Shen Li doesn’t know. But she forgives him and she takes care of him.

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It seems that she’s interested in him. But the danger is close to Shen Li. The lord’s son is waiting for the helper Fu Sheng to deal with Xing Yun and Shen Li. Shen Li also has the risk that she will be found by the people of Spiritual Realm.

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