The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 4 Recap

Shen Li continues to live with Xing Yun in his house. She wonders why he knows fortune since he’s just an ordinary person. She cooks for him with her magic. But she blushes when he’s close to her. She thinks there’s something in the house making her blush.

Shen Li Decides to Leave Xing Yun

The Legend of Shen Li

The eldest master Gu Chengrui who’s the lord’s son. He plans to take over the city. But his father isn’t dead. He wishes to know when his father will pass away. So he can become the new lord. He visits Xing Yun in person. He asks him to tell him about his father’s fortune.

But Xing Yun rejects it and he mocks Gu Chengrui. Gu Chengrui is furious to pour the tea to Xing Yun. He asks his bodyguards to beat him. Shen Li shows up. She gives Gu Chengrui a lesson. Shen Li takes care of Xing Yun because his face was burned.

He decides to boil medicine. He asks Shen Li to bring the cloth to him. So he can carry the medicine. But she carries the with her hand. Her hand was burned. He treats her hand when he thinks she shouldn’t treat herself as a man.

He reveals he’s going to take revenge for Gu Chengrui. He knows the lord has two sons. He decides to visit Gu Chengrui’s younger brother Gu Chengjin. He plans to use Gu Chengjin to kill Gu Chengrui. He takes Shen Li to Gu Chengjin’s house when Gu Chengjin just returns.

He finds out that Gu Chengjin is his old friend. Shen Li follows the two to get into the house. She sees the pretty girl Xiao He who plays water on the boat. She finds out that Gu Chengjin is raising a lotus flower spirit. Xiao Zhou tries to stop Shen Li when Shen Li is close to the lotus flower.

But she trips. Shen Li carries Xiao He. Xiao He’s belt drops. She’s scared when the bodyguards are close to her. Shen Li blocks the bodyguards for protecting Xiao He’s reputation. Gu Chengjin knows what happened. He carries Xiao He away.

It seems that he cares for her very much. But he doesn’t let her know he has a wife in his house. His wife Ye Shi is in a coma. He wishes her to wake up. The poor girl Xiao He doesn’t know Gu Chengjin plans to use her to save his wife.

She trust him and she loves him deeply. Xing Yun comes to give his proposal to Gu Chengjin in The Legend of Shen Li episode 4. Shen Li thinks she can leave when Xing Yun stays in Gu Chengjin’s house. Because Gu Chengrui cannot hurt Xing Yun when Gu Chengjin protects Xing Yun.

But Xing Yun chooses to leave Gu Chengjin’s house. She has to stay to protect Xing Yun. She plans to only stay for three days because she worries that the people of Spiritual Realm will come to hurt Xing Yun. Xing Yun is very smart.

He knows he has many enemies. So he turns his enchantment into a bad luck enchantment. He believes that his enchantment will help him and Shen Li block the enemies. But he doesn’t know what kind of enemies he will face. Gu Chengrui cries after he was beaten by Shen Li.

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His follower Xiao Bing persuades him not to offend Shen Li and Xing Yun. But Gu Chengrui doesn’t like the idea. He finds out that his teacher Fu Sheng is waiting for him. He complains to him that the two bullied him. Fu Sheng comforts Gu Chengrui that he can deal with the two.

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