The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 5 Recap

The Legend of Shen Li Episode 5 begins with Xiao He going to Gu Chengjin’s study to look for him. But he’s not in the study. She opens a hidden room. She finds a lady who falls asleep in the bed. The evil spirit shows up. He tells the truth to her.

Gu Chengjin Breaks Xiao He’s Heart

The Legend of Shen Li

Gu Chengrui sends his followers to Xing Yun’s house. The killers try to kill Xing Yun and Shen Li. But they suffer a lot when they step in the enchantment of Xing Yun. Shen Li walks out of her room. She sees the killers feeling painful when they’re in the bad luck enchantment.

She steps in the enchantment. She has a nightmare that Spiritual Queen scolded her. She’s surprised that the mortal Xing Yun is so powerful. Xing Yun walks in the enchantment. He’s not hurt by the enchantment. Because he fears nothing.

He wipes off the blood from Shen Li’s eye. He takes her leave the enchantment. Gu Chengrui’s follower Fu Sheng finds out that the killers failed. He asks the archers to shoot Xing Yun’s house with the fire arrows. The house is burning.

Xing Yun worries that the fire will hurt his neighbors. Shen Li uses her power to put out the fire. But Spiritual Queen senses the location of Shen Li. She sends her followers to go to catch Shen Li. Shen Li takes Xing Yun to Gu Chengjin’s house because Xing Yun’s house was ruined.

She finds out that there’s many spirits in the house. The spirits turn into evil spirits. They begin to attack the people in the house. Shen Li decides to go to look for Gu Chengjin. She finds him in the hidden room. Xiao He is mad after she found out that Gu Chengjin has loved another woman.

She tries to kill him. But Shen Li stops her. Xiao He uses her power to ruin Gu Chengjin’s house. She flees because she knows Shen Li is a powerful woman. Gu Chengjin confesses to Shen Li that he raised the flower spirit Xiao He to resurrect his wife.

His wife Ye Shi was killed for protecting him. He knows she’s alive. He plans to use Xiao He’s life to save his lover. Shen Li tells Gu Chengjin that she has to kill Xiao He if Xiao He becomes evil. She takes Xing Yun outside because he told her that he can make an enchantment to remove the evil spirits.

But she finds out that he cannot do that. Mo Fang shows up. He reports to Shen Li that Spiritual Queen has found her. He persuades her to leave. But she plans to stay for the mortal. Because she falls for him and she knows he has a short life.

Shen Li asks Mo Fang to delay the soldiers of Spiritual Queen. He leaves. She wonders where Xiao He hides. Xing Yun reminds her that the girl returned to her home the lake. Because Xiao He is a kid. Shen Li tells Xiao He to come out of the lake when she threatens to kill her.

Xiao He appears from the lake. She has a fight with Shen Li. But she gets defeated. Shen Li beats Xiao He. She forces her to admit her mistake. Xiao He cries because she knows she should hurt the innocent people. Shen Li thinks Xiao He is a kid.

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Xiao He is a good girl. She won’t be evil if Gu Chengjin didn’t hurt her. I sympathize her. She just loves a man she shouldn’t love. Gu Chengjin the bad guy doesn’t let his wife go after she passed away. He hurts the poor girl then. Xiao He doesn’t hurt anyone even if Gu Chengjin betrayed her. She deserves a happy life.

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