The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 6 Recap

The Legend of Shen Li Episode 6 begins with Shen Li persuading Xiao He to leave. Because she knows Gu Chengjin will kill her. But Xiao He doesn’t believe that the man she loves has treated her as a herb. She wishes to go to take a look at the man.

Shen Li Kisses Xing Yun

The Legend of Shen Li

Shen Li agrees to take Xiao He to go to see Gu Chengjin. But she asks her not to show up. She tells Gu Chengjin that she has killed Xiao He. But Xiao He shows up when he confesses that he loves his wife deeply. She’s furious to grab the man’s neck.

But she doesn’t hurt him because she loves him. She turns into a herb and she disappears since it’s his wife. Ye Shi wakes up because of Xiao He’s sacrifice. She doesn’t know what happened. Gu Chengjin begs Shen Li to take him and Ye Shi to leave the hidden room.

Shen Li does it and she leaves Xing Yun in the hidden room. Gu Chengjin leaves the hidden room. He sees the lotus flower. He misses Xiao He. The Legend of Shen Li takes a lot of effort to tell us the story of Xiao He. Xiao He is an innocent and poor girl.

She loves Gu Chengjin but he never cares for her feelings. She sacrifices herself in the end even if she knows what she does means nothing to the man. Shen Li is furious after she returned to the hidden love. She thinks Gu Chengjin doesn’t deserve Xiao He’s love.

She ruins the painting of Ye Shi. She finds out Xing Yun is poisoned. She takes him outside. She gives him a treatment. She goes to look for a doctor for him. But she tells him that she won’t come back before she leaves. She goes to the mountain.

She finds the immortal Hu Lu who can heal Xing Yun. She tells him that she will wait for him. She threatens to kill him if he fails to save Xing Yun. Hu Lu goes to Gu Chengjin’s house. He finds Xing Yun. The generals of Spiritual Realm show up when Hu Lu is going to save Xing Yun.

The general tells Hu Lu to tell Shen Li that Xing Yun is going to die. He knows Shen Li will come for the man she loves. Hu Li returns to the mountain. He reports to Shen Li about what happened to Xing Yun. She goes to Gu Chengjin’s house to save Xing Yun.

But she doesn’t see the words Xing Yun left on Hu Lu’s clothes. It tells Shen Li to leave. Shen Li finds Xing Yun. But she also encounters the generals of Spiritual Realm. The general asks Shen Li to return to Spiritual Realm with them.

But she rejects it. So the soldiers surround her. She hurts the soldiers when she tries to take Xing Yun away. But she’s hit by Spiritual Queen. Spiritual Queen blames Shen Li for hurt her clansmen. Shen Li claims that she won’t marry the immortal because she looks down on immortals. She kisses Xing Yun.

Shen Li has planned to run away from the wedding. But she stays for the man she loves. She tells Xing Yun that he can marry other girls even if she has feelings for him. Because she has an engagement. She knows she will marry the immortal in the end.

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Xing Yun is surprised that Shen Li is the prince of Spiritual Realm. He realizes that he and Shen Li are in different worlds. So he keeps giving up himself when she comes to save him. He conceals his feelings even if she kisses him.

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