The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 7 Recap

The Legend of Shen Li Episode 7 begins with Shen Li leaving Xing Yun after she kissed him. Spiritual Queen notes that Shen Li gave 500 years cultivation to Xing Yun. She thinks she doesn’t deserve it. Shen Li is locked up in the Snow Palace after she returned to Spiritual Realm.

Xing Yun Passes Away

The Legend of Shen Li

Xing Yun lives in the village when Shen Li is locked up. He passes away after 30 years. The general opens the door of the cell. He reveals Shen Li has locked up for one month. Shen Li realizes that it has been 30 years in mortal world.

Mo Fang comes to pick up Shen Li. He apologizes to her for not helping her. But she knows it wasn’t his mistake. He brings the bad news to her that Xing Yun has passed away. But she doesn’t intend to go to look for Xing Yun. Because she has a new life.

She returns her palace. The maid helps her take a bath and she prepares the meal for her. Everything is good. Shen Li becomes the Green and Blue Prince. But the parrot Xu Xu mocks Shen Li. Shen Li strips the parrot of her fur. She throws her outside.

The true god Xing Zhi comes back. Heavenly Emperor goes to welcome Xing Zhi. We find out Xing Zhi is actually Xing Yun. He went to the mortal world to take the trial. He lived as Xing Yun. But he has the memories of Xing Yun. He knows he loved a girl Shen Li.

But he doesn’t want to go to look for Shen Li. Heavenly Emperor is the fan of Xing Zhi. He plans to accompany the true god. But Xing Zhi wishes to stay alone. He goes to the tomb of gods. He goes to see the late gods. He tells the late god Qing Ye that he fell for a girl when he was in mortal world.

Heavenly Emperor’s grandson Fu Rong gets angry after knowing Shen Li failed to run away. He goes to see Heavenly Emperor. He complains to him that he doesn’t want to marry Shen Li when Xing Zhi is talking with Heavenly Emperor. Xing Zhi offers to delay the wedding since the two kids don’t wish to get married.

The demons of Xutian Abyss break the seal. They begin to eat the soul of the people in Spiritual Realm. Shen Li uses her silver spear to protect her clansmen. She returns to the court when the people are talking about Immortal Realm asking for delaying the marriage.

Spiritual Queen keeps Shen Li. Shen Li finds out that her master is sick. The general reveals Spiritual Queen’s injury gets worse after she went to look for Shen Li. Shen Li complains to Spiritual Queen that the immortals arranged the marriage.

But Shen Li is told that her marriage was arranged by Xing Zhi. Shen Li blames Xing Zhi and she thinks he’s a fool. But Spiritual Queen takes Xing Zhi’s side. Because Xing Zhi was the one who saved three realms. Shen Li returns home with anger. Xu Xu is waiting for her. She didn’t learn from her previous lesson. She still provokes Shen Li. Shen Li asks the maid to take a bath for Xu Xu because she wishes to see her new looks.

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Xing Zhi makes a stupid decision to arrange the wedding for Shen Li and Hu Rong. He doesn’t know who is the boy and who is the girl. But he arranges the marriage. It brings trouble to the young people. He also buries his happiness. He’s shocked after knowing he gave his girlfriend to someone else. He threatens Fu Rong when he asks Heavenly Emperor to delay the wedding.

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