The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 8 Recap

The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 8 picks up with Shen Li seeing Zi Xia when the general is going to go to look into the seal of Xutian Abyss. Zi Xia asks Shen Li to say goodbye to his family for him. But he finds out that his wife and his daughter A Nuan came.

Mo Fang Confesses His Feelings to Shen Li

The Legend of Shen Li

Shen Li learns that A Nuan was the girl she saved. Zi Xia goes to look into Xutian Abyss alone. But something bad happens to him. He’s thrown to Spiritual Realm after he was killed. But he brings an important message that Chi Mei broke through the seal.

Shen Li volunteers to go to kill Chi Mei. But Spiritual Queen worries about something if Shen Li goes to Xutian Abyss. She asks the general Shang Bei to catch Chi Mei. She orders Shen Li to stay in the palace. Shen Li isn’t the one who will stay in her room to do nothing.

She flees from her palace and she goes to Xutian Abyss. Mo Fang leads his troops to deal with Chi Mei. But he’s not the Chi Mei’s rival. Shen Li shows up. She fights with Chi Mei. He finds out that she’s a talented girl. He defeats to kill her because he thinks she will be his threat if she grows up.

He attacks her. Mo Fang uses his body to protect Shen Li. He’s hurt. Shen Li is furious to get into Chi Mei’s body. She kills him from his inside. He finds the truth before he dies. Shen Li is tired after she killed Chi Mei. She sees Xing Yun.

She’s happy to walk to him. She falls asleep in his arms. Shang Bei cannot stand it when he sees the guy hugging Shen Li. He asks Xing Zhi who he is. Xing Zhi reveals he’s the last true god. He carries Shen Li to the camp. Shen Li wakes up.

She sees Mo Fang. He confesses his feelings to her when he tries to touch her hair. But she asks him to clean up the mind. Xing Zhi shows up. Shang Bei introduces Xing Zhi as the true god. Shen Li recognizes Xing Zhi. So she asks him if he’s Xing Yun. But he denies it and he asks her to show him the way. So he can fix the seal of Xutian Abyss.

It seems that Shen Li is related to the demons. She’s powerful but her power is demon style. Spiritual Queen conceals the secret. This is why she doesn’t allow Shen Li to go to Xutian Abyss. Chi Mei finds the truth when he fights with Shen Li.

Zi Xia is killed by the demon. He’s sent back. But he’s not dead. Because we see the dark power getting into his body when he lies in the coffee. The Legend of Shen Li won’t introduce Zi Xia’s daughter A Nuan to Shen Li if there’s no story.

I believe that Zi Xia will do something evil. His daughter will stop him or Shen Li will kill him. Mo Fang confesses his feelings to Shen Li. But Shen Li doesn’t like him. So she asks him to clean up the mind. He’s jealous when he sees Xing Zhi carrying Shen Li.

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Xing Zhi is reunited with Shen Li. But he doesn’t recognize her. It seems that he cares for the engagement of her and Fu Rong. But he carries her to the camp and he asks her to show him the way when Mo Fang thinks he can do the job.

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