“The Long Ballad” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

The Long Ballad” is a new Chinese historical drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about a princess Li Changge who flees from Changan after her parents were killed by her uncle Li Shiming. She takes the path of revenge.

“The Long Ballad” is adapted from Xia Da’s manga “Princess Changge“.

Dilraba Dilmurat and Wu Lei are the lead actors.

Dilraba Dilmurat starred Chinese romance drama “Love Designer” in 2020. She played a girl Zhou Fang who wants to be a designer after she got a divorce. She also starred “Eternal Love of Dream” in same year. She played the princess of Qingqiu who loves heavenly Emperor Dong Hua.

Wu Lei starred Chinese historical dramaGuardians of the Ancient Oath” in 2020. He also starred “Fights Break Sphere: Season 1” in 2018. He played a boy Xiao Yan who wants to prove his girlfriend making a wrong choice after he got dumped.

The Long Ballad (2021)

The Long Ballad


Title: The Long Ballad

Director: Zhu Ruibing

Writer: Pei Yufei

Network: Tengxun Video

Runtime: From Mar. 31

Episodes: 50

Language: Chinese


Li Changge drives the horse to go through the woods. The bodyguards hunt her. She arrives at the cliff. The guy tells her that she has no way to flee. He tells her to get back to the palace to ask for her sin. But she holds the rein and tries to pass the wood bridge. But someone shoots her. She falls from the broken bridge. She falls into the water and tries to save herself.

Ashina Sun sees the eagle flying in the sky. The follower thinks Changan is very lively. But Ashina Sun tells the follower that the prosperous in front of them won’t stay for a long time. The two walk out of the hotel and exchange the message with the agents.

The general drives through the street. He tells the follower not to block his way. But the follower doesn’t hear it. Ashina Sun takes the follower to step aside. The follower wants to fight with the general. But Ashina Sun tells the follower not to bring troubles.

The general tries to whip Ashina Sun. But Ashina Sun catches the whip, and drags the general off the horse. The general falls to the ground. He intends to get up to take revenge. But Li Changge drives her horse and jumps over him. She asks him if the people in the crown prince palace are like him. He recognizes her and gets on knees. He asks for her mercy. She tells him to get lost.

Li Changge asks Ashina Sun and the follower if they’re fine. She thinks they had guts to beat the general. She tells them that she will punish them next time if they do it again. The follower says that he would give the general a lesson if Li Changge didn’t show up. Ashina Sun reminds the follower the goal they came to Changan.

Li Changge walks into East Palace. The maids pay their respect to her. Li Changge hugs Crown Princess and calls her mom. Crown Princess laughs. Li Changge notes that Crown Princess lost many hair. She asks about her health. Crown Princess says that she’s fine, and thinks everyone will be aged.

Li Changge puts her head on Crown Princess’s shoulder, and thinks her mother won’t be aged forever. She thinks she will always be a fairy. Crown Princess asks Li Changge if she went out again. Li Changge admits it but comforts her mom that she didn’t bring troubles.

Crown Princess tells Li Changge not to leave the palace tomorrow. She reveals the envoy of Ashina Clan came, and worries that the envoy will ask for marriage. The maid informs Crown Princess that Crown Prince returned. Li Changge is shocked that her mom wants to see Crown Prince.

Li Changge wears the mask to see Li Leyan. It startles her. She asks her what she will do if she doesn’t stay by her side. She tells her that she will take her to see the person she loves. Li Leyan says that she doesn’t have the person she loves.

Li Changge tells Li Leyan that Wei Shuyu is playing cuju. She asks her if she wants to take a look at him. She says that she is always shy after Wei Shuyu saved her from water. She gives the sachet to her. But Li Leyan thinks it’s too ugly. Li Changge complains that she hurt her hand when she made the sachet for Li Leyan.

Li Leyan accepts the sachet, and gives Li Changge the blessing talisman. She asks her to give another talisman to Wei Shuyu. But Li Changge tells Li Leyan to give it to Wei Shuyu on her own. She tells her to wear her mask because she wants to protect her. The man asks Hao Du not to kill him, and swears that he didn’t betray Qin Prince Li Shiming. But Hao Du still kills the man.


Dilraba Dilmurat as Li Changge

She’s the daughter of Crown Prince. She trusts his uncle Li Shiming because he taught her many skills. But she sees Li Shiming killing her parents. She swears to take revenge but the people of whole capital are the followers of Li Shiming.

Wu Lei as Ashina Sun

He belongs to Ashina Clan so that he wants to ruin Tang Empire. He witnesses the tragedy of Li Changge’s family. He helps her run away from the city.

Liu Yuning as Hao Du

He’s a cold-blooded killer who works for Li Shiming. He’s asked to hunt Li Changge after she stole the seal of Crown Prince.

Zhao Lusi as Li Leyan

She’s the daughter of Li Shiming. She’s the best friend of Li Changge. But Li Changge treats her as enemy after her parents got killed. She likes Wei Shuyu after the man saved her from water.

Fang Yilun as Wei Shuyu

He loves Li Changge and wants to protect her. But he shoots her and makes her fall from the cliff because he worries that his family will get involved.


The revenge runs through the whole The Long Ballad. The queen of Ashina Clan Yi Cheng wants to take revenge. Because Tang Dynasty ruined her nation Sui Dynasty. The revenge begins when she marries to Ashina Clan. She doesn’t give up her revenge until she dies.

But Li Changge is very different. She chooses to make up the relationship with her uncle Li Shimin after she realized revenge can only bring disaster to people. Because she feels guilty for the death of Gongsun Heng and A Dou.

The History Behind The Long Ballad

The prince Li Shimin kills his two brother Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji. He forces his father to give the throne to him. He becomes the emperor of Tang Dynasty. He gives people the wonderful life even if what he did was evil. The Long Ballad begins with Li Changge running away from Changan. She falls into the water and decides to take revenge after Wei Shuyu shot her.

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