The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 3. A Duo takes a look at Li Changge’s injury on her hand. He wonders why she was hurt, and thinks she encountered the enemies. He tells her to eat his breads, and thinks they’re good for her health.

The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 3 Recap

The Long Ballad

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 3.

A Dou thinks Li Changge has revenge, and asks her if she had a fight with enemies. She puts her dagger on his shoulder, and tells him that she will kill him if he continues to say a word. He’s scared and calls her master. He thinks he’s worth of dying if he can follow her.

The bodyguards surround the house. Li Changge is surprised that the bodyguards found her from Honor Temple. A Dou heard that someone poisoned the bodyguards in Honor Temple. He thinks it was Li Changge. He praises her. Fang Xuanling visits Du Ruhui. He’s surprised that he still works.

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Du Ruhui asks Fang Xuanling why he came. Fang Xuanling explains that he went to buy his wife pastries but he was stopped by the bodyguard. He notes that the house is burning. Du Ruhui asks Fang Xuanling if he wants to raise tiger. Fang Xuanling pretends to know nothing. He leaves because he needs to reply his wife.

Hao Du comforts Du Ruhui that he will look into the fire. Du Ruhui rejects it and thinks someone wants to protect Li Changge. Hao Du learns that the fire is set by Fang Xuanling. Du Ruhui thinks there’s nobody in Taste Store. Because the person didn’t want to get innocence involved.

Li Changge wants to leave the house. But the fire blocks her way. A Dou asks her what they can do. She climbs over the wall and takes him to flee. He asks what happened, and thinks someone prepared the ladder for Li Changge. She thinks someone helped her but she doesn’t want to accept the grace because her mom died in Honor Temple.

A Dou wants to follow Li Changge because he has no place to stay. She reminds him that he will live on the blade edge if he follows her. She tells him not to tangle with her. She runs away. Li Shiming summons Fang Yi and tells him to announce his order not to get innocence involved.

Ashina Sun tells the follower that Li Shiming resolved the rebel. He’s surprised that Li Shiming was so tolerant. The follower asks what they can do. Ashina Sun thinks he needs to go to You State. Because his brother will do something if he gets nothing.

Li Leyan runs into Fang Xuanling. She tells him that she’s preparing for visiting him. He calls her Yongan Princess. He tells her that Emperor have the title “Crown Prince” to her father. She asks him about Li Changge because she knows he cares for Li Changge most.

Fang Xuanling comforts Li Leyan that Yongning Prince doesn’t get caught. She says that she knows Li Changge would be fine.

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