The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 17 Recap

This is the recap for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 17. Du Ruhui reports to Li Shimin that Li Changge was killed by Ashina Clan. Li Shimin sheds tears for Li Changge. Li Changge visits Ashina Sun and tells him that she can be his army counselor. She adds that what she learned were plots.

The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 17 Recap

The Long Ballad

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 17.

Ashina Sun asks Li Changge why he needs to hire a outsider as his follower. She points out that Emperor didn’t care for results. She thinks he wished him to be defeated. He tells her not to provoke him and Emperor. She asks him if Emperor’s sons believe in it. Mu Jin wonders how Li Changge knew it.

Li Changge asks Ashina Sun if she has the qualification to be his follower. She tells him not to hurt Big Tang. He agrees to it, and tells her to be alive in Eagle Army with her ability. He tells her that she can leave once she completes his three wishes. He tells Mu Jin to take off Li Changge’s chain.

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Mu Jin reports to Ashina Sun that Emperor came with She Er. He thinks it will be about Shuo State. Ashina Sun tells Mu Jin to pretend to know nothing. Because the agreement was made by him and Gongsun Heng. He tells him to protect himself if Emperor attacks them. Mu Jin asks Ashina Sun if he has a way to deal with Emperor. Ashina Sun says that he will try his best.

Mu Jin walks out of the tent. Li Changge stops him and asks him what happened. She wants to know the truth. He tells her that Ashina Sun kept protecting her, and thinks Ashina Sun will be dead if She Er comes. Because the two are enemies. Li Changge asks Mu Jin if Ashina Sun has a way to deal with Emperor. He throws a fit to her, and tells her that he doesn’t know it.

Ashina Sun welcomes Emperor. But Emperor glares at him. Emperor thinks Ashina Sun is really the War God because he occupied Shuo State in ten days. Ashina Sun says that he did that because of the reputation of Ashina Clan. She Er points out that Ashina Sun released all of people in the city. He thinks he wants to rebel.

Ashina Sun confesses that the order was announced by him. He asks Emperor if he’s suspecting his loyalty. Emperor tells Ashina Sun that he wouldn’t let him explain it if he doesn’t trust him. Ashina Sun hands over the letter of Gongsun Heng to Emperor. He tells him that he forgave the people in Shuo State because he promised Gongsun Heng.

Emperor thinks Gongsun Heng is a rival who is worth of being respected. He tells him to bury him with the etiquette of prairie. Li Changge breaks into the tent and tells Nu Er to help her. He thinks she cannot order him to do things even if she’s not a slave. She tells him that Ashina Sun and the whole Eagle Army will get involved if he doesn’t help her.

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