The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 16 Recap

This is the recap for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 16. Ashina Sun tells Li Changge that she’s just a slave of Eagle Army. She asks him what he wants to do to her. He lifts her cheek and tells her that he wants her to disappear from Big Tang. But she talks back that he cannot decide her death.

The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 16 Recap

The Long Ballad

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 16.

Li Changge tells Ashina Sun that he will raise a tiger if he keeps her. He tells her to think about it for him after she’s alive. Li Changge follows Ashina Sun as his slave. She thinks she cannot get back to Changan anymore. Hao Du spots Li Changge. He feels bad for her.

Hao Du tells the follower to follow Li Changge because he wants to know what will happen to her. He tells him to kill her if she colludes with Ashina Clan. Hao Du remembers Li Changge told him to kill her until she does the thing she has to do. He wishes her to sacrifice herself for people.

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Li Shimin mentions there’s no any message of Li Leyan. Fang Xuanling mentions what Li Chunfeng said that Li Leyan will come back. Li Shimin reveals he always dreams Li Leyan and Li Changge. He adds that they didn’t hear it when he called them, and they ran away. Fang Xuanling thinks Li Shimin has weird dreams because he thinks it too much.

Li Shimin asks Fang Xuanling if the two kids will be far away from him. Fang Xuanling denies. Du Ruhui breaks into the room and reports to Li Shimin that Ashina Clan attacked North Border. He adds that Gongsun Heng and Sima Tu got killed. Li Shimin asks to move the troops to drive Ashina Clan out of North Border.

The follower tries to give the noodles to Li Changge. But she ignores him. He’s furious to tell her that he wouldn’t care for her if Ashina Sun doesn’t like her. Mu Jin thinks Li Changge cannot be live in the prairie with her body condition. Ashina Sun doesn’t think so. He says that the woman has a great desire for survival.

Mu Jin thinks Ashina Sun knows Li Changge very well. But he points out that he’s an enemy in her mind. Mu Jin mentions the agent follows them. Ashina Sun says that he knows it, and asks Mu Jin to do something for him. The agent spots Li Changge getting killed.

Xu Feng visits Qin Lao and thinks Yuan Niang gets wronged. Qin Lao doesn’t think so. Because Yuan Niang has the best father. Qin Lao asks Xu Feng about Shuo State. Xu Feng reveals the little master got killed after she tried to assassinate.

But Qin Lao thinks Li Changge is alive because Ashina Sun wouldn’t kill her because he had an appointment with Gongsun Heng. He thinks she was taken to prairie. Xu Feng wants to look for Li Changge. But Qin Lao points out that Ashina Clan won’t let them get into prairie.

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