The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Recap

This is the recap for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 8. Li Yuan thinks Crown Prince Seal is in Li Changge’s hands. Wang Junkuo gets the bodyguards to catch Li Changge. A Dou mentions what Li Changge said that Li Yuan is the only person she can trust. He wants to save his master.

The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Recap

The Long Ballad

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 8.

Ashina Sun stops A Dou and reminds him that Li Changge will die soon if he goes out. He tells him that stuff on his body is related to Li Changge’s life. He believes the girl will run away. He asks him if he believes in it. A Dou says yes, and thinks his master has nine lives.

Ashina Sun tells A Dou to wait for Li Changge at the city gate. The bodyguards search the room but they get nothing. Wang Junkuo asks Li Changge where the stuff. He grabs her cheek and threatens to kill her even if she’s a princess.

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Ashina Sun learns that Li Changge is the previous crown prince’s daughter and she stole Crown Prince Seal. He thinks she wants to take revenge for Li Shimin. Li Yuan stops Wang Junkuo and reminds him that they won’t know the whereabouts of the stuff if they kill Li Changge. He takes the girl away.

Wang Junkuo tells Li Changge that she won’t keep the good looking face if she doesn’t confess. But Li Changge points out that she will die soon if she tells him about it. He asks her if she cares for other people’s lives, and threatens to kill Wei Shuyu. But she tells him to do that because Wei Shuyu isn’t related to her.

Wang Junkuo points out that he saw her protecting Wei Shuyu. He tells the bodyguards to bring Wei Shuyu. Wang Junkuo pulls out his sword and wants to kill Wei Shuyu since Li Changge is cold-blooded. She stops him and tells him that he won’t get the stuff he wants if he does so. Li Changge thinks she will be the sinner of Big Tang if she helps Wang Junkuo.

Hao Du visits Li Leyan. She asks him if they will leave. He admits it and tells her that he will escort her to the city gate to see Wei Shuyu. She learns that he doesn’t want to leave. She begs him to keep Li Changge’s life if he encounters her. He doesn’t reply her and tells her to pack her stuff.

Wei Shuyu asks Li Changge why she was caught. He thinks she’s still in anger. She asks him why he came to You State. She thinks he wanted to see her death after he shot her. He tells her that he never betrays her. He says that he was framed by Hao Du that day. But she points out that he chose to give in.

Wei Shuyu thinks Li Changge was sent to the jail because of him. She says that she was hurt because she wanted to get the fur with tiger.

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