The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 7 Recap

This is the recap for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 7. Li Changge tells the lord that she didn’t come for getting protecting. She says that she wants to help him. The general asks about Crown Prince. Li Changge says that she came for it. She tells Li Yuan that her father gave her the order before he passed away.

The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 7 Recap

The Long Ballad

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 7.

Li Yuan feels happy and thinks the army of Crown Prince will help them since he had the order. The follower reports to Li Yuan that the envoy of Changan came. Li Changge tells Li Yuan not to see the envoy. The general comforts her that they won’t disappoint Crown Prince. He wants to take down the envoy to show his loyalty.

Wang Junkuo breaks into the room and tells the bodyguards to catch Wei Shuyu because he got the order of Crown Prince. Wei Shuyu blames Wang Junkuo for doing so. Wang Junkuo wants to kill Wei Shuyu. But Li Changge stops Wang Junkuo. Wei Shuyu is surprised to see her. He asks her why she’s there.

Li Changge thinks Wei Shuyu has no face to ask her about it. He wants to explain it. She thinks he doesn’t need to explain it. She tells him that she can keep his life if he surrenders. He thinks she’s insane, and asks her if she knows what she’s doing. He thinks she’s helping someone rebel. She thinks she doesn’t have the luck of him who can save himself from choosing the wood.

Li Changge thinks she became the fish meat. She asks Wei Shuyu if he wants her to see You State taking the path of East Palace. He tells her Li Shiming got him to visit You State was for comforting Li Yuan. He adds that she misunderstood him.

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Wang Junkuo asks the bodyguards to take down Wei Shuyu. Wei Shuyu fights with the bodyguards. Li Changge notes that Wang Junkuo wants to pull out his sword to kill Wei Shuyu. She fights with Wei Shuyu and hurts her hand with his sword. She tells him that she won’t kill him if he puts down his sword.

Wang Junkuo reminds Li Changge that they need a sacrifice. She reveals Wei Shuyu is Wei Zheng’s son. Wang Junkuo is surprised that Wei Zheng gave birth to such a weak son. Wei Shuyu thinks Wang Junkuo doesn’t have the qualification to talk about his father.

Li Yuan shows up and tells Wei Shuyu that they got the order to attack Li Shiming. Li Changge tells the bodyguards to take down Wei Shuyu when he wants to tell people the truth. Li Changge walks out of the palace. She grabs the fist which contains blood. Ashina Sun spots it. He’s surprised that she didn’t get caught.

Ashina Sun thinks Li Changge’s injury is weird. He notes two guys follow her. He wonders who she is. Li Changge returns home. A Dou asks her why she was hurt.

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