Royal Nirvana 2019 Chinese Drama: Episode 1 [Recap]

This is the recap of Royal Nirvana 2019 Chinese Drama: Episode 1. The man rides horse to the city in the snow day. He gets off to runs to knock at the gate, his hand is with blood. Nobody opens the gate, and his bloods drop in the snow.

Royal Nirvana 2019 Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap

Royal Nirvana

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Royal Nirvana 2019 Chinese Drama: Episode 1.

The man rides horse to the city in the snow day. He gets off to runs to knock at the gate, his hand is with blood. Nobody opens the gate, and his bloods drop in the snow.

Ding Quan is waken by the bell, and he meditates in the temple with other monks. Chief Monk asks him if he has a nightmare. But Ding Quan says that it’s thought dream, and reveals he dreamt his past. Chief Monk tells Ding Quan to stay away from the reverse fantasy.

Feng En shows up and thinks Ding Quan doesn’t have time to listen to Chief Monk because he will be the emperor. He tells Ding Quan that they went to the palace.

The minister of official department Shi Yu reminds Emperor that the crown prince hasn’t gotten crown after he has guarded for the previous empress for three years. Emperor is playing chess alone and tells Shi Yu to get out of the palace. But Shi Yu mentions Qi Prince still doesn’t go to his state.

The ministers are on knees outside in the snow day, and they intend to convince Emperor.

Ding Quan goes out and his men follow him to ride the horse. They want to give the handwarmer to the ministers. Feng En takes the rope of the horse and asks Ding Quan if he wants to give Qi Prince a chance. Ding Quan lets Feng En’s hand go and rides away.

The man rides through the gate and tells the urgent war report of Long State.

Emperor sees the report, and someone tells him that Crown Prince comes. Emperor asks Shi Yu if he wants to look at his playing chess or see his student.

Shi Yu goes out and greets Ding Quan. Ding Quan wipes the snow off from Shi Yu’s shoulder and tells him to leave. But Shi Yu thinks Ding Quan shouldn’t come.

The eunuch reports to Emperor that Ding Quan brought hand warmers and cloaks to Shi Yu and the ministers. Emperor thinks Ding Quan cares for his teacher.

Palace General tells ministers that Emperor doesn’t want to disappoint them. They thank Emperor. Ding Quan reminds Shi Yu that he taught him that it will be unrest when emperor and minister suspect each other. He asks the ministers if they want to make him not faithful and filial.

The maid tells Zhao Consort that Shi Yu and the ministers left. Zhao Consort thinks Emperor will suspect when the ministers only listened to Ding Quan’s order.

Qi Prince asks Emperor if he cannot stay with him if Ding Quan gets the crown. Emperor tells Qi Prince to greet his mom. He asks if Ding Quan left when he interfered politics. But the man tells Emperor that Ding Quan didn’t leave.

Ding Quan is on knees and take the sin note, asking for punishment. Ding Quan notes someone walking to him, and calls dad. But he finds out the person is Qi Prince. Qi Prince intends to give the cloak to Ding Quan, but Ding Quan stops him.

Qi Prince sneers and reveals the cloak was given by Emperor. He wears the cloak for him and leaves.

Emperor asks if Ding Quan wore the clothes he gave him, and the eunuch wants to take a look. But Emperor stops him and thinks Ding Quan doesn’t feel cold.

Ding Quan takes off the clothes and trembles. The eunuch Wang Shen pulls down Ding Quan’s robe to cover his feet.

Feng En wears the armor for martial moral marquis Si Lin.

Zhao Consort picks the food for Qi Prince, and he thinks Ding Quan can keep nothing when he wants to keep everything. She mentions Emperor disagrees to give the crown to Ding Quan even if the ministers persuaded him, and Emperor doesn’t allow Qi Prince to leave even if he got crown and married. The man reports that Martial Moral Marquis got in the palace.

Si Lin shows up and rips Ding Quan’s sin note. He goes to see Emperor, and Emperor thinks Si Lin wouldn’t get in the palace if he didn’t do it for crown prince. He tells him that he punished Ding Quan because he touched the thing he shouldn’t touch.

Si Lin tells Emperor that he didn’t come for crown prince, and Feng En gives a letter to Emperor. Si Lin reveals the enemy gathers 100,000 soldiers and wants to attack them. Emperor rages why Ming An didn’t report it, and asks to take Ming An’s salary.

Emperor asks Si Lin who can take the duty of Long State. Si Lin wants to go to Long State with the sick body, and Emperor thinks nobody can do that except Si Lin. Because the generals of Long State were Si Lin’s subordinates. But Si Lin worries that people will think he owns army like three years ago, and it will hurt Ding Quan. Emperor promises not to disappoint Si Lin if he doesn’t disappoint the nation.

Si Lin goes out and wears his cloak for shivery Ding Quan. He hugs him and thinks it’s his sin. He tells him it’s safety. Feng En carries Ding Quan. Si Lin burns up the sin note and glances at the palace.

The eunuch mentions to the Chief Eunuch Chen Jin that the war report arrived early. He thinks Emperor wanted Si Lin to volunteer. He asks if they need to punish General Li. Chen Jin thinks General Li’s wronging is nothing when the crown prince was on knees on the snow ground for half a day.

The maid reports to Zhao Consort that martial moral marquis got military power and crown prince will get crown ceremony three days later.

There is a pavilion at the mountain peak, and we can see a lake under the mountain. A crane flies around the sky, and Wen Xi draws the crane. Her father the tea and horse officer of Shu State, Lu Ying reads the letter and summons Wen Xi. She runs to him and thinks it’s the letter of Shi Yu.

Lu Ying tells Wen Xi to make a screen with the drawing and give it to Shi Yu as a birthday present. She wonders why he wants her to give the present in person, and he says that Shi Yu asked him to be the officer of capital since crown prince is going to get crown ceremony.

Wen Xi thinks crown prince’s crown ceremony is related to martial moral marquis’s sending troops. She thinks Yu Ying will be happy because crown prince takes the position. But he thinks crown prince isn’t free than the crane on the drawing. But Wen Xi thinks crane is raptor who can fight with eagle.

Feng En visits Ding Quan who is in the pool. He asks him why he is there when the crown ceremony is going to begin. Ding Quan asks if uncle left, and he regrets that he cannot see him off.

Bo Zhou walks down the stage and asks why it’s noise. The follower explains that the phoenix troop is checking the rooms. Bo Zhou congratulates Shi Yu then.

The maid brings the jade belt to Ms. Zhang, but Ms. Zhang points out that it’s gold belt. The maid is on knees and promises to look for it. Ms. Wu wears the jade belt for Qi Prince, and he thinks she broke the rule as jade belt can only be used by emperor and crown prince. She tells him to punish her, but he hugs her and kisses her.

Qi Prince asks Ms. Wu if she recognizes the words, and thinks it’s unfilial that crown prince didn’t accompany previous empress when she passed away.

It flashes back. Ding Quan keeps knocking at the gate, but the gate is closed. Feng En takes Ding Quan away, and lifts the letter. He asks the guard to open the gate, and says that it’s war report of Long State that he needs to give Emperor in person.

Qi Prince thinks Ding Quan instigated Feng En to open the door with the war report regardless of Emperor’s safety. He tells Ms. Wu to go upstairs and throw down the attacking script in front of people. Ms. Zhang bugs them outside, and the gold belt drops.

Qi Prince hears the sound and opens the door. He sees the maids looking for jade belt. Ms. Wu goes out with the jade belt, and the maid takes away the belt. Ms. Zhang notes that the gold piece disappears, and remembers it dropped when she hid herself.

Ding Quan startles Ms. Zhang when she is thinking about what Qi Prince said. He asks her to comb for him, and reveals she is the maid of his mom. He asks her if she will go to the crown ceremony, but she says that she doesn’t have the qualifications. He tells her to go for his mom, and gives the jade hairpin to her.

But Ms. Zhang breaks the hairpin when Qi Prince appears. She is on knees to ask for forgiving. Qi Prince tells Ding Quan that Emperor got him to accompany him to the ceremony. Ding Quan helps Ms. Zhang up and asks her what she wanted to say. She smirks that his hair is like Empress. He mentions she broke the jade hairpin before and she hid herself to cry. He concealed the broken hairpin for her. She admits that he saved her.

Ding Quan takes the sword and wants to leave with Qi Prince. But Ms. Zhang stops him.

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