The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 3 [Recap]

Li Qian thinks he looked down upon Ming Yue, and asks Sikong Zhen if he believes the magic reading human’s mind. Sikong Zhen shares that his dad ran into a white hair person who played zither without string in Xi Yue. The person left after his father woke up.

The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 3 Recap

The Love by Hypnotic

Li Qian shares that Ming Yue used magic to make him fear fire. He adds that he took back the memory at that time. He says that he knew why he feared fire, and wants to keep Ming Yue if the magic is real.

Li Qian is surprised to see Hui Xin, and she wants to give him the handkerchief, saying that she can accept it because she knows that he cannot decide his marriage. But he tells her that he just treats her as sister.

She says that the engagement is her belief, and she keeps guarding it. He doesn’t deny it but wishes her to be happy to live all her life. Hui Xin leaves with tears.

Ta Li asks Ming Yue not to do hypnosis on her, and Li Qian shows up thinking the black magic is what Ming Yue used on him. Ming Yue explains that Ta Li just has a toothache.

Li Qian asks Ming Yue what he saw in the dreamland was real or not. She reveals he was hypnosis by her and he got in his real memory. He asks her if she needs external force, and she says that she doesn’t need any magical tool.

Ming Yue conceals the heart bell in the flowers, and Li Qian agrees to get married with her. But he asks her to do hypnosis on him when he agrees. If she breaks the promise, he will punish her. She thinks she doesn’t have to worry about his punishment because she has heart bell.

Ling Prince stops Hui Xin when he mistakes that she will take her life. She cuts off her hairs and puts them with Li Qian’s hairs she got when they were children. Hui Xin tells Ling Prince that she cannot put him into her mind even if he is nice.

Ming Yue wants to do hypnosis herself before getting married, but finds out that the heart bell is missing. She asks Ta Li who got in her room, and Ta Li shares that Que Yan did it. Ming Yue blames Li Qian but finds out that she cannot get her hand out of the vase.

Li Qian shows the heart bell to Sikong Zhen, and shares that he obeyed Ming Yue when he was affected by the bell. Jin Yu thinks he has same feeling when a beauty stands in front of him. Li Qian adds that Ming Yue is close to him and touches him each time.

Ming Yue walks Li Qian into the palace, and blames him for stealing her stuff. He says that he needs chip. She thinks he is taking the stuff, but almost trips. He reminds her to pay attention to her feet, and she notes that he wore his perfume satchel at left side, thinking the stuff is in the perfume satchel.

Li Qian tells Ming Yue to dance with him if she wants the magic tool. Ming Yue tastes the meat, and Emperor asks her if she doesn’t like the meat of Bei Xuan. Ling Prince tells Ming Yue to eat the meat up so that the marriage will be good.

Li Qian finds out that the meat is very bitter, and realizes Ling Prince did it. He puts the meat into the tea, and tells Emperor that it means that Ming Yue takes off the title of Xi Yue princess and becomes Bei Xuan princess. Ming Yue is surprised that the meat isn’t bitter anymore.

Hui Xin leaves, and Ling Prince wants to follow her. But Li Qian asks Ling Prince if he wants them to enjoy bitter since he prepared bitter meat. Ling Prince admits it. Ming Yue reminds Li Qian that he promised to return the magic tool to her if she dances with him. But she realizes he played words with her.

Emperor thinks Ming Yue will bring trouble to Li Qian, but Shu Concubine comforts him that she will teach Ming Yue rules. Sikong Zhen thinks Ling Prince can hurt Li Qian easily when he has the target of Ming Yue. Li Qian is drunk and realizes that Ling Prince put something in his wine.

Li Qian is asked to shoot, but he hesitates. Ling Prince asks Li Qian if he worries that he cannot shoot far away because his heart isn’t sincere.

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