The Oath of Love Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for The Oath of Love Chinese Drama: Episode 1. Gu Wei goes to see the patient. He tells her that she can leave the hospital. But she wants to introduce her daughter Mi Lu to him. The doctor stops the patient and leaks that Gu Wei has a girlfriend who is the doctor Gao Xi.

The Oath of Love Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap

The Oath of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Oath of Love Chinese Drama: Episode 1.

Gu Wei glares at the doctor. The doctor runs away. Gao Xi is furious to break into Gu Wei’s office. She asks him if she wants to go to another department. He admits it. She tells him not to give up his dream. But he rejects it and gets a call from Lin Zhixiao. She tells him that she’s not happy because her parents didn’t come. She asks for a meeting up.

Lin Zhixiao runs into Xiao Shan on the street. She’s happy to hug her. Gu Wei passes by and walks into the bar. She didn’t see him. Xiao Shan notes that Lin Zhixiao’s looks isn’t well. She applies the lipstick on her lips. She unties her hair. Because she thinks the hair makes Lin Zhixiao look like a little girl.

Xiao Shan tells Lin Zhixiao that she would get Shao Jiang if she stayed with her. But Lin Zhixiao blocks Xiao Shan’s mouth. She takes her to get into the bar. Gu Wei asks Gu Xiao why he didn’t take birthday with his parents after he joined him.

Gu Xiao tells Gu Wei that he wanted to have fun with him. He asks him if he has feelings for one of the girls at the bar. But Gu Wei tells Gu Xiao that he doesn’t see any girl. Gu Xiao looks for the girls for Gu Wei. But Gu Wei treats the girls like his patients.

Gu Xiao persuades Gu Wei to drink. He mentions he hasn’t operated for a long time. Gu Wei glares at Gu Xiao. He tells him to pick up the phone. Gu Xiao leaves to pick up the phone. Xiao Shan tells Lin Zhixiao to drink tea. Because she worries that she will get scolded by her father. She leaks Lin Zhixiao’s father is a dean.

Lin Zhixiao doesn’t want to mention her father Lin Jianguo. Lin Jianguo waits for Lin Zhixiao at home. Li Huijuan comforts him that Lin Zhixiao will go home soon. But he asks her to explain why Lin Zhixiao turned off her phone. He asks her if Lin Zhixiao said that Xiao Shan returned to China.

Lin Zhixiao tells her friends that she will be independent. But Lin Jianguo sees the photos of her and Xiao Shan at the bar. Lin Zhixiao is drunk. Xiao Shan supports her to walk. Lin Zhixiao complains to Xiao Shan that her parents always put their minds on her body.

Lin Zhixiao confesses that she’s just a little girl who isn’t loved by her parents. Xiao Shan comforts Lin Zhixiao that she will love her. Lin Zhixiao tells Xiao Shan that she doesn’t want to see Lin Jianguo. But she sees Lin Jianguo looking for her.

Xiao Shan recognizes Lin Jianguo. She runs away. Lin Zhixiao joins Gu Wei for avoiding her father. He mistakes that she’s looking for Gu Xiao. She tries to take away his coat. He stops her and he has a fight with her. But they’re close when they’re fighting.

Lin Jianguo catches the two. He mistakes that Gu Wei is Lin Zhixiao’s boyfriend. Lin Zhixiao admits it. She tells Lin Jianguo that he cannot care for it. Gu Wei tells Lin Jianguo that he’s not Lin Zhixiao’s boyfriend. He tells him to discipline his daughter.

But Lin Jianguo thinks Gu Wei is a bad person. Lin Zhixiao catches the chance to run away. Lin Jianguo chases the daughter. Gu Xiao comes back and sees the scene. Gu Xiao follows Gu Wei, asking him why he touched the girl. Gu Wei tells Gu Xiao not to take him to such a place.

Gu Xiao sees Xiao Shan. He follows her to get into the bar. He tries to buy her wine. But she rejects it because she thinks he’s just a little boy. Lin Jianguo takes Lin Zhixiao home. He tells Li Huijuan that their daughter hugged a guy at the bar.

Lin Jianguo tells Lin Zhixiao that her classmates are working hard. He thinks she’s going to be a trash. Lin Zhixiao blames her parents for not coming to her concert. She thinks her father looks down on her. She cries and complains that he never cares for her.

Lin Zhixiao tells Lin Jianguo that she has a dream to be a cellist. She swears not to be a teacher. She’s furious to go to her room. She closes the door. Li Huijuan stops Lin Jianguo. She thinks Lin Zhixiao thought they intended not to go to her concert. She tries to go to explain it. But she finds out that he feels uncomfortable.

Li Huijuan tells Lin Jianguo not to get angry. She goes to take the medicine for him. Lin Zhixiao wakes up and sees the breakfast on the table. Li Huijuan tells Lin Zhixiao that Lin Jianguo went fishing with his friend when she’s cooking in the kitchen.

Lin Zhixiao thinks Li Huijuan doesn’t have to tell it to her because she doesn’t care for it. Li Huijuan is furious to scold Lin Zhixiao. She tells her to treat her father well. Lin Zhixiao talks back that Lin Jianguo should treat her well first. Li Huijuan sighs.

Lin Zhixiao sees the medical record on the table. But Li Huijuan takes it away. She tells Lin Zhixiao that her father is fine when she’s asked. She walks out of the house and goes to the hospital. Lin Zhixiao tails her mom to the hospital. She sees her asking the nurse about the doctor Gao Xi.

Lin Zhixiao takes photos after the nurse left. But she’s caught by Gu Wei. He asks her what she did. She explains that she just took photos of her medical record. He recognizes her. But she points out that she saw him first time. She tries to walk away. But he grabs her hand to keep her.

Gu Wei takes a look at the medical record. He finds out that the record doesn’t belong to Lin Zhixiao. Lin Zhixiao explains that the patient is her father. But he doesn’t believe what she said. He tries to call the guard. But she runs away.

Lin Zhixiao takes a look at the photo. She finds out that her father is fine. She smiles. Gao Xi tells Li Huijuan that her husband has a stomach ulcer. She tells her to hospitalize him. Gu Wei runs into the nurse Xiao Wei. He asks her who’s in charge of Lin Jianguo. Xiao Wei leaks that it’s Gao Xi.

Lin Jianguo gets a call from Li Huijuan. He thinks she worried about him too much. He tells Yin Xi’s father that he wants to catch a fish to cook. Yin Xi’s father thinks the fish is for Lin Zhixiao. He reveals Lin Zhixiao became a cellist. Lin Jianguo brags that his daughter is going to perform at the Grand Theater.

Lin Zhixiao plays triangle in the classroom when others play cello. She remembers what the classmate told her that the teacher asked her to do percussion because she didn’t do a good job in the last performance. Yin Xi hands over the drinks to Lin Zhixiao. She thinks her teacher did it too much.

Lin Zhixiao laughs. She thinks the teacher almost fired her. She adds that she will be a great woman after she drinks up the drinks. She reveals she wants to solo in the future. Yin Xi tells Lin Zhixiao that she will always support her. Lin Zhixiao is happy to hug Yin Xi.

The guy waves at Yin Xi. Yin Xi waves him back. Lin Zhixiao tells Yin Xi to join the guy because she doesn’t want to taste their love. Yin Xi leaves. Lin Zhixiao sees Yin Xi off. She turns around and sees the cello. She thinks the only one who accompanies her is the cello. She tells him to be her boyfriend.

Lin Zhixiao looks at the sky. She enjoys the sunshine. She returns home with the cello. She tries to walk into her room. But Lin Jianguo stops her. He tells her to read the books he bought. He tells her to take the examination. But she rejects it and tells him that she wants to be a cellist.

Lin Jianguo has a fight with Lin Zhixiao. Li Huijuan stops her husband. She mentions he promised it. Gu Wei calls Li Huijuan. He tells her to let Lin Jianguo be hospitalization. Li Huijuan tells Lin Jianguo to be hospitalization. He rejects it and claims that he has a business.

Lin Zhixiao tells Lin Jianguo to be obedient. She adds that she will accompany him to go to the hospital. He’s silent. Li Huijuan smiles and she picks the dish for Lin Zhixiao. The three arrive at the hospital. But Lin Jianguo catches the chance to flee when Li Huijuan and Lin Zhixiao carry the luggage out of the trunk.

Li Huijuan goes to see the nurse. She tells her that she was summoned by Gu Wei. The nurse tells Li Huijuan to take Lin Jianguo to accept test. But Li Huijuan says that her husband doesn’t come. Lin Jianguo gets a call from Li Huijuan when he’s walking in the park.

Lin Jianguo tells Li Huijuan that he won’t go to the hospital. But she tells him that Lin Zhixiao needs to get the operation because she has a appendicitis. But he doesn’t believe what she says until Lin Zhixiao tells Li Huijuan that she has a stomachache. Lin Jianguo arrives at the hospital. He takes Lin Zhixiao to the ward. He helps her lie in the bed. He comforts her that the doctor will treat her. Li Huijuan goes to look for the doctor.

The Oath of Love Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Lin Zhixiao tells Lin Jianguo that she’s in pain. He finds Gu Wei and tells him to go to see his daughter. Gu Wei decides to operate on Lin Zhixiao after she told him that she’s in pain anywhere. He tries to leave.

Lin Zhixiao stops Gu Wei. She gets up from the bed and tells him that she’s fine. She explains to Lin Jianguo that she had to pretend to be sick. Because he didn’t want to come. Gu Wei tells Lin Zhixiao to leave since she’s fine. But she tells him that her father needs to be hospitalized. Li Huijuan shows up. She tells Lin Zhixiao to go to look for Doctor Gu with her. Gu Wei takes off his mask. Lin Jianguo and Lin Zhixiao recognize him.

The Oath of Love Chinese Drama: Episode 1 stars Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan.

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