A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 6. Tae-Moo tells Ha-Ri that he knows she’s Geum-Hui. He takes her to the police station. Young-Seo calls Ha-Ri as Geum-Hui when she sees her. But Ha-Ri shakes her head at Young-Seo.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap

A Business Proposal

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 6.

Young-Seo doesn’t get Ha-Ri’s point. She lets her join her. The policewoman shows the footage to the two girls that the camera shoots them. Fortunately, Young-Seo throws a towel to the camera covering it. The policewoman tells the two girls that the guy won’t get arrested.

Tae-Moo sees the two girls off. He hears Young-Seo complains that the guy won’t get arrested. He tells Sung-Hoon to look into the guy. Ha-Ri realizes that Tae-Moo knew her identity early after she returned home. Tae-Moo meets with Jung-U and tells him that he’s fired. He hands over his business card to him. He tells him that he’s the president of his company.

Tae-Moo shows the evidence to Jung-U that he hurt many women. Jung-U begs Tae-Moo to forgive him. But Tae-Moo rejects it and tries to leave. Jung-U stops Tae-Moo and wonders why he helped the two girls. Tae-Moo tells Jung-U that he hurt his lover.

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Tae-Moo is still in anger when he returns to the company. Hye-Ji joins Ha-Ri. She spots Tae-Moo. She tries to talk about the president with Hye-Ji. But she finds out that she’s missing after she turned around. Tae-Moo goes to Ha-Ri’s office. But she’s not there. He calls her and spots her. He learns that she doesn’t want to see him. He walks away.

Ha-Ri gets a message from Tae-Moo who asks for a meeting up. Tae-Moo tells Sung-Hoon that he likes Ha-Ri. But Sung-Hoon points out that Tae-Moo just got angry at the girl. Tae-Moo points out that he had feelings for Ha-Ri even if the one he dated was Geum-Hui.

Tae-Moo tells Sung-Hoon that he’s going to confess his feelings to Ha-Ri. He wants to give the necklace to the girl. Sung-Hoon worries that Ha-Ri will reject Tae-Moo. But Tae-Moo is confident. Ha-Ri goes to the restaurant to see Tae-Moo. He moves the seat for her. She’s surprised to look at him.

Ha-Ri stops Tae-Moo before he orders dishes. She apologizes to him for fooling him. She hands over the resignation letter to him, asking him for giving her another chance when she tells him that she worked hard for his company. She tells him to fire her or let her work hard for the company.

The waiter mistakes that Tae-Moo gave him the signal. He walks to him with the cake. Tae-Moo glares at the waiter. He has to leave. Tae-Moo plays tennis with Sung-Hoon. Sung-Hoon learns that Ha-Ri gave Tae-Moo a presentation. Tae-Moo gets angry because Ha-Ri doesn’t treat him as her man.

Sung-Hoon reminds Tae-Moo that Ha-Ri has feelings for another person. She cannot accept Tae-Moo. He adds that Tae-Moo is a bad boss in her mind. Yoo-Ra throws a party to celebrate Min-Woo getting the job. Young-Seo attends the party and tells Min-Woo to thank Ha-Ri.

Yoo-Ra thanks Ha-Ri for helping her boyfriend. But she points out that Min-Woo’s talent played an important role. The guy says that he thought Min-Woo would get together with Ha-Ri. Yoo-Ra hears what he says when she goes to take wine. She thinks Ha-Ri doesn’t have a boyfriend. Young-Seo stands to brag that Ha-Ri’s boyfriend is handsome and rich.

Yoo-Ra asks Min-Woo about Ha-Ri’s boyfriend. He thinks the boyfriend is the one who went to watch the concert with Ha-Ri. He’s not happy. Yoo-Ra notes it. Ha-Ri walks Young-Seo. She asks her where she can find the boyfriend. Young-Seo tells Ha-Ri that she thinks she and Tae-Moo will get together. But Ha-Ri worries that she will be fired by Tae-Moo. Young-Seo goes to the restroom. But she gives up the mind after she saw many eyes.

Tae-Moo summons Ha-Ri to his office. He notes that she didn’t sleep well. He asks her if she worried that he will fire her. She denies. He tears up the resignation letter in front of her. He tells her that he won’t fire her. She keeps bowing to him. She thanks him for forgiving her. But she’s told that he wants to meet with her after the work. She agrees to it and she’s happy to leave his office.

Young-Seo decides not to drink water. Because she worries that she will go to the restroom. Yoo-Jung shows up. She brags about the dress she wears. But she finds out that Young-Seo’s dress style is like her. She blames her for buying the same clothes. But Young-Seo points out that she bought the clothes first.

Tae-Moo takes Ha-Ri to the cinema. She wonders why he took her to the place because she thinks they came to study food. He explains that the movie is about food. She accepts his explanation. But she finds out that there’s nobody in the cinema except them.

Tae-Moo reveals he rented the whole cinema. He’s close to Ha-Ri when he adjusts the seat for her. She has an eye contact with him. She panics to go to the restroom. She wonders why she had feelings for Tae-Moo. She convinces herself that she did it because she hasn’t have a boyfriend for a long time when she looks at herself in the mirror.

Ui-Joo sees Ha-Ri walking out of the restroom. She calls her. Ha-Ri turns around and sees Ui-Joo staying with Kevin. She asks the two why they came to the place together. Ui-Joo reveals she got invited by Kevin. Kevin asks Ha-Ri why she came to the place.

Ha-Ri panics to run into the cinema. She reports to Tae-Moo that she saw Ui-Joo and Kevin. She tells Tae-Moo to leave when Ui-Joo shows up. Ha-Ri tells Ui-Joo to leave. But Ui-Joo rejects it when she eats the snack. Tae-Moo has to climb out of the cinema.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 6 Ending

Tae-Moo tells Ha-Ri to get off his car when it’s raining outside. He drives away after she got off his car. She runs to the bus stop. She finds a umbrella. But she finds out that it’s broken. He parks the car, remembering he cried after his parents passed away in the car.

Ha-Ri blames Tae-Moo for what he did to her when she walks in the rain. She sees the hotel. He drives the car to the bus stop. He finds out that she’s missing. He calls her but she doesn’t pick up his phone.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 6 stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim Se-Jeong, Kim Min-Kyu and Seol In-A.

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