The Blue Whisper Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for The Blue Whisper Chinese Drama: Episode 1. Ji Yunhe is happy to run in the snow. She thinks she’s free. But she’s caught by the mermaid Chang Yi. She asks him for releasing her. She reveals she’s going to die. She tries to fly away.

The Blue Whisper Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap

The Blue Whisper

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Blue Whisper Chinese Drama: Episode 1.

But Chang Yi catches Ji Yunhe again. He tells her that he won’t believe what she says like he did many years ago. He tells her that he won’t give any place to her to stay. He drags her into the water.

The old woman sees the grass on the tree. She’s happy to run to the tree picking the grass up. But she’s beaten by Ji Yunhe. The old woman turns into a beauty. Ji Yunhe tells Gu Huoniao to surrender. But Gu Huoniao fights with Ji Yunhe. Because she thinks she cannot defeat her alone.

Ji Yunhe shows the bird egg to Gu Huoniao. Gu Huoniao is nervous to ask Ji Yunhe to return her A Yin to her. But Ji Yunhe tells Gu Huoniao to talk about it after she catches her. She flies away. Gu Huoniao chases Ji Yunhe. Immortal Zhang wonders why Qu Xiaoxing doesn’t go to catch Gu Huoniao. She worries that Gu Huoniao is going to flee.

But Qu Xiaoxing tells Immortal Zhang that he’s waiting for the signal. He catches Gu Huoniao after he got the signal from Ji Yunhe. But Immortal Zhang stops Qu Xiaoxing because he worries that he’s going to hurt her fur. Gu Huoniao tries to fight it back.

Ji Yunhe shows A Yin to Gu Huoniao. She asks her if she wants to give up A Yin. Gu Huoniao swears not to forgive Ji Yunhe if she hurts A Yin. Ji Yunhe is moved by the love of mother and son. But she tells Gu Huoniao that A Yin isn’t her son. She mentions her son passed away from the wildfire according to the heavenly scroll.

Ji Yunhe tells Gu Huoniao that the bird belongs to Guan Guan. She thinks she stole someone else’s son. She persuades her not to let A Yin part with his mom. She tells her not to add the sin to A Yin. But Gu Huoniao points out that the sin cannot be taken back.

Ji Yunhe tells Gu Huoniao that she knows the wildfire was because she challenged Bi Fang. She thinks she cannot let it go because she believes she killed her son. Gu Huoniao cries. She says that her child didn’t take a look at the world after he was born. She thinks it was her mistake. She adds that her son shouldn’t forgive her.

Ji Yunhe tells Gu Huoniao that the one who doesn’t forgive her is herself. She shows the footage to Gu Huoniao that A Yin lives happy with his parents. A Yin tells his father that he thinks birds belong to sky. She adds that the birds are happy when they’re free. He tells his father to release the bird.

Ji Yunhe tells Gu Huoniao that A Yin was saved by Senior Immortal. She tells her to release the little bird. Gu Huoniao tears up when she takes over the little bird. She apologizes to the little bird for making him part with his parents.

Ji Yunhe thinks Gu Huoniao made a mistake to kidnap someone else’s child. She tells her to give her core to her. Gu Huoniao gives her core to Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe tells the followers to take Gu Huoniao away. Qu Xiaoxing praises Ji Yunhe. He tells her that he wants to learn her tip.

But Ji Yunhe refuses to teach Qu Xiaoxing the method. She tells him to give his core to her. Immortal Zhang takes away the little bird from Ji Yunhe. He feels happy and wants to give the little bird to Immortal Princess. Ji Yunhe asks Immortal Zhang to return the little bird to her because he didn’t make any mistake.

But Immortal Zhang thinks it’s the little bird’s honor to serve Immortal Princess. He gives the gift to Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe opens the gift. She finds out that it’s a piece of white spell. She casts the spell to him and blocks his mouth.

Ji Yunhe tells Immortal Zhang that her job isn’t to flatter the servant of Immortal Princess. She takes the little bird back. He’s furious to walk away. Qu Xiaoxing thinks Ji Yunhe shouldn’t offend Immortal Zhang. But she tells him that she didn’t want to bear it.

Lin Haoqing visits his father Lin Canglan. He shows the core to him. Dong Lian feels happy. He thinks Lin Haoqing is going to win. But Mu Ze points out that the one who won was Ji Yunhe. Si Yu hands over the mushrooms to the elders. Lin Haoqing tells Si Yu to give the best mushroom to his father.

Dong Lian asks Lin Canglan to end the game since Ji Yunhe doesn’t arrive. But Lin Canglan rejects it because the time isn’t up. Ji Yunhe shows up and bows to Lin Canglan. She shows the core of Gu Huoniao to the people. Dong Lian doesn’t believe Ji Yunhe could take Gu Huoniao up. Lin Haoqing mentions Ji Yunhe offended Immortal Princess for Gu Huoniao. But she points out that he killed Xi Si. She thinks his sin is more than her.

Lin Canglan scolds Lin Haoqing for killing the monster instead of convincing. Lin Haoqing takes his father’s advice. He promises to learn from Ji Yunhe. Lin Canglan praises Ji Yunhe for convincing Gu Huoniao. He promises her the two treasures of him. But he reminds her that it’s time to teach her the martial arts.

Luo Jinsang thinks Lin Canglan won’t forgive Ji Yunhe before Ji Yunhe walks into Lin Canglan’s palace. Ji Yunhe comforts Luo Jinsang that it’s not her first time. She sighs and walks into the palace to greet Lin Canglan. He turns around and passes on his power to her.

The follower Qing Shu stops Lin Canglan before he kills Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe trembles when she lies on the floor. She asks Lin Canglan why she got more pain than before. She explains that she offended Immortal Zhang for Lin Haoqing. She asks for the medicine.

Luo Jinsang finds out that Ji Yunhe isn’t well. She tells her that she almost broke into the palace to save her. Ji Yunhe tells Luo Jinsang not to shake her. She reveals she feels uncomfortable. Ji Yunhe drinks up the soup Luo Jiansang cooked. She tells her that it’s just a tiny pain.

Luo Jinsang tells Ji Yunhe what she said makes her care for her more. She mentions the chill frost Lin Canglan planted into Ji Yunhe’s body is the most chilly stuff. Ji Yunhe comforts Luo Jinsang that they earned it. She hands over the Spiritual Stones to her.

Luo Jinsang is surprised that Ji Yunhe bargained with Lin Canglan. Ji Yunhe tells Luo Jinsang that she doesn’t fear Lin Canglan at all. She shows the heavenly cloth to her. She tells her to make a skirt for herself with the cloth. She thinks Qu Xiaoxing will say that she’s a moth.

Luo Jinsang thinks Qu Xiaoxing doesn’t dare to do that. She adds that not every butterfly is beautiful. She thinks her looks is fine. Ji Yunhe asks Luo Jinsang if she thought about to marry a man after she leaves the place. She wants to ask for a red rope for her.

Luo Jinsang rejects it. She wonders why the immortals care for their looks so much. She tells Ji Yunhe to earn more Spiritual Stones to exchange an Immortal Island. Ji Yunhe wants to go to the north because the place snows. She complains that the flower canyon is full of venomous stings.

Luo Jinsang agrees to Ji Yunhe’s plan. But she worries the chill frost inside her body. She wants to steal the medicine for her. Ji Yunhe rejects it. She wants to wait for the chance. She tells Luo Jinsang to help her get more Spiritual Stones. Luo Jinsang agrees to it. She’s happy to fly away.

The Blue Whisper Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Ji Yunhe tries to visit Immortal Princess. Luo Jinsang stops Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe thinks only Immortal Princess can deal with the sly fox Lin Canglan. But Luo Jinsang reminds Ji Yunhe that Immortal Princess is a tiger. But Ji Yunhe doesn’t want to miss the chance.

Lin Haoqing promises to train the mermaid. But he asks Immortal Princess for the reward. She agrees to it. Ji Yunhe shows up. She tells Immortal Princess that she’s interested in the game as well.

The Blue Whisper Chinese Drama: Episode 1 stars Dilraba Dilmurat, Ren Jialun and Hu Yixuan.

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