The Princess Royal: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for The Princess Royal: Episode 2. The young masters arrive at the Spring Banquet. Su Rongqin gets off his carriage. He greets the young masters. Pei Wenxuan sees Su Rongqin. He’s surprised that Su Rongqin came.

Tong Ye looks at Su Rongqin. He thinks he’s actually the first young master. Pei Wenxuan glares at his follower. Tong Ye has to tell a lie that Su Rongqin is nothing. Jing Lan wakes Li Rong up. She reports to her that Su Rongqin came.

Princess Royal: Episode 2

Li Rong is happy to get up from her bed. She reveals she thought Su Rongqin wouldn’t come. She asks the maids to watch the Spring Banquet for her. Li Rong goes to the yard to meet Su Rongqin. Both are shocked. Pei Wenxuan passes by. He sees Li Rong. He thinks it’s the best memory in his life that the 18 years old Li Rong and 20 years old him.

He walks to her and he remembers she asked him to be nice to Su Rongqin because Su Rongqin is her guest. She offered to get a divorce since they don’t like each other. He was furious to tell her that she can only divorce him when he’s dead.

Pei Wenxuan wonders what changes in the dream. He mentions Su Rongqin wasn’t on the list of Li Rong’s fiances. Su Rongqin greets Li Rong. She looks at him with love. She thinks he’s the first young master. But he’s modest that it’s just a joke.

She reveals she thought he wouldn’t come because he didn’t reply to her. He reveals he was cowardly with feelings and he worried that he would disturb her quietness. But she thinks the Spring Banquet is for happiness with others. Pei Wenxuan looks at Li Rong. He thinks what waits for her is the death if she chooses a grand clan like Su family.

He walks to her and he greets her. He wishes her to be pretty. She ignores him and she takes Su Rongqin to the inner yard. Li Rong tries to hold Su Rongqin’s hand. It startles him. She realizes that he knows nothing about their past. She explains it to him that he saw an insect on his sleeve.

She reveals she held the Spring Banquet for another goal. She finds out that he’s very shy. The maid reminds Li Rong that she needs to get changed because the banquet is going to begin. Li Rong lets Su Rongqin wait for her for a while.

She sees Pei Wenxuan. He avoids her. She leaves. Tong Ye persuades Pei Wenxuan not to stare at Li Rong even if she’s beautiful because she’s a princess. Pei Wenxuan claims that he’s not looking at Li Rong. It makes Tong Ye realize that Pei Wenxuan has feelings for Su Rongqin.

The banquet begins. Li Rong shows up with a red veil. The maids take off the veil for Li Rong. The maid tells the guests that the person needs to perform if the Hibiscus Cup stops in front of him. The cup stops in front of Lu Yu. Lu Yu drinks the wine. He reveals he’s good at eating egg. Li Rong prepares the eggs for Lu Yu.

Hua Yue laughs to show up. She mocks Emperor for choosing people for Li Rong. She worries that Li Rong will choose a fool like Lu Yu. Her mother Consort Rong reminds her that Li Rong will throw a fit to her if she provokes Li Rong. But Hua Yue reveals she intends to do that because she can get rid of Li Rong when Li Rong makes a mistake.

The chief eunuch gives the papers to Emperor. Emperor learns that Yang family asks him for the troops fund. He remembers Yang family asked him money one month ago. He gets angry and he refuses to read the papers. He remembers the young masters come from noble families. He wonders what to do if Li Rong refuses to accept his arrangement. The chief eunuch Fu Lai reveals the late king gave the death to the princess after the princess rejected the arrangement. Emperor wonders if Li Rong intended to invite Su Rongqin.

Li Rong stops the drum. Su Rongqin drinks the wine. He shows his shoot skills to Li Rong. She applauds. She gives a present to him. Pei Wenxuan looks at Li Rong. He thinks he’s playing a fire. Consort Ning Yang Wan visits Emperor. But the eunuch tells her that Emperor is very busy. She gives the gold to him. She reveals she just wants to see Emperor one time. The eunuch leaves. Yang Wan lets the maid send a message to the Young Master, asking him to win Li Rong’s heart.

Yang Wan’s younger brother Yang Quan shows his sword skills to Li Rong. The game continues. Pei Wenxuan gets the cup in the end. But Li Rong decides to leave because she had fun enough. It makes him believe that she doesn’t wish him to perform.

The maid tells Su Rongqin that Li Rong invited him. He leaves with her. Pei Wenxuan sees the two off. He learns that Li Rong intends to meet Su Rongqin alone. The maid takes Su Rongqin to the room. She reveals the books belong to him if he agrees to marry Li Rong. She lets him go to the pavilion in the lake to see Li Rong if he thinks about it.

Li Rong is happy to return to her palace. She mentions the men tried their best to win her heart. But Jing Lan reveals Pei Wenxuan told her that Li Rong will die if she chooses Su Rongqin. Li Rong thinks Pei Wenxuan got talent. But he offended her.

Li Rong summons Lu Yu. Pei Wenxuan notes it. He’s very happy because Li Rong listened to him. But he thinks she shouldn’t choose Lu Yu because she’s proud. Lu Yu’s follower Lu Ting shows when When Lu Yu is meeting with Li Rong. He pours the teat to him and he takes him away.

The eunuch reports to Li Rong that Yang Quan had a fight with Shangguan Yu. Jing Lan reports to Li Rong that Lu Yu passed out then. Li Rong thinks Lu Yu won’t come back. She finds out that Shangguan Yu was hurt. She lets her followers take Shangguan Yu away.

Li Rong wonders why Yang Quan brought trouble to her since she entertained him well. He confesses his feelings to her. He promises to let her control the 30,000 soldiers northwest if she marries him. But she scolds him and she reminds him that the soldier doesn’t belong to him. She lets him leave.

Li Rong lets Jing Lan invite Pen Wenxuan to the pavilion. Jing Lan wonders why Li Rong does so because she didn’t look at Pei Wenxuan. Li Rong decides to give Pen Wenxuan a lesson. She remembers he told her that he was forced to marry her.

Jing Lan takes Pei Wenxuan to the pavilion when Li Rong is meeting with Su Rongqin. Li Rong invites Pen Wenxuan to enjoy Su Rongqin’s music. Su Rongqin tries to leave after the performance. But Li Rong stops him. She lets him taste the fruit. Pei Wenxuan remembers Li Rong got angry after he badmouthed Su Rongqin.

He doesn’t wish her to choose Su Rongqin even if he wishes her to live well. Li Rong lets the maids leave. She mentions Pei Wenxuan is very smart. She asks him to jump into the lake. She mentions he let Yang Quan beat Shangguan Yu and he drew Lu Yu away. She believes that he did it for being her husband.

She reveals she has looked into him. She thinks he can change his life if he becomes her husband. He tries to tell her that he just wanted to help her. She reveals she has feelings for someone. She asks Su Rongqin if he wishes to own her books.

Pei Wenxuan persuades Li Rong not to ruin her future. But she claims that it’s her path. But he tells her that he wishes to marry her. She lets her bodyguards throw him into the lake. She reminds him that she can take his life anything. She tells him to think about it before he speaks. She regrets for bullying him. She lets her bodyguards save him.

Su Rongqin rejects Li Rong. She remembers he was against it when she intended to divorce Pei Wenxuan. She reminds him that the books will belong to someone else if he refuses to accept it. He thinks he doesn’t deserve the books. She realizes that he has no choice because Su family wants to be neutral. She lets him leave.

Li Rong tells Pei Wenxuan that she just gave him a lesson. She thinks he would be fed by dogs if he encountered other royal family. He thanks her for her grace. She reminds him that he reached his goal. She lets her maids help him get changed.

Yang Wan stops Emperor. She thinks her younger brother is match for Li Rong. He scolds her for caring for the princess’s marriage. He claims that he will let Li Rong make decision on her own. She gets on knees to him. She asks him to give Yang family a chance. He tells her that he won’t deal with Yang family. He leaves.

Pei Wenxuan comes to see Li Rong after he got changed. He seats with her. She mistakes that he feels wronged for marrying to royal family. He denies it and he reveals he wants to get the power like her. But she knows he wants to use her. She thinks the men can tell any lie when they rely on power.

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It flashes back. Li Rong sees Pei Wenxuan letting Qin Zhenzhen in his arms when Qin Zhenzhen passes out in the room. The general scolds Pei Wenxuan for hugging crown prince’s woman since he’s princess’s husband. Li Rong explains it to the general that she let Pei Wenxuan come. She asks Pei Wenxuan if he likes Qin Zhenzhen. He reveals he cannot drop Qin Zhenzhen because Qin Zhenzhen is his childhood lover. She questions him why Qin Zhenzhen broke off the engagement since Qin Zhenzhen knew his feelings. He explains it to her that Qin Zhenzhen’s clansmen broke off the engagement for Qin Zhenzhen. She learns that he failed to get together with Qin Zhenzhen because of her.

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Li Rong lets the maid bring the lemon to Pei Wenxuan. She knows he will be allergy if he eats the lemon. She asks him to eat the lemon. She tells him that it’s her order. But she allows him to eat it later. She plays Go with him. She realizes that he’s her husband she hated. She asks him why he didn’t let her choose others. She knows he felt guilty for her before.

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