The Princess Royal: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for The Princess Royal: Episode 3. Li Rong asks Pei Wenxuan why he stopped her from choosing others. She thinks he felt guilty about her. He agrees to what she said that he felt guilty about her. But he thinks she felt guilty about him as well.

Pei Wenxuan reveals he wished to help Li Rong. But she points out that he only helped himself. He claims that he has wished her to live well. She remembers she killed him. She doesn’t expect the result. He asks her to marry him. He thinks she can make a choice again after she resolves the problem. She yells at him and she mentions they stood at the top. She asks him if he wishes to be lonely. It’s raining. Li Rong lets the maid go to send the guests off. She tells Pei Wenxuan that she doesn’t wish to live such a life.

Princess Royal: Episode 3

It flashes back. Li Rong and Pei Wenxuan are in the palace. Li Rong thinks they don’t like each other. She mentions Pei Wenxuan has someone in his heart. She blames him for not telling it to her early. She cries. She asks him not to betray each other.

He’s silent. It makes her believe that he has feelings for her. But she thinks he shouldn’t help Qin Zhenzhen if he loves her. She decides to divorce him. But he thinks the divorce isn’t a good thing to them. He swears that they will have a bad ending if they betray each other.

We return to the present. Li Rong teases Pei Wenxuan that Su Rongqing made him comfortable. He reminds her that nobody she can choose if she doesn’t choose him. He believes that Emperor will get angry if she chooses a person of noble clans as her husband. He persuades her to keep Crown Prince because she can choose anyone once Crown Prince becomes Emperor.

Crown Prince Li Chuan visits his mother Empress Shangguan Yue. He complains it to her that his father chose some bad guys for his older sister. She mentions Emperor fears him because of the Shangguan Clan behind him. She thinks nobody can stop him and his older sister if his older sister marries a noble clan.

She asks him to make a choice between his position and her older sister’s happiness. He decides to give up his position if he needs to sacrifice his older sister’s happiness. She scolds him and she reminds him that the noble family behind him won’t allow him to do that.

Pei Wenxuan persuades Li Rong to marry Lu Yu. But he worries that the chancellors will mock her. She wonders what he will do since she has her own path. He claims that he has the way on his own. She asks him not to see each other. He agrees to it. He tries to leave. She stops him and she asks him to eat the lemon. He eats the lemon and he leaves. She lets the maid prepare the ginger soup for him.

Pei Wenxuan leaves Li Rong’s palace. Tong Ye is waiting for him. He notes that he has rash and he realizes that he ate lemon. The maid stops Pei Wenxuan. She gives the medicine and the ginger soup to him. Tong Ye complains to Pei Wenxuan that the princess didn’t give the silver to them. He mentions they need to pay if they don’t return the carriage.

Pei Wenxuan is in the carriage. He drinks the soup and he takes the medicine. He smiles. The maid reports to Li Rong. Li Rong learns that Pei Wenxuan worried about her. She complains that there’s nobody accompanying her to play chess.

Yang Quan takes his followers to hide in the woods. He plans to kidnap Li Rong and play a hero. He believes that Emperor will marry Li Rong to him if he spends the night with Li Rong. Pei Wenxuan finds the silver from the box. He thinks only Li Rong cares for him in the world.

Some men in black pass through. Tong Ye reports it to Pei Wenxuan that he saw some battle horses. Pei Wenxuan realizes that it was Yang family. Tong Ye reveals Yang family went to the princess’s palace. Pei Wenxuan realizes that Yang family intends to use power on the princess.

He lets Tong Ye go to report it to the court. He plans to go to save the princess. But he thinks Yang Quan’s followers have surrounded the princess’s palace. He decides to delay the troops of Yang family. Li Rong learns that Yang Quan plans to kidnap her. She sends away a carriage to test him. But Yang Quan doesn’t take action.

She realizes that there’s a mole. She asks Jing Lan to impersonate her and leave the house. Pei Wenxuan sees Li Rong in the carriage. He mistakes that she fled. But he worries that Yang Quan’s followers will reach her. Yang Quan’s followers fight with Jing Lan’s followers. Yang Quan takes off Jing Lan’s veil with his sword. He finds out that she’s not the princess. She catches the chance to flee.

The follower reports to Yang Quan that there were some people leaving the house. Yang Quan realizes that he was fooled by Li Rong. Li Rong rides horse in the woods. Pen Wenxuan pulls the rope. It makes her fall off the horse. The bodyguard calls Li Rong the princess.

Pei Wenxuan carries Li Rong. He hits Li Rong’s horse. It makes the bodyguard and Yang Quan go to chase the horse. Pei Wenxuan carries Li Rong in the reeds. He asks her to wake up. Yang Chuan finds out that there’s nobody on the horse. He plans to go to chase Li Rong. But Li Rong’s bodyguard blocks his way. They have a fight.

Li Rong wakes up. She asks the guy to drop her. She finds out that he’s Pei Wenxuan. He hits at her that Yang Quan is going to reach them. He takes her away. Tong Ye arrives at the palace gate. The guard blocks him. Tong Ye asks the guard to report it to Crown Prince that something bad happened to Elder Princess.

Pei Wenxuan tries to take Li Rong away. But she rejects it because she was hurt. He volunteers to carry her. She’s on his back. She wonders why he appeared there. He admits that he used the traps on her. It makes her believe that he came to take revenge. She asks him to stay away from her because she worries that she will keep him.

He follows her and he explains it to her that he wanted to deal with Yang Quan. He thinks there was nobody who would use the silly method to take revenge. But she thinks he came up with a hero saving beauty method to make her marry him.

Li Rong tells Pei Wenxuan that she knows he wants to stop her from marrying Su Rongqing. She thinks he’s the little white face without pride. He stops her and he thinks he hasn’t relied on her. They go to the lake after they had an argument.

Pei Wenxuan prepares the grass for Li Rong. He lets her sit on the grass. He puts his coat on her. He lights a bonfire and he catches a fish. He asks her to grill the fish. She rejects it because she intends to rob the fish once is the fish is done.

He gets angry. But he agrees to give the fish to her once he grilled. They learn that they came back at the same time. Li Rong mentions Pen Wenxuan killed her. He denies it and he points out that he could take action early if he wanted to kill her. He reveals he was killed after he left her palace.

Li Chuang walks out of the palace gate. He sees Su Rongqing. Su Rongqing volunteers to help Li Chuang after he heard that the princess was kidnapped. Li Rong tells Pei Wenxuan that she thought he killed her because he poisoned her.

He denies it. She asks him why he visited her with perfume. He thinks she will be unhappy if he tells the truth. He reveals Su Rongqing asked him to wear the sachet before he visited her. He thinks the sachet triggered the poison in Li Rong’s body. He believes that Su Rongqing had many chances to do that because Su Rongqing had been with Li Rong.

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Li Rong thinks she had grace to Su Rongqing. Pen Wenxuan mentions Li Chuang killed Su Rongqing’s family. It flashes back. Li Rong visits Li Chuang’s palace. She asks him to forgive Su family. But he mentions Su family united with Empress to rebel. He asks her if she’s going to protect a rebel. So she asks him to forgive Su Rongqing. But he thinks Su Rongqing knew Su family’s plan. She thinks he shouldn’t fear Su Rongqing because he has ruled the world. She mentions she has helped him since childhood. He takes away Su Rongqing’s ability to give birth.

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