Everyone Loves Me: Episode 15 Recap

This is the recap for Everyone Loves Me: Episode 15. Tang Xin waits for Yue Qianling outside her house. She’s surprised to see him when she drinks the coffee. He reveals aunt asked him to bring something to him and he sent a message to her. He shows her the bag.

Tang Xin decides to send Yue Qianling to the company. But Gu Xun stops them. He mentions Yue Qianling promised him to go to work together. Tang Xin realizes that Gu Xun is Yue Qianling’s boyfriend. Gu Xun admits it. Tang Xin introduces himself as Yue Qianling’s childhood older brother to Gu Xun.

Everyone Loves Me: Episode 15

Gu Xun shakes hands with Tang Xin. He introduces himself as Yue Qianling’s leader. Tang Xin thinks Gu Xun got Yue Qianling because he’s her leader. He tells Yue Qianling that his car is outside. But Gu Xun thinks Tang Xin is an outsider.

Tang Xin mentions Yue Qianling tangled him when they were kids. He invites her to attend his friend’s wedding with him. But she reveals she needs to work overtime on weekends. He decides to go to hospital on weekends. He reveals he has a myocarditis. He pushes Gu Xun away when he walks Yue Qianling.

Yue Qianling is working with Huang Jie in the office. She receives a message from Tang Xin. He reveals he bought her the clothes and the shoes. He adds that it will arrives soon. He asks her to buy him a meal. He agrees to eat downstairs her company.

Yin Jun brings Tan Xin’s present to Yue Qianling. Huang Jie takes a look at the dress. She thinks it’s very expensive. She learns that the dress was sent by the man Yue Qianling doesn’t like. Yue Qianling thinks the man have feelings for her. Huang Jie persuades Yue Qianling to reject the man.

Gu Xun goes to Yue Qianling’s office. He runs into Huang Jie. He wonders why Yue Qianling isn’t with her. She reveals Yue Qianling is eating Japanese food with someone. Tang Xin is eating Japanese food with Yue Qianling at the restaurant. She tries to return the clothes to him. But he rejects it. Gu Xun shows up. He volunteers to eat with Yue Qianling and Tang Xin.

Gu Xun sees the meat on the table. He mentions Yue Qianling likes vegetables. He orders a plate of coriander. Tang Xin thinks he should know the food Yue Qianling likes. Gu Xun tells Tang Lin to ask him about it if he wishes to know Yue Qianling’s eating habits. He holds Yue Qianling’s hand when he claims that he stayed with Yue Qianling each day.

Tang Xin persuades Yue Qianling not to be fooled by someone. Gu Xun gets on knees to Yue Qianling. He thinks he made her wronged. Tang Xin explains it to Gu Xun that he just cared for Yue Qianling. Gu Xun reveals he didn’t know how to get along with Yue Qianling because he didn’t know any girl when he was a kid. He hugs Yue Qianling. He thinks he was very luck to encounter her.

Yue Qianling leaves because Fan Xing called her. Gu Xun sees the clothes and shoes Tang Xin gave to Yue Qianling. He thinks it’s good. But he doesn’t like his girlfriend wear the clothes. He intends to pay Tang Xin for the clothes. He thinks Tang Xin will be sad if he doesn’t accept the money.

He pours the soup to the clothes after Tang Xin accepted the money. Yue Qianling returns. Tang Xin reports it to her. Gu Xun takes Yue Qianling out of the restaurant with the clothes. He holds her hand. She thinks he doesn’t have to pretend it since they’re far away from Tang Xin.

He explains it to her that he worries that her older brother will beat him. She thinks his green tea skill was improved. She shakes off his hand. He reveals he didn’t have other way. She regrets for the clothes. He persuades her to go to dry cleaner with him. She realizes that he treats himself as her boyfriend. She wants to pay him for the clothes. But he doesn’t wish her to do so. She offers to pay him after Tang Xin goes home.

The power is out at Yue Qianling’s house. She visits Gu Xun but he’s not at home. Gu Xun is in the CCTV room to fix the CCTV. He doesn’t note it when Yue Qianling calls him. She tries to turn on the power. But Tang Xin stops her. He persuades her to let the house manager fix it.

Tang Xin mentions Gu Xun lives across Yue Qianling. He wonders why Gu Xun isn’t at home. Yue Qianling explains it to him that Gu Xun went out. Gu Xun fixes the CCTV. He sees the missing call of Yue Qianling. The maintenance man fixes the power. Tang Xin tries to pay the maintenance man.

Gu Xun shows up. He pays the maintenance man. He trips and he hurts Tang Xin’s neck. Tang Xin blames Gu Xun for making an excuse that he’s very busy. He reveals Yue Qianling was a treasure to her parents at home. Gu Xun hugs Yue Qianling. He apologizes to her and he promises to watch her all the time.

Gu Xun walks Tang Xin out of the building. Tang Xin tells Gu Xun that he knows he’s not close to Yue Qianling. But Gu Xun claims that he loves Yue Qianling very much. Tang Xin threatens to come back if Gu Xun doesn’t take care of Yue Qianling well. He leaves. Gu Xun turns around. He sees the guard. He notes that the guard wears the ordinary clothes. The guard explains it to Gu Xun that he’s looking into Yue Qianling’s case. He leaves.

Gu Xun sees the guard the next day when he throws the trash. He hugs Yue Qianling in front of the guard. He makes him believe that he won’t come back within a few days. The guard cuts off the power. He sneaks into Yue Qianling’s house. But Gu Xun is waiting for him. Gu Xun and Yue Qianling work together to catch the guard. Yue Qianling tries to beat the guard with a pot. But Gu Xun tells her to call police.

The guard is arrested at the police station. The cop wonders how did Yue Qianling and Gu Xu caught the culprit. Gu Xun reveals he noted that he saw the guard’s shoe somewhere. So he set up a trap for him. The cop reveals the person took action according to the shoes in the shoe cabinet. Yue Qianling mentions there were only her shoes on the shoe rack. The cop thinks Yue Qianling won’t break up with Gu Xun. Yue Qianling agrees not to dump Gu Xun if he keeps doing good things.

Gu Xun and Yue Qianling are in the car. Yue Qianling’s mother calls Gu Xun. She found his mother’s photo. She wants to talk with his mother. He promises to give his mother’s number to her. She hangs up. Yue Qianling blames Gu Xun for saving her mother’s number as mother-in-law. She notes that he was hurt.

Yue Qianling and Gu Xun are at home. She applies the medicine wine on his neck. She thinks he shouldn’t help someone else catch thief. He claims that he’s her boyfriend. He closes the window for her and he leaves her house. She’s very happy and she thinks he has feelings for her. But she tells herself that they’re just colleagues.

Yue Qianling is working in her office. Jiang Junnan texts his family. He reveals he’s going to introduce his girlfriend Feng Ruru to them. Yue Qianling is shocked. She calls Chen Xinyi. She tries to tell her about Jiang Junnan and Feng Ruru. But Chen Xinyi has known that the two got together.

Jiang Junnan drinks with Xiao Mai and Gu Xun at the club. He reveals the place was booked by Feng Ruru. Yue Qianling shows up. Jiang Junnan introduces Feng Ruru to Yue Qianling. Feng Ruru remembers Yue Qianling was the top player.

Xiao Mai is surprised that Xiao Mahua is pretty. He thanks her for saving him in the game many times. The people drink. Jiang Junnan shows the photo to Yue Qianling. Xiao Mai asks Gu Xun if he needs his help. Gu Xun is confident. Jiang Junnan and Feng Ruru go to sing. Gu Xun tries to serve Yue Qianling. But she rejects his serving and she claims it that she can do it on her own.

Su Zheng shows up when Yue Qianling is having fun with the people. He gives the pepper spray to her. Gu Xu offers to play the skill game. The player needs to drop his finger if he doesn’t own the skill. He only has fives change. He needs to accept the punishment if he drops five fingers.

Su Zheng reveals he can cook all kinds of dishes. Yue Qianling thinks he’s outstanding. Gu Xun confesses that he hasn’t dated. Jiang Junnan testifies that Gu Xun is pure. Su Zheng hasn’t dated. But he held a girl’s hand. He needs to accept the punishment. He’s asked to call the girl he loves.

Su Zheng tries to call the girl he loves. But Gu Xun grabs the phone from Su Zheng. He takes a group photo when he knows Su Zheng’s phone is dead. Yue Qianling comforts Chen Xinyi at a bar. Chen Xinyi cries. She thinks Jiang Junnan is very happy.

She asks Yue Qianling about Feng Ruru. Yue Qianling thinks Feng Ruru isn’t better than Chen Xinyi. Chen Xinyi thinks it’s good that Jiang Junnan is happy. But she cries when she drinks. Yue Qianling understands Chen Xinyi’s feelings. Because she experienced it. Chen Xinyi wipes off her tears. She realizes that the man was Gu Xun. She reveals she saw Gu Xun’s drawing from Yue Qianling’s wardrobe. Yue Qianling doesn’t want to talk about it because she thinks it was past. Chen Xinyi persuades Yue Qianling that Gu Xun has feelings for her. But Yue Qianling thinks Gu Xun just treats her as his subordinate.

Chen Xinyi thinks Gu Xun concealed his feelings. She mentions he helped Yue Qianling many times. But Yue Qianling only wants to focus on the work. Chen Xinyi decides to learn from Yue Qianling. Yue Qianling takes the drunk Chen Xinyi to walk alone the street. Chen Xinyi intends to call Jiang Junnan. But Yue Qianling stops her.

Su Zheng is celebrating his birthday with his colleagues in the office. But he wants to wait for Yue Qianling. Yue Qianling shows up. She wishes Su Zheng a happy birthday with the colleagues. Gu Xun shows up. He mentions what Yue Qianling said that she will come later.

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She claims that she should eat the cake even if she’s busy. Because it’s Su Zheng’s birthday. Jiang Junnan takes a look at the cake. He believes that Su Zheng is wishing Yue Qianling to accept his confession. Su Zheng blows out the candles.

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He asks Yue Qianling to cut the cake. But Gu Xun volunteers to do the job. He messes the cake. Yue Qianling is eating the cake. Gu Xun brings the tissue to her. But Su Zheng catches the chance to wipe the cream off Yue Qianling’s mouth.

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