The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 17 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for K-Drama The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 17. Deok-Im gives birth to the baby. The baby becomes crown prince after he grew up. But he passes away after he had urticaria. Deok-Im collapses after she heard the bad news.

The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 17 Recap

The Red Sleeve Cuff

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 17.

Deok-Im doesn’t want to eat anything. She always lies in the bed. Yi San doesn’t step in the sadness because there’s a plague in the nation. He tells the ministers to find a way to save as many people as possible. He wishes Deok-Im to show the strong looks to people because she’s a queen.

But Deok-Im tells Yi San that she’s just a mother. She thinks she’s qualified to step in the sadness because her child just died. He tells her that he feels guilty for the death of the child. He points out that she shouldn’t be sad too much. Because she’s pregnant.

It looks like that Yi San’s words are heartless. But he needs to face the problems because he’s the king. He goes to crown prince’s palace when there’s nobody. He remembers he became the real family with Deok-Im after she gave birth to crown prince. He collapses and begins to cry.

Deok-Im begins to eat after Yi San convinced her. She decides to be alive for the baby in her belly. She asks Court Lady Seo about her friends. But Court Lady Seo refuses to tell the truth. Deok-Im goes to see her friends in person. She learns that Young-Hee is in the jail after she was found to be abortion.

Deok-Im goes to see Young-Hee in the jail. Young-Hee doesn’t regret for what she did at all. Because she tasted the happiness which other maids don’t dare to get. Deok-Im cries to grab Young-Hee’s hand because she doesn’t want to lose her. She passes out in Bok-Yeon and Kyung-Hee’s arms.

Deok-Im wakes up and finds out that Yi San is accompanying her. She asks him about Young-Hee. He tells her that he cannot break the laws because he’s a king. She doesn’t blames him but she doesn’t miss Young-Hee. Young-Hee passes away. The rest three friends promise not to leave alone.

Deok-Im goes to see Yi San and grabs his hand. She tells him that she knows that he feels sad like her after he lost the child. But he chose to ignore it. She mistook that he didn’t feel sad. She adds that she realizes that he must show his strong side to people because he’s a king. He tells her that he cares for her feelings more than his feelings. He thinks everything will be fine.

The follower reports to Yi San that Queen Jungsoon’s brother passed away. Yi San wants to tell the bad news to Queen Jungsoon. But he passes out and the doctor tells him that he’s sick. Hyebin Hong has to replace Yi San to inform Queen Jungsoon about her brother’s death.

But Queen Jungsoon has known the bad news when Hyebin Hong arrives at the palace. She still feels sad even if she comforts her. Because she cannot be herself when she’s locked in the palace. Queen Jungsoon complains that she cannot go to see her brother after he passed away.

Queen Jungsoon says that she cannot run away from the palace. She adds that she cannot breathe in the place. Deok-Im decides to leave after Yi San woke up. But he begs her not to leave because he wants to listen to her voice. She doesn’t want to leave him as well so that she reads the book for him.

But Deok-Im’s voice indicates that their ending is a tragedy. Yi San notes that she has a fever after he touched her forehead. She passes out. He takes care of her all night, wishing her to be rehabilitation. But the nation cannot run without him.

Court Lady Seo finds out that Deok-Im is going to die. She intends to call Yi San back. But Deok-Im stops Court Lady Seo and tells her to summon her friends. Court Lady Seo goes to Yi San’s palace and reports it to him. Yi San worries about Deok-Im and goes to see her. But she ignores him.

The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 17 Ending

Kyung-Hee goes to see Yi San after Deok-Im passed away. She brings him Deok-Im’s relics. He remembers Deok-Im had looked for her friends and she was lost when she saw him. She told him to pretend not to see her in the next life. what she said hurt him deeply.

Yi San tells Kyung-Hee that he couldn’t let it go. But she tells him that Deok-Im just pretended not to care for him. She adds that Deok-Im wouldn’t hang in there in the palace if she did do that. But he stops her because he doesn’t want to know Deok-Im’s true heart from her. So she leaves.

Yi San takes a look at Deok-Im’s relics. He remembers their past. He cries when he holds her clothes, realizing that he doesn’t forget her. He lost the woman he loves but he’s liked by ministers. The follower tells Yi San that he’s a good king who cares for people. He says that he’s his honor to serve him. Yi San is dying.

It flashes back. Deok-Im asks Yi San why he chose her since there were so many beautiful girls. He tells her that he doesn’t need other girls when he owns her. He wakes up in her arms and takes her to enjoy the flowers when she tries to see him off.

Yi San thinks he can stay with Deok-Im forever if he doesn’t open the gate. He tells her that he only loves her all his life. He adds that he only wants to get her love when he grabs her hand. She hugs him and kisses him to express her love. The moments she stay with him are eternal in her mind.

The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 17 stars Lee Joon-Ho, Lee Se-Young, Kang Hoon and Jang Hee-Jin.

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