The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 7 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 7. Deok-Im tries to pour water for Yi San. He goes to help her. But she falls into the pool with him after she saws his abdominal muscles. He catches the chance to hug her. They have an eye contact after they stood up.

The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 7 Recap

The Red Sleeve Cuff

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 7.

Court Lady Seo calls Yi San from outside. She tells him that she wants to get into the room for washing hair for him. Deok-Im is startled to leave the pool. She goes to the cabinet to look for the dress. She tells him that she needs to get changed. He thinks it’s a good idea. She uses the screen to cover herself.

Court Lady Seo beats Wol-Hye after knowing she allowed Deok-Im to walk into the bathroom. She pierces the window and sees Deok-Im getting changed. She’s shocked to tell the ladies who are close to her that she had an eye contact with Yi San. The ladies are startled to step back.

Yi San takes a look at Deok-Im. He sees a text on her back. Deok-Im leaves the bathroom after she got changed. Court Lady Seo grabs Deok-Im’s arms and asks her if she’s fine. Deok-Im admits it and walks away. She sits on the stairs and remembers Yi San’s abdominal muscles. She blushes and thinks of his face.

Yi San finds out that the ladies are roasting chestnuts when he’s studying. Tae-Ho is furious. He thinks the ladies don’t respect Yi San. He wants to do something. But Yi San stops Tae-Ho after he saw Deok-Im. Young-Hee tells Bok-Yeon that she likes the bodyguard. It makes Tae-Ho laugh. He thinks he’s more handsome than Deok-Ro.

But Tae-Ho notes that Yi San isn’t happy. He waves the book for him to calm him down. He feels sorry. Kyung-Hee thinks the man can only make the woman happy when he can carry two bags of rice. Yi San gets angry after he heard the dirty talk. Tae-Ho wants to arrest Kyung-Hee. But Yi San stops Tae-Ho. He tells him that he decides to let it go.

Yi San intends to go to study. But he hears Deok-Im is asked who she likes. He has an eye contact with Tae-Ho. They squat down to listen to what Deok-Im says. Deok-Im tells the ladies that she likes Yi San. Tae-Ho tries to tell the good news to Yi San. But he finds out he’s missing. Yi San runs to outside. He laughs.

Queen Jungsoon tells Deok-Im that she can leave since she completed the task she gave her. But she asks her for staying in her palace. She reminds her that she will get hurt if she joins Yi San. Deok-Im returns to Yi San’s palace. She runs into Court Lady Seo. Court Lady Seo gives the barrel to Deok-Im.

Deok-Im walks into the yard with the barrel. She thinks she’s fired. She sees the doghouse and wonders who’s the owner of the doghouse. Yi San shows up. He tells her that the doghouse was made by his father. He adds that his father used to be a good person. He grabs her hand and takes her to see the flowers.

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King Youngjo falls asleep at the court. Nobody dares to wake him up except Deok-Ro. King Youngjo tastes the soup and thinks it’s delicious. He orders to send the ice to the poor. But he’s told that he has done it. Deok-Ro tells Yi San to summon the doctor. But Yi San rejects it even if he realizes that something is happening in the palace.

Deok-Im walks in the market with Wol-Hye. She complains to her that she can leave palace anytime but she cannot do that. Wol-Hye reveals she’s the niece of the senior lady. She tells Deok-Im not to leak it, and takes her to walk to the taffy seller.

Wol-Hye notes that Sung Sik is tailing Deok-Im. She tells it to her. Deok-Im turns around to see who the guy is. But Sung Sik walks away. The man walks by and he has an eye contact with Wol-Hye. She tells Deok-Im to return to the palace alone. She walks in the alley and gets surrounded.

The man blames Wol-Hye for killed his brother. He tells the followers to catch her because he wants to find the person behind her. But they’re killed by her. The man’s friend spots it. He’s startled to run away. He catches Deok-Im after she walked out of the bookstore. He thinks she’s the accomplice of Wol-Hye. He wants to take her to see the police.

Sung Sik hurts the guy’s hand after seeing him bullying Deok-Im. The guy asks for Sung Sik’s mercy. He tells him that he won’t be close to Deok-Im. Deok-Im lets Sung Sik release the guy because she thinks he’s insane. Sung Sik decides to leave. But she stops him because she recognized him.

Sung Sik walks to Deok-Im and grabs her hand. He admits that he’s her brother. She tears up and hugs him. Court Lady Seo brings tea to Yi San. He remembers that the one who should serve him is Deok-Im. Court Lady Seo reveals Deok-Im left the palace and she’s sick after she got back.

Sung Sik thinks Deok-Im should travel around the world because she’s a free fairy. But she tells him that she prefers to be the lady. She adds that she’s very happy because she has many friends. She tells him that she will help him be the bodyguard. He mentions their father was killed on the way to chase the bad person.

Sung Sik asks Deok-Im if she wants him to take the path that their father did. She mentions he dreamed to be the bodyguard of the nation. Yi San sees Deok-Im taking care of the flowers. He notes that she’s very happy. She denies it and thinks she does it because of the weather.

The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 7 stars Lee Joon-Ho, Lee Se-Young and Kang Hoon.

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