The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 8 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 8. Yi San tries to stroke Deok-Im’s face. But he grabs her neck and tells her that she belongs to him. He leaves the library and returns to his palace. Tae-Ho takes the bodyguards to look for Yi San. He sees the library and walks into it.

The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 8 Recap

The Red Sleeve Cuff

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 8.

Tae-Ho sees Deok-Ro talking with the doctor about how to treat king’s illness. The doctor ends the talk after he saw Tae-Ho. Deok-Ro turns around and sees Tae-Ho. The doctor leaves. Deok-Ro bows to Tae-Ho and tries to leave. But Tae-Ho grabs Deok-Ro’s arm and stops him after knowing the guy is the doctor.

Tae-Ho reminds Deok-Ro that Yi San doesn’t want him to hire the doctor. But Deok-Ro tells Tae-Ho that he’s going to take the doctor to see Yi San. He wants to know if he will get punished or not. He leaves the library. Deok-Im bows to Court Lady Park when she passes by. She tells her that Young-Hee left after knowing she’s looking for the lady.

Court Lady Park realizes that she has to go to see Yi San alone. Deok-Im accompanies Court Lady Park and tells her to give the pack to her. She thinks Yi San won’t see her. But Court Lady Park claims that he has to see her. She leaks her identity.

Head Court Lady Jo shows up. She gets the maid to take away the pack from Deok-Im. She tells Deok-Im to visit her in the evening. She lets her leave. Deok-Ro takes the doctor to attend the meeting. Yi San mentions the order he gave to Deok-Ro. But Deok-Ro tells Yi San to listen to what the doctor says before he makes the decision.

The doctor gets on knees to Yi San and swears not to leak the message of the meeting. Yi San forgives the doctor since he’s the man of Deok-Ro. The doctor hands over the prescription to Yi San. Yi San learns that King Youngjo has dementia.

Deok-Im visits Head Court Lady Jo. Head Court Lady Jo grabs Deok-Im’s hands and asks her to watch Yi San for her. Because she worries that the prince will be like his father. But Deok-Im rejects it and thinks Yi San will be a good king. Head Court Lady Jo tells Deok-Im to leave after she heard the sound. She takes off the curtain under the table. The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 8 shows that Court Lady Park gets kidnapped.

Inspector Court Lady takes the ladies to search the room of Deok-Im. The lady finds the book. Inspector Court Lady tells the ladies to catch Deok-Im after knowing the book belongs to her. Court Lady Seo wants to help Deok-Im. But she’s told that the book belongs to Royal Consort Yeong.

Queen Jungsoon decides to punish Deok-Im after seeing the evidence. But Deok-Im tells Queen Jungsoon that she can explain it. Tae-Ho thinks Deok-Ro is the lucky guy who didn’t get punished by Yi San. He tells him to ask for the punishment if he’s a man. But Deok-Ro rejects it.

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Bok-Yeon runs to the pavilion. She calls Deok-Ro and gets on knees to him. She’s very happy after he recognized her. But she gets poked by Kyung-Hee. She tells Deok-Ro that Deok-Im got caught by Queen Jungsoon. Deok-Ro has an eye contact with Tae-Ho.

Deok-Im tells Queen Jungsoon what she said is true. But she doesn’t have any evidence to support her saying. Queen Jungsoon lets Yi San in after knowing his coming. He walks to her and greets her. She asks him if she needs to trust Deok-Im after she told him what his maid said to her.

Yi San tells Queen Jungsoon not to believe Deok-Im. Deok-Im points out that King Youngjo is the witness. She wants to ask him about it. Queen Jungsoon thinks Deok-Im doesn’t have the qualification. She tells Yi San to do it for his maid. He learns that Deok-Im will get killed if King Youngjo doesn’t remember it. He asks Queen Jungsoon to exile his maid.

But Deok-Im is against the punishment. She tells Queen Jungsoon that she treats her as her mom. She asks her for letting her see King Youngjo. Queen Jungsoon walks to Deok-Im. She smiles to tell her that she agrees to her plan.

King Youngjo drinks the medicine and tells Deok-Im that he doesn’t remember he gave the book to her. She tells her to leave. Queen Jungsoon tells King Youngjo that Deok-Im will get killed if she leaves in such a way. She adds that she was the one who transcribed book for him.

King Youngjo doesn’t know how to deal with Deok-Im. He orders to cut off her legs. Yi San gets on knees to King Youngjo and asks him for his mercy. He mentions what he said to care for the lives. King Youngjo lets Deok-Im come to him. He asks her for telling him the story he forgot.

Deok-Im tells the story to King Youngjo. It makes him tear up. He wipes his tears and thinks she should get the punishment. He tells her that he gave the book to her because she wanted to be a writer. He praises her for her handwriting. She’s moved to tear up.

Deok-Im leaves the palace of King Youngjo. She sighs and thinks her job is difficult. Yi San tells her that his job is difficult as well when he follows her. She turns around and bows to him. He hands over the book to her and asks her if someone accompanied her to visit the palace of Royal Consort Yeong.

Deok-Im admits it. Queen Jungsoon shows up. She gets Deok-Im to leave. Deok-Ro notes that Hong Dan is very happy when she holds the sachet which was given by Deok-Im. He tells her not to feel happy for receiving the gift. He adds that it’s owned the maids.

The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 8 stars Lee Joon-Ho, Lee Se-Young and Kang Hoon.

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