The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 6 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 6. Court Lady Seo walks to Deok-Im. She thinks she did a great job. She opens the door and brings water to Yi San. Deok-Im catches the chance to put the book into his room. She closes the door and walks away.

The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 6 Recap

The Red Sleeve Cuff

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 6.

Deok-Im passes by. She sees the ladies taking care of Yi San’s clothes. She goes to see Deok-Ro, and hands over the fan to him. She asks him for letting her take part in the meeting. Deok-Im walks in the room. She tells the members that Yi San wants them to get someone to persuade King Youngjo.

The members talk about the candidate. They ignore Deok-Im when she tries to say something. Deok-Ro walks Deok-Im and asks her for telling him the thing she wanted to say. Deok-Im complains that why everyone didn’t think the woman can do the job.

Deok-Ro tells Deok-Im that he’s a person as well. He reveals he didn’t expect that she would join them. He adds that those men didn’t consider the woman because they cannot meet her secretly. He thinks she can do the job because she’s a woman as well.

Deok-Im sees Queen Jungsoon in distance. She’s startled to bow to her when she turns around. She sees her leaving with the ladies. Deok-Im goes to see Yi San. She tells him that she has told his intention to the members. She adds that she wants to do the job herself.

Kyung-Hee tells her friends that she fears silkworm when she closes eyes and feeds the silkworm mulberry leaf. Bok-Yeon laughs to show the silkworm in front of Kyung-Hee. Kyung-Hee screams after she opened her eyes. They get punished to prepare more mulberry leaves.

Kyung-Hee blames Bok-Yeon for bringing the trouble. She glares at her. Bok-Yeon is scared. She asks Young-Hee for helping her. Kyung-Hee wants Deok-Im to do the job for them. But she’s told that Deok-Im is busy in helping Yi San. Kyung-Hee prefers her current job after knowing Deok-Im’s trouble. Bok-Yeon mocks Kyung-Hee that she doesn’t like the job.

Bok-Yeon is startled to step back when Kyung-Hee glares at her. She goes to help her prepare the mulberry leaves. Princess Hwawan is happy before she attends the banquet. But her smiles is frozen when she sees Deok-Im. Princess Hwawan blames Deok-Im for appearing in front of her.

Deok-Im greets Princess Hwawan. Princess Hwawan yells at Deok-Im and tells her to leave. But Queen Jungsoon reveals she summoned Deok-Im when she arrives. She explains to Princess Hwawan that Hyebin Hong asked her for taking care of Deok-Im. So she let Deok-Im prepare the silk ceremony.

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Princess Hwawan tells Queen Jungsoon that she allowed the woman to visit Royal Villa. Queen Jungsoon blames Princess Hwawan for not informing it to her. She tells the woman that King Youngjo will get angry if he sees her. But Princess Hwawan thinks King Youngjo will happy no matter what she does. She tells the woman to ignore what Queen Jungsoon said. It makes the woman happy.

Queen Jungsoon asks Deok-Im if she’s a poor queen in her eyes. Deok-Im denies and tries to tell her goal to Queen Jungsoon. But Queen Jungsoon offers to play the riddles with Deok-Im. Deok-Im goes to see Yi San. She reports to him that Queen Jungsoon wanted to know what kind of woman she is in his eyes.

Yi San thinks Queen Jungsoon isn’t a simple woman. He tells Deok-Im to leave because he worries that King Youngjo will come. He calls her name. She’s surprised because it was the first time he did that. He praises her and tells her that he needs Queen Jungsoon’s help if he wants to be a king.

Yi San thanks Deok-Im for helping him. It makes her happy. Because she didn’t expect that he would do that. He tells her that she’s his woman. She’s startled to leave. He laughs. Queen Jungsoon is going to sleep. She looks at herself in the mirror. She remembers Deok-Im told her that Yi San is a mirror of her.

Deok-Ro walks in the palace. Tae-Ho rushes to Deok-Ro. He asks him for helping him remember the order Yi San gave him. Deok-Ro tells Tae-Ho to go back to the scene where he met Yi San. Tae-Ho remembers that Yi San asked him for protecting all of the ladies. He laughs and thinks Yi San is a good master. Deok-Ro points out that the only lady Yi San he wants to protect is Deok-Im. He walks away. Tae-Ho thanks Deok-Ro for helping him. But he forgets the order soon. So he chases him.

Queen Jungsoon summons Deok-Im to her palace. She tells her that she won’t help Yi San if she doesn’t help her. Deok-Im tells Queen Jungsoon to give her the order. Queen Jungsoon tells Deok-Im to find a mistake from Princess Hwawan that King Youngjo won’t forgive her at the silk ceremony.

Deok-Im leans on the post to think about the plan to wrong Princess Hwawan. Her friends show up and ask her what happened. Deok-Im hugs her friends and complains that she’s useless. Kyung-Hee tells Deok-Im that they can only help her when she tells them what happened. Young-Hee reminds Kyung-Hee that Deok-Im cannot tell them the truth because Deok-Im is the personal lady of Yi San.

Kyung-Hee is furious to tell Deok-Im not to tell it to her. She brings the Qin Silk her father bought to the girls. Bok-Yeon is envy of Kyung-Hee for owning the silk. Kyung-Hee reveals Princess Hwawan bought all of the silk. She adds that she intends to wear the dress which is made by Qin Silk at the ceremony.

Deok-Im is happy to hug Kyung-Hee after she heard the news. She pinches her cheek and runs in her room. Young-Hee follows Deok-Im and closes the door when she’s writing.

The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 6 stars Lee Joon-Ho, Lee Se-Young and Kang Hoon.

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